Baby legally named ‘Korn’ after hospital error

Mistakes happen, but on a birth certificate they can really start someone off on the wrong foot. Sometimes misspellings occur because of a clerical error or sloppy handwriting by any one of the multiple people in charge of registering newborns at hospitals.

On April 10, one such mishap took place in Seattle, Wash. after a mother gave birth to a baby she wanted to name Kora. The mom said she isn’t positive how the naming process went wrong, but her new baby girl ended up accidentally receiving the legal first name “Korn” on her birth certificate, the same spelling as the 1990s nu-metal band.

Kora is a name with a deep history going all the way back to Greek mythology, while Korn once had a guest appearance on South Park and wrote the song “Freak on a Leash.” 

The mother found out about the error when she was given the birth certificate in the mail on Friday, April 23 and uploaded an image of her child’s first legal document to Twitter soon after. Before long, the story went viral among metalheads, as Korn fans found plenty of amusement in the situation.

The frustrated new mom, game developer Kells Tate, sent out a series of tweets on her account, using the handle “Kells.”


She added:

1. The name is supposed to be Kora

2. Yes this should be able to be easily fixed if we are fast!

3. There is a chance they may have had me double check this but to be fair I was down a lot of blood at the time.

One Twitter user joked with the mom that the baby’s first words might turn out to be Korn singer Jonathan Davis’s efforts at scat-singing:

Baby Korn: ‘B…’

Kells: “Omg, she’s about to say her first word”

Baby Korn: ‘B… -Boom na da noom na na nema

Da boom na da noom na namena’

Another Twitter user suggested, “This baby should get free Korn concerts for life.”

The story attracted so much attention from both Korn fans and people amused by the incompetence of bureaucracy that the band’s name began to trend on Twitter. 

One user said, “Korn is trending cause some hospital fucked up and legally named a baby Korn. I thought something awful had happened to the band. but no…”

Kells tried to explain to her followers how the mistake could have happened:

“They had it written right on the hospital white board! Haha. We’re wondering where in the paperwork it got switched, I’m thinking when they entered it into the computer. So the birth certificate gov ppl would be the ones side eyeing lolol.”

The story of the heavy metal baby was soon picked up by major music outlets including Loudwire, Metal Injection, and However, the mom seems to be taking the mistake in stride, as she later posted “This reached Korn fan twitter and I’m into it.”

She summarized her misadventure:

Results of my viral baby Korn tweet:

1. I know the title of every Korn song

2. I know the full etymology of the word corn

3. I know what Kora means in multiple languages (it’s a word in a bunch of them!!)

4. I learned a LOT of people have incorrect names on their birth certificate

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