Catholic school teacher sexually abused teen boy in her car at the county fair, cops say

A teacher at a religious high school in Steubenville, Ohio has been charged with the sexual abuse of an underage male teen student, according to the Sun.

The improper sexual conduct was said to have happened in the car of 21-year-old Corissa McCalister, who is a teacher at a Catholic school. The alleged abused minor is reported to be 15.

The news of the scandal regarding McCalister’s suspected grooming and abuse of the underage boy has stunned the faculty and students at Central Catholic High School.

McCalister, a Spanish teacher who lives in Steubenville, was brought into custody on Friday and charged with two counts of sexual battery, Harrison County prosecutor Lauren Knight reported.

McCalister is already back home after posting a $100,000 bond. She was released from jail after being accused of two counts of sexual battery.

McCalister’s LinkedIn profile says the 21-year-old teacher graduated from St Francis University in Loretto, Pa. in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish education and minors in English literature and Spanish health services.

In 2020, McCalister received the Spanish Award, which is presented to the best overall Spanish major.

“I am deeply saddened by news of the allegations and I offer my prayers for healing for the victim and the victim’s family as well as the Catholic Central school community,” Steubenville Bishop Jeffrey M. Monforton stated in a press release.

The sexual misconduct that McCalister is accused of having with the youngster is said to not have happened on school grounds, but rather took place in the teacher’s vehicle.

According to WCYB, McCalister coached athletics at the school up until her arrest. The teacher was a cross country coach and assistant track coach but has been placed on administrative leave by the school, Principal Thomas Costello reported.

The mother of the alleged victim says the teacher engaged in the inappropriate sexual acts in Harrison County. Sheriff Joe Meyers said that McCalister took the teen to the Harrison County Fairgrounds on March 30. It was there that the teacher reportedly had a sexual encounter with the child. 

She was said to have been driving the teen home after a track meet at Edison Local School.

According to WTRF, a press release from the Catholic diocese says the school’s principal and superintendent made the call to put McCalister on leave after the accusations against her came to light.

The diocese confirmed that it has made the parents of both high school and junior high school students aware of the serious claims of sexual abuse made against Corissa McCalister. Members of the faculty members have also been informed of the alleged shocking behavior.

New Jersey recently saw a similar case when 24-year-old Samantha Krakower, a Bergen County high school teacher and coach, was busted by police last week and charged with sexually assaulting an underage student, according to

“During the investigation, it was learned that Krakower, who is also a softball coach and basketball coach at Leonia High School, started the inappropriate relationship earlier this school year,” Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella said in a statement.

Krakower will face charges of sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, and endangering the welfare of a child, according to authorities. Krakower is being held at the Bergen County jail ahead of a scheduled court hearing, as reflected in the sheriff’s office records.

As of Tuesday, no other potential victims have come forward. The Diocese of Steubenville has asked anyone with knowledge of abuse by anyone in the diocese to reach out to the authorities.

8 thoughts on “Catholic School Teacher Sexually Abused Teen Boy In Her Car At The County Fair, Cops Say

  1. Well, c’mon fellows. Those of you who are male and who have been 15 know what is really going on here.
    Yes, the teacher was the adult and should absolutely have known better, and sure, it technically counts as sexual battery due to the age of the boy, but it is really not a matter of the victim going to need time to heal and all that, is it?

    In this article, we see a rather unflattering looking photo mug shot of her, but if you do an image search on her name, you will find that she is rather pretty and athletic in a feminine way. I suspect that the 15-year old did not exactly say no.

    Yes, I understand. It was still the wrong thing to do and technically it falls under sexual crime, but at a moral level, and in terms of plain reality, let’s not put this into the same category as some of the brutal child sexual abuse that goes on. I don’t suspect that is what we have here.

    1. Literally prayed for this at 15, the prerequisite exposition and overly careful speech becomes more and more tiresome as I get older. I’m more concerned with the young men not keeping their mouths shut. If this stuff messes a boy up for life, I’m genuinely sorry, but I suspect it’s more commonly seen as awesome.

  2. Why are we slandering the Catholic Church on this site? Meanwhile I don’t see these guys reporting on the rabbis giving children herpes when they suck their freshly circumcised penises.

    And yes that’s a thing. Google it

    1. I didn’t see this as slandering the Catholic Church and I’m not a fan of the Catholic church at all. And you point out a disgusting act that really does go on so why are you offended that they reported on this woman having sex with an underaged boy? If he wasn’t already into porn I guarantee he will be now. Sexualize our youth and jacking up their minds are evil whether it’s the priest, female teachers, or porn.

      1. You are right, Trever. This article is not landing at the feet of the Catholic Church or even of the school in question. Randall simply needed a segué toward his Jew-baiting.

  3. I was stupping a 32 year old when I was 17. Best years of my life. Move in with her to, till I joined the Military!

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