Antifa domestic-terrorists took aim at a Turning Point USA rally on Saturday at the Washington state Capitol in Olympia. Some underage attendees were reported to be assaulted. The event table was also trashed.

A group of nearly 20 left-wing extremists dressed in black and hiding their faces with masks congregated on the grounds of the Capitol to derail the pro-second amendment event organized by TPUSA’s local Washington chapter. A couple dozen high school-aged students joined the modest-sized conservative event. Before the rally, Antifa groups in Washington state posted flyers throughout the area demanding their supporters “stand up to hate” at the event.

Antifa’s demonstration kicked off with members protest-dancing and shouting “fascists” at anyone who attended the event, but it did not take long for the neo-Marxist group to escalate. One of the masked Antifa members launched a bottle of water at a 17-year-old girl, striking her in the back of the head, witnesses say. Another fanatic from the group led by Antifa was witnessed telling the underage students that she couldn’t wait to see them “lynched.”

“All of you! Each and every one of you are going first. I’ll have 20 of them lined up,” she screamed at the attendees.

Olympia Antifa advocate Miguel Louis Lofland vandalized the table set up for TPUSA by throwing the merchandise to the ground. He calls himself a “journalist” with the “Antifa News Network” website. His social media account is littered with posts championing political violence, according to sources.

TPUSA described the events over the weekend on their website, saying:

“The violence began when ANTIFA members threw a water bottle at King County Hub Secretary Jasmine Downing, followed by vandalizing Katie’s event table, spray painting buttons and other merchandise they stole from the table and began throwing the stolen items at the Turning Point students.”

The TPUSA event was scheduled to happen a week earlier but was postponed to better coordinate with local law enforcement. Washington State Patrol troopers did not step in during the violence on Saturday as witnesses say they observed the harassment, vandalism, and assaults.

Katie Daviscourt, a contributor for The Post Millennial who attended the event, claims the troopers instructed them to file police reports, but warned them not to expect prosecution. 

A spokesperson for the Washington State Patrol said to The Post Millennial that state troopers at the rally had concluded that “the mutually antagonistic verbal confrontation that preceded the water bottle incident had created a volatile situation where direct intervention by law enforcement might have triggered additional physical conflict.” 

The spokesperson added that the “strategy of purposeful de-escalation paid dividends for all, as both groups eventually dissipated with no further physical conflict, injuries, or arrests.”

The Washington State Patrol has stated they are opening an investigation into the direct accounts of possible crimes to find out if illegal activity took place and who might be responsible, a spokesperson affirmed, emphasizing: “When appropriate, law enforcement action sometimes occur after an incident at a different time and place more conducive to safe operations for all concerned.”

The event ended early for the safety of the people involved. TPUSA posted photos of some students with bruises and injuries. The organization has confirmed that several of them have filed police reports over the suspected assaults.

“Due to the physical threats posed by ANTIFA, the Turning Point members recognizing how incredibly unsafe the environment had become, ended the event early and began leaving to protect the young students and minors present.” 

Adding, “Jasmine, Wayne, Joanna, and Katie have all filed police reports. 

“This is yet another example of a growing pattern of violence against Americans who dare to think differently than the radical left and a tell-tale sign of what’s to come as cancel culture expands from merely social media censorship to physical totalitarianism.”

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