Am I the only one

Dear Censored,

 I was wondering if you are going to bring back the ‘Hate Has No Home Here has no home here’ shirts or lawn signs.  Attached is a picture of my neighbourhood Facebook group that is attempting to bring Hate Has No Home Here into my neighbourhood in the Greater Toronto Area. I couldn’t resist. 


Dear Censored,

I’m sure you have seen the crazy report from Politico about Kamala Harris toxic office environment. When Kamala Harris first became VP, I assumed was she was the deep evil sly figure pulling the strings of power to rise to prominence. But now that I have seen her a bit more, she seems just like a valley girl who wants to be VP just to have cool parties and be part of the it crowd. With the whole border debacle I could just imagine her saying, “what, I need to go to border, and interact with mexicans, I totally thought this was just going to be cool dinners and shit with rich people, like seriously, wtf” in a valley girl accent. 

here is the article:

Like you more than a friend, 


P.S. Brett Weinsten is going through the ringer now not because of what happened at evergreen (though that marked him as a bad boy). It is because of his extremely detailed reporting on covid 19 and the vaccine. He is a scientist and has some credibility there so that is why they have to shut him up. He was calling the virus manufactured and not from a bat a long time ago, and has done a lot of reporting on the dangers/issues with the covid 19 vaccine. 


Dear Censored,

Man gets knocked out and pisses himself. Is he dead?


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

The way Gavin shits on Ryan every time he opens his mouth reminds me of Nathan and Mimsy from South park.


Dear Censored,

I didn’t think this was going to affect me so much. I’m legit mad at myself. My bank canceled my line of credit for suspicious purchases. I only used it for online subscriptions (Censored, blaze and DW) and non Amazon online purchases, the only ones are gun accessories and merchandise from you, Brandon Tatum, crowder or Chad Prather.
I didn’t even realize my year was up and I was up for renewal until I went to go watch the live show tonight and it wouldn’t let me. Thursday nights without the GDog and FagDad Ryan is just not the same. 
Ill be back next week when this shit with the bank gets figured out. 
Later bitches


Dear Censored,

The other day someone wrote in about this being a good time for a new music genre to emerge. Not a new genre per se, but do you guys follow @madebyjimbob on Insta?

He sometimes posts short guitar songs. He’s no Jimmi Hendrix (or Ryan for that matter), but these are pretty sweet. Great examples of low-investment but high-yield creativity. Don’t wait for a movement to come around—do it yourself!
Woke Joke

Everything is Gay

Wanna fuck ya~

Dear Censored,

There’s a famous self-portrait by a Swiss artist named Arnold Bocklin made in 1872, and with a few adjustments in Photoshop I managed to turn it into a self-portrait of Gavin. See the attached photo.

Here’s the wiki page on the original painting in case you’re interested:

Bye homos.


Dear Censored,.

Found the perfect summer safe-haven for conservatives in Bethel, Alaska. A few downsides of course: there’s only one paved road, one grocery store and one bar. But there is a massive river to fish on in summer and snowmobile on in winter. Winters are absolutely brutal but I’d seriously consider a summer home here to get the hell out of NYC. The textbook definition of a working class town and a truly humbling experience. Thought I’d hate it out here since I only came for temporary work but I’m moving here permanently next year. Anchorage is also breathtaking if you haven’t been. 


Dear Censored,

I have a theory as to why some women are so obsessed with every possible sin of America’s history. It’s because it is gossip. More specifically, it is the type of gossip that women particularly love. Women aren’t that interested in gossip about a person that everyone knows is a piece-of-shit loser, but they’d kill to know the dirty little secret about the person everyone respects and admires. 
The same way housewives in the 50’s might have said “You know that perfect new couple down the street, well I happen to know he is banging his secretary”, woke women instead say “You know that amazingly prosperous and free country America, well I happen to know a dirty little secret that they had slaves”.
Check out this young female teacher talking about the evils of America. Notice the look of absolute glee on her face while saying America is a racist country. It’s the exact expression she’d make while spreading a nasty rumor about the popular girl.

