A hair stylist in Boston who unintentionally stabbed himself recounted his story to The New York Post on Wednesday that he feels fortunate to have lived through his “freak accident.” 

Going over the details from his bed at Massachusetts General Hospital, 29-year-old Steve Silva explained that the chance event on Friday at the Boston Barber Company in Beacon Hill “happened quick” while he was giving a client a trim. 

“When I went around the corner, I slipped and fell,” Silva reported to The Post in an interview. “Because my shears were around my finger, they were pointed inward and I broke my fall with my hands.”

The Wilmington man was holding a pair of 6½-inch professional-grade shears in his right hand before promptly noticing something “weird,” he described.

“I looked down and I saw blood like a geyser spewing out,” Silva remembered. “I looked at my client and I said, ‘I think I just stabbed myself.’”

Two of his colleagues, Nikki and Sarah, in addition to Silva’s confused customer, noticed what had happened and “went right to work” by putting pressure on the wound and laying him on his side, according to Silva.

“I was trying to stay calm and not freak them out,” he explained.

Silva said he had tripped on a wet spot on the floor as he walked off the padded area close to his customer.

“I broke my fall with my hands and [the shears] are not going to fling off,” he said. “Any barber or hairstylist knows they’re wrapped around your finger pretty good.”

Silva pointed out that he was not preoccupied with the mask he was wearing at the time of the accident.

“The thing sucks, you can’t deny that, but you wear it so much it doesn’t affect your vision,” he noted. “It was just a freak accident, it really was.”

Within an hour of stabbing himself in the chest, Silva was rushed into open-heart surgery, with the sharp scissors barely missing his heart. Pictures provided by The Post on Wednesday show that surgeons needed to use staples to get his several-inch-long gash under control.

“I basically hit the main artery to the lower ventricle,” he explained, pointing out that the Hanzo shears punctured his chest between a rib and his sternum. “A bit to the left would’ve pierced my heart.”

After being released from an intensive care unit Tuesday, Silva was said to be recovering and in stable condition Wednesday but will be on the shelf for a few weeks, he added.

“I honestly feel lucky, but I feel like a little bit of a klutz that this happened,” Silva admitted. “I’d love to go back to work, but I don’t think I have a date as of yet.”

Silva has worked at the shop for the past four years and had finally gone back to work last week after losing his job twice because of the slow business due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He also had to put a planned vacation with his girlfriend, Dawn DeRosa, to celebrate her birthday and Valentine’s Day on hold because of Friday’s accident.

However, the devoted stylist found the strength to contact the man whose hair he was working on at the time of the accident to make sure his haircut was finished, which it had been, Silva reported.

“I couldn’t remember if I was done,” he explained.

Silva showed his appreciation to his coworkers as well as the hundreds of people who gave money to an online fundraiser to help him with his medical bills. As of Wednesday, nearly $20,000 had been donated to him.

“There’s some people out there that donated serious money and I have no clue who they are,” the grateful barber said. “I’m getting emotional about it. Someone sent $1,000. Who is this person? Why do they care?”

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