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Dear Censored,

What criteria do you set for adding a show to Censored.TV? Is it a case of “the more the merrier” or are you kind of selective about what you upload and list?

The reason I ask is that I’m based in New Zealand, and there may be some people who are interested in sharing content on Censored.TV. In recent days, some NZ YouTubers have been cancelled by politicians, media and various other agents working in cahoots with each other.

I’d be keen to find out more about how Censored.TV works.



Dear Censored,

This poor dude has been completely cancelled and annihilated. As you can imagine, all you can find on the internet now is that he is a WS, he had no defense and even his bank accounts got frozen because a fat C*UNT artist/activist decided it would be funny to get govt involved and ruin this man. Vile women sent nude selfies to anyone who would sign the petition to get this lad fired. She has fucked with so many people defaming and damaging all the while acting like a scummy whore, … but I bet her Maori ancestors are ashamed if she does have any she looks pretty white.


RIP Cross the Rubicon

Dear Censored,

No time stamp here, you can drop the needle anywhere on this ancient chinese gold from Inspector Harry Callahan.

(Or if you’re in the UK, ‘DCI Arry Calla’an).

Maybe if we’d listened to old ‘Arry back in the 70’s & 80’s, we wouldn’t be in the shit today.



Dear Censored,

 stumbled upon this real-life Ed thing rapper and thought you might enjoy it.

Keep up the great work,


Dear Censored,

Video drop at 2:58 of the following clip: 
If the link doesn’t work here’s the title: Natural Born Killers (2004) – Rodney Dangerfield [NSFW]


Dear Censored,

I have heard you only make a recovery after hitting rock bottom, so comedy must have hope, because there is no rock bottom below this woman. This is HBO presenting us with a professional comedian, not some local open mic.

 It will be studied by future generations in horror awe and horror. It’s not bad, its atrocity porn.


Dear Censored,

’ve never read the Gulag Archipelago but years ago, I did stumble across this book called 7000 Days in Siberia by Karlo Stajner. I guess it’s a poor man’s Gulag but, in any case, nothing solidified my hatred of communists or more starkly illustrated to me how awful leftism is than this book. It’s a good, easy read but it’s literally 20 years of starvation and heavy labor so not really a fun read. I think the new studio is rad, Gav, and I appreciate the content you make for us. Nussing wrong wif dah


Dear Censored,

Remember the end of How to Get Ahead in Advertising – Richard Grant’s character turns a chubby, pimply loser into a pop star. 
Parallels with Megan Rapingho and Victoria’s Secret?
and another thing:
Has anyone else referred to PTSD as Post Trump Stress Disorder or President Trump Stress Disorder?
one more thing:Do you think it’s weird that the guy who wrote Falling Down ended up on Portlandia as a cuck-ish swinger?  I love your new sunglasses. (I’m old school)


Dear Censored,

a book that backs up your greenscreen vid from season 4 ep 2 a great read to help people really understand the schism between Jews that we’ve been dealing with our whole lives.  Its usually pretty hard to find but seems there are some used copies on Amazon atm.

I’m an Israeli who now lives in Dubai with my wife and our 3 kids because I couldn’t take endless lockdowns and quarantines in Israel any longer.  Mind you I was a massive nationalist before these last 18 months but in the end I could not forgive them for what they were doing to my children and how intense the police state was and the endless interactions and fines I had with cops because i would not wear a mask.   I expected the people to fight back more but very quickly due to all the wars and how we live in Israel (just a theory) that individualism disappears and the “greater good” can take over frighteningly fast.  They have now vaccinated a huge % of the population and are now turning the machine towards children while even the WHO is against this and at the same time you have articles like this coming out on the same day and not a single person even bats an eye.  “Government admits that half of new Covid-19 cases in last month were fully vaccinated”

and then

At the very least I’m thankful that I was able to see all these governments for what they are Right or Left does not matter both will do anything to keep power and have no interest in doing what the voters actually want.  For example in Israel this was all done under a “right wing” govt and my father would defend any action they did which were surprisingly the same as what the “left Wing” govt was doing in the US that my mom would defend anything they did no matter if it was contradictory to the previous day, week, month.  Both sides have expressed interest in mandating vaccinations for children no matter what age and my parents would both be for that for my kids just because their teams told them so. So it was black and white for me at that point and I had to make a change.  After moving to the UAE it actually made me a monarchist currently but that’s a discussion for another time 🙂 and it was a strict reminder that you never put your “team” above your family’s needs and all that matters is taking care of your family and working outwards from there.


