California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara made a request to the Department of Insurance to pen a general counsel opinion letter making it clear that gender dysphoric individuals cannot legally be rejected from having chest reconstructive surgery only based on their age.

The move now makes it legal for people in California who are under 18 years old to qualify for the extreme medical procedure. 

“For far too long, individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria have had to battle a host of challenges to get access to gender-affirming care in order to be their true selves,” Commissioner Lara stated.

“Social stigma, misconceptions about gender dysphoria and its treatment, and outdated medical criteria create barriers to necessary medical care that can lead to tragic results for individuals with gender dysphoria, especially for our transgender youth,” he wrote. 

Despite the fact that California law already carries protections against insurance companies stopping patients from getting these operations, new arguments from underage people and their parents say that some health insurance companies are unjustly preventing patients from having these surgeries. They argue this created the need to legally substantiate these protections, a press release from the California Department of Insurance explains. 

“To be proactive, health insurance companies should evaluate their coverage criteria for gender dysphoria treatment and eliminate any noncompliant practices to avoid needlessly delaying and interfering with medical care recommended by a patient’s doctor,” the press release stated.

The department made it official that age cannot be a deciding component for insurance companies facilitating coverage for mastectomies or reconstructive operations successively, in responding to an inquiry from San Diego’s TransFamily Support Services concerning continual denials of coverage for patients transitioning from female to male, according to the press release.

“TransFamily Support Services is proud to partner with the California Department of Insurance to remove the age barrier for gender-affirming care,” noted Kathie Moehlig, Executive Director at TransFamily Support Services.

“This barrier was discriminatory and detrimental to the lives of trans youth. To have to navigate the overwhelming barriers to health care should not be a part of their experience. Transgender youth already face so many challenges from unsupportive families, bullying at school, social stigmas, and even violence,” she added.

Lara went on in the statement to compare operations regarding underage gender reassignment surgeries to operations given to minors such as cancer treatments, saying, “imposing strict age limits on coverage of male chest reconstruction surgery when it is requested to treat gender dysphoria but not other medical conditions, such as breast cancer or trauma, constitutes discrimination in health coverage based on age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, and health conditions in violation of state and federal law.”

The press release then cited a quote from Dr. Ward Carpenter, co-director of health services at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, where he stated, “today the State of California has put insurance companies on notice that they cannot deny access to medically necessary care based on outdated rules that are not supported by evidence or scientific consensus.” 

“In so doing, the state not only expands access to health care but also takes an important step in saving the lives of transgender and non-binary (TGNB) adolescents struggling with gender dysphoria, depression and suicidal thoughts. Decisions about an adolescent’s health must be left to the patient, their families and their care providers, not to insurance companies,” Carpenter said.  

In 2018, an article authored by JAMA Pediatrics on “Chest Dysphoria in Transmasculine Minors and Young Adults” at a US clinic was based on research which consisted of two transmale girls who were only 13 years old and had both breasts removed. Five of the subjects were just 14 years old.

The article concluded that the girls responded with strong favorability to their operation, so that “professional guidelines and clinical practice should recommend patients for chest surgery based on individual need rather than chronologic age.”

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  1. I thought gender was a fucking social construct?

    Seriously, this is sealing the deal on the war on the west.

    If the left think boys can have breasts, why do they need mastectomies!
    Psychopathic commies!

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