Two moms arrested for quarantine rebuff after boob-job vacation

Two women from Ireland have reportedly been arrested by authorities at the Dublin Airport for failing to agree to quarantine after going to Dubai for boob jobs.

Kirstie McGrath, 30, and Niamh Mulreany, 25, were taken into custody on Friday after their plane from the United Arab Emirates touched down, according to the Irish Independent.

The two moms from Dublin were accused of violating the country’s Health Act after a judge asked if their excursion for breast-enhancement surgery was essential travel.

The judge had to clarify that their operations were “colloquially referred to as a boob job,” the news outlet reported.

McGrath and Mulreany, both mothers, pleaded through their attorney Michael French to be set free on bail, insisting that they were oblivious to the guidelines centered around the COVID-19 pandemic.

McGrath, a mother of two, shed tears throughout the hearing and at times used her hands to hide her face from the public, according to reports.

French contended that both of his clients had children to take care of and also had presented documentation of three negative COVID-19 tests in the past week. He also suggested that they could quarantine themselves at home rather than in a hotel.

He assured the court that his clients intended to contest the charges, making a case that it was a fairly small infraction, the report states. Their lawyer said that his clients will challenge the constitutionality of the law.

French stated during Mulreany’s hearing that it was unreasonable “to take a woman’s liberty off her for coming into the State and refusing to book into a hotel….There is going to be a child left without her mother.” He called the entire situation “grossly unfair.”

The attorney emphasized that people exposed to the virus are permitted to isolate themselves at home and are not required to follow the same limitations as the hotel quarantine measures that travelers from outside the country undergo.

He also informed the judge that the pair did not have the necessary funds for the costs of hotel quarantine.

The judge awarded the two women bail, but his conditions featured a stipulation to put a hold on the women’s bank accounts, which their attorney pointed out could not be executed until the banks reopened Tuesday.

On Friday afternoon, officials were made aware that the two moms who flew in from the UAE supposedly declined to adhere to a prerequisite to be situated in a quarantine hotel.

“It was explained in ordinary language what would happen if she did not go to the quarantine hotel,” officials said to the court.

A €2,500 fee (roughly $3,000) for their lodging was demanded, according to court records.

Failure to comply with the new 14-day hotel quarantine rule can result in a penalty of €2,000 and a sentence of up to a month behind bars.

Police Inspector Luke Lacey remarked to the court that letting the women go would make a “mockery of the Act” before stating that “extraordinary times required extraordinary measures.”

The new law was put into effect to stop the spread of COVID-19 and is required for people arriving from 58 different countries or if they have not had a negative coronavirus test taken within three days.

The women, who subsequently had their passports seized, were allowed to go on their way once their bail money of nearly $1,000 each was paid to the court.

They will have to confine themselves for the full 14 days in a quarantine hotel until they show documentation for a negative test after ten days, according to the outlet.

The next hearing for the two women will be on April 9 in Dublin District Court.

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