A 17-year-old British college student who shared with friends that she had been raped at a house party was apparently found hanged in her hostel the next morning, according to the New York Post.

The girl, Megan Younger-Watson, told friends that she was not feeling well after having been sexually assaulted while attending a party earlier this month. It was just hours after, however, that she was discovered dead in her home.

Though the authorities were able to track down the suspect, they refused to press charges despite Suffolk Police Det. Inspector Daniel Connick conceding that the minor was too intoxicated to consent to any sexual engagement, according to The Sun.

It was found that Younger-Watson had cocaine, Ecstasy, and Xanax in her system when she died. These findings are reportedly congruent with members of Christchurch hostel describing how they had to help the minor back to her hostel in an intoxicated state. All of this was captured by CCTV.

“Megan was one of the most wonderful, bubbliest, happiest people you’d ever meet,” her mother, Natashia Younger-Watson, told The Sun. “She put everyone before herself. That’s why there’s been such a big tribute to her. She was absolutely amazing.”

The teen, a drama student at Suffolk New College in Ipswich, had a history of anxiety and depression and was also facing eviction from the Christchurch House hostel, according to the Post.

Younger-Watson had started out at a pub with a group of friends before the gathering moved to an apartment after the pub closed for the evening. It was reported that Younger-Watson was not someone who made a habit of going out very often and even told a friend that she had no idea what she was doing.

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