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Censored.TV Deciphers Millennial Entertainment

Are you one of those information-seekers across the globe that have subscribed to some kind of LIVE news feed or an entertainment channel online? Do you continue to pay for quality entertainment every month? Countries such as Norway, the US and the UK have several entertainment and news channels that work day and night to come up with political shows, LIVE discussions, value-added debates and several on-demand videos.

Censored.TV is one such subscription channel that is peculiarly famous for its ensemble of carefully designed originals and hand-picked shows. The entire website is designed around issues that actually plague our society and threaten to infiltrate its fabric.

According to an independent study, subscriptions for such channels that provide entertainment as well as content related to political and socio-economic issues are highly preferred in countries like Norway. Around 45% of their population has subscribed to some of the other form of online news and entertainment subscription channel.

Coming on the second rank on this list is the US, with over 20% of its population preferring online channels and news platforms especially after the rise of Donald Trump. Censored.TV is one of the leading single brand entertainment and live streaming channels available to online subscribers that can easily get them the most relevant and latest news from not just across the country but the whole world. In addition to political debates, current news, socio-economic discussions and live shows they also offer quality reality TV that touches different social issues and both informational and educational spectrums to cater to a wide range of audience.

The many reasons why several paid news aggregators, bundle channels, discussion forums and online streaming platforms are getting increasingly popular in the US is also due to the prevalence of competitor content providers such as Apple News+, Google News, Flipboard and News 360 and many more.

Following are a few advantages of such subscription channels that provide its users with live streaming social discussions call- in shows and high-quality reality TV:

  • Freedom And Choices

Such platforms allow the users to choose what articles they want to listen to and what discussions they want to be a part of. It is useful for people who consider contemporary television a “waste of time.”

  • Global Reach

Socio-economic and political issues from around the world that happen to interact directly or indirectly with the economy of your country should matter to you. Getting access to all those events at one place is something that these channels to seamlessly. 

  • Regular Updates

Your daily newspaper or recorded feeds are not capable of regularly updating themselves. For example, while covering Trump news during the election month, several feeds on Censored.TV would automatically get updated to keep the users engaged till the day the results were announced. 

  • Pocket Friendly

They are more economical when it comes to accessing a wide variety of information from journalists across the globe. You can pick from a long list of both fictional and reality TV to quench your thirst for entertainment even if you are on a tight budget. It is not just about news and entertainment. It is a way to interact with people, share a joke, shed a tear and make a change while we are at it.

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