I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Two things, and I can’t be succinct because I’m a woman and therefore incapable of anything resembling cogency. 
One, Virgin Media (I’m writing from Hove, UK) finally caught up and blocked Censored yesterday. Took your advice with the VPN and now you’re back, so thank you for the recommendation.
Two, I bought Laura Dodsworth’s recent publication AState of Fear about the UK government’s disturbing use of psychological warfare (basically) against the population during this past 16 months.Tommy Robinson calls it the plandemic, I’m on board with that.   
When the book arrived it was accompanied by a leaflet from Blackwell’s, the stockist. I flicked through, saw the usual crap (Hunter Biden has an autobiography, great) until I arrived at the children’s section. I saw some things that I didn’t quite understand. Attached photos for your perusal or dismissal. It bothered me that some of this stuff isn’t even in the children’s fiction section, it’s in a made-up “Empathy & Compassion” section but the books are very obviously intended for children. 
I’d add that I’m a generally well-adjusted young woman (28, Jewish) who grew up on Will & Grace, Fresh Prince, and Star Trek so I’m good on the whole not-hating-gays-or-blacks front. I’ve seen what’s going on in the States, especially CRT, and that bullshit Blue’s Clues which was depraved. I, naively, thought the UK was safe from it. But if the past year has been any indicator they’ll do what the government did with the plandemic and bring it in under the radar, drip-feed it, push it consistently, and then complete the indoctrination process. 
Also got into punk rock recently and wondered if the Teenage Excorcists are mainstream? Bomb was Fucking Awesome which is ironically another song I like, so your thoughts on them and Plow United would be interesting. 
Gavin, your suits are solid and I like your new studio


Dear Censored,

Hate has no home here. I’m pretty sure no one has a home there.


Dear Censored,

The recent discovery was in Leadville,Co
Much love from


Dear Censored,

New song just released in time for July 4th. Timestamp 1:38 


Dear Censored,

Here’s my friends’ band The Demos’ new singles “Private Eye” and “Nothing Is As It Seems”. Pure indie rock/pop like The Strokes from Rochester, NY.

“Private Eye”:

“Nothing Is As It Seems”:



Dear Censored,

There have been zero mass graves found in Canada, they are regular cemeteries that became lost over time.  No indication so far they are children. 

“Cowessess Chief Cadmus Delorme spoke at a virtual news conference Thursday morning. 

“This is not a mass grave site. These are unmarked graves,” Delorme said. 
Delorme said there may have at one point been markers for the graves. He said the Roman Catholic church, which oversaw the cemetery, may have removed markers at some point in the 1960s.
He said it was not immediately clear if all of the unmarked graves belonged to children, but that there were oral stories within Cowessess First Nation about both children and adults being there.


Dear Censored,

Facebook Now Sending Messages to Some Users Asking About Potentially ‘Extremist’ Friends


Dear Censored,

I’m lucky enough to have some friends that haven’t given in to today’s woke/ cancel culture and we often talk about how if the band Anal Cunt was around today, the left would lose it. The song titles alone are enough to trigger most and these days they would have a goldmine of material. Seth Putnam was basically the worlds best troll. There’s a pretty dope picture of him getting blown while shooting up and at one point he was in a coma, when he got out of it he was interviewed and asked what being in a coma was like and he said it was just as stupid as he wrote it was in the song ‘You’re in a coma’ check it out when you get a chance!!

I just became a subscriber today, super stoked on it!


Dear Censored,

While watching your Canada day episode, it got me thinking that you might like Colter Wall. He’s an actual rancher from Saskatchewan and his music is the best thing to happen to the country genre since the outlaw movement of the 70s. Think Marty Robbins story song style, with Johnny Cash bass vocals. 
He recently turned down a Joe Rogan podcast because he was too busy working his ranch.
Check him out fuck.


Dear Censored,

Here is the link. Not going to say much more besides Ryan is gay and never takes responsibility for his mistakes. Cut your hair you butt plug


Dear Censored,

I think you might get something out of this interview with Marc Lamont Hill and Judge Joe Brown. Brown has some “old school” opinions, and while I think the correct response to sexual assaulter is between tar and feathers and death, that does’t mean that both sides didn’t have responsibility somewhere along in the story. Immediately after an event during crisis time is time to hold the assaulter responsible, but there are sober moments where we have to hold people we care about responsible for their actions when it makes sense.

Also people always get this wrong, “Spanish Fly” is supposed to make people horny, its not GBH, or GHB or whatever.


Dear Censored,

Way ta go on the up coming marriage and baby girl  Ryan .  You gotta a heart of gold and  are gonna make an awesome dad. Tragically hipster gavin is the goat of advice on family, and kids.
I started getting in to the kids in the hall reruns in the early 2000s.  They really helped shape my attitude and I consider one of the best things cancon pushed out.They gotta a new deal with Amazon to reboot the show ,but I don’t see how they could ever have the same edge and not get canceled.
Running faggot skit 2mins long

The anti jordon Peterson groovy teacher skit , ahead of it’s time 5min long

Their old skits made snl stuff look pretty fucking tacky.   Me and my buddy were dying laughing watching them after your show on Canada day.


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