Beauty pageant turns ugly with onstage brawl, arrests

A resentful beauty queen from Sri Lanka has been placed under arrest after an onstage catfight erupted in front of spectators, according to police on Thursday.

Caroline Jurie, the reigning “Mrs. World,” has been charged with “simple hurt and criminal cause” as a result of Sunday night’s disharmony at a Colombo pageant, according to the BBC.

Jurie, who is a native of Sri Lanka, kicked off the bizarre brouhaha when she leapt onto the stage while judges were crowning the new “Mrs. Sri Lanka” winner, Pushpika De Silva, according to the outlet.

She ripped the freshly placed crown right off De Silva’s head, arguing that the new champion’s divorce had disqualified her from the competition.

“There is a rule that prevents women who have already been married and are divorced, so I am taking steps to make the crown go to second place,” Jurie announced to the shock and horror of the live audience.

Rather than taking it for herself, Jurie then put the crown on the head of the runner-up, sparking a mess of tears and brawling onstage.

The toxic display of femininity led to De Silva being sent to the hospital to be examined for head injuries after the fiasco, according to the BBC.

De Silva later posted an image of herself dramatically lying in a hospital bed on her Facebook page, while assuring supporters that she is not divorced.

“The pain of my skull when my crown was snatched from my head by the world married beauty queen, the pain I felt when I lost the crown,’’ De Silva posted along with her photo.

“I say a true queen is not a woman who snatches another woman’s crown, but a woman who [helps straighten] another woman’s crown!!

“I know you are expecting my response to the unexpected incident that happened. Even though I have a lot to say, I will post only the essential things here,” De Silva said.

She told the press that she was looking into legal action for the “unreasonable and insulting” treatment she was subjected to, the BBC reported.

In an interview with the outlet News 1st, Pushpika affirmed that she is not divorced but had stopped living in the same house as her husband. She demanded that the organizers show proof of her divorce before claiming she would see the event organizers in court.

“Living in separate houses and being divorced are completely different things. I have already taken legal action against the injustice and humiliation caused at the event,” she said. “I’m not a divorced woman.”

People on the newly crowned beauty queen’s team have stated that she was extremely depressed after the ordeal.

On Thursday, police announced they had taken Jurie into custody along with another entrant into the pageant said to be associated with the altercation.

“Police arrested Caroline Jurie and model Chula Padmendra over Sunday’s incident on charges of simple hurt and criminal cause,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana said to the BBC.

Pageant organizers have returned the crown to De Silva and issued the new champion an apology for the unfortunate turn of events.

“We are disappointed. It was a disgrace how Caroline Jurie behaved on the stage and the Mrs. World organization has already begun an investigation on the matter,” the event organizers said to the outlet. Newsfirst has reported that De Silva has been formally re-crowned the winner of the pageant by the organizers since the ugly incident settled down.

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