Dear Censored,

If you are a poc in America you can literally shop for free at Walgreens, but if you are white you better not say anything bad to any Muslims. Otherwise you will get arrested or your head stomped, and rightfully so according to this officer. Granted, this lady isn’t very noble-looking and also bends the knee even after she is told she’s not going to jail, but compare some of the behaviors that have been in viral videos and the like of people in Walgreens and CVS and how they are treated compared to this “hate crime”. The black cop wanted to take this old lady to jail so bad. Whatever you do, if you get into a fight with anyone these days do not bring race into it if you are white. Maybe bring race into it but only if the other people are also White? Or maybe just call the other people racist slang names for whites? Let’s see them get you for a hate crime after you call a black cracker-ass white mutha fucka, lol…


Dear Censored,

As a veteran yourself, I felt you would appreciate looking into Combat Controller John Chapman’s Medal of Honor story. During his volunteer rescue mission to recover a fallen soldier, Chapman charged an enemy bunker almost by himself. He suffered two shots to his stomach during an exchange with the second bunker. The rest of his team had to retreat, and thinking Chapman had been killed, he was left alone on the mountain. Chapman would wake up later during the night and begin fighting by himself against enemy combatants, even fist fighting one insurgent who charged his position. This of course, was all on tape, and there is more, but I figured this email is already a novel. 
Here’s a link to the video. The video is about 9 mins, but by the end I was almost crying. I had to excuse myself and grab a scotch so that my wife wouldn’t see my temporary weakness.


Dear Censored,

This annoying ad ran several times on Comedy Central today. So annoying.
Have you seen it?



Dear Censored,

Why Saint Patrick’s Day is Celebrated in Mexico-CANELO DUDE


Dear Censored,

I noticed the other day when you hosted Anthony’s show that you had trouble figuring out what ‘Anti hetero-sexist’ meant. And there’s a good reason why you got it wrong.
These absolute brain dead faggots have made a phrase that you have to read backwards and go through each definition to figure out so it would actually be like this : sexist = one sex believes they are better. Hetero = men and women so this means that men inherently think they are superior. Then anti so she’s anti sexism when men are in control.
She’s totally fine with women and whatever other alien genders being sexist just not men. 
Many thanks,


Dear Censored,

Check out this interview with the bastion of masculinity that is the driver from the South Africa armored truck shooting. Clearly, Boer/Afrikaans culture still produces real men.

Especially of interest is timestamp 12:54, where one of the owners of the company that manufactures the armored trucks sits in the exact truck from that video, shows us the insanely thick cross-section of the windshield, and then tells his colleague to fire a 7.62 round directly at his heart through the bulletproof windshield.
Unbridled masculinity. We need to start importing this.


Dear Censored,

This may be ancient Chinese secret, but this author does a nice job pointing out the lack of evidence to support the DNC narrative about Trump inspiring the rise in violence against Asians in America. Love the show.


Dear Censored,

The “Vac” is from “Vaca,” or cow, after an English doctor named Edward Jenner noticed milkmaids had clear complexions during smallpox outbreaks, recognizing that cowpox was similar enough to smallbox that exposure to cowpox inoculated people against smallpox. This is the origin of the VACcine. 

First, most humans have been exposed to four strains of coronaviruses known as the common cold and their immune system has a built-in response in handling similar viruses. Second, the PCR test wasn’t meant to test for viral infection, rather for forensic science. If used to test for Covid, a mere piece of any of the coronaviruses (which the body will excrete for weeks and even months, long after all the viruses have been kililed) will result in a positive test. 
vaccine would give the recipient a weakened version of the virus to give their immune systems the ability to fight them off if the real thing ever got in. The Covid “Vaccines” are MRNA instructions for your own cells to create the spike proteins of Covid-19 for your body to then recognize and destroy. Sounds smart, right? 

Except that these proteins mimic placental and vascular system proteins, which is why young men (and boys) have died of stroke and enlarged heart, old ladies are having a sudden return of menstrual cycles, young girls are “spotting,” and women are having miscarriages within days of “the jab.” 


  • Pharma made untold billions from governments (aka taxpayers)
  • $3.7 trillion was transferred from working lower and middle-class workers to the “one percent” during the pandemic
  • The “pandemic” created the avenue for voter fraud via absentee and mail-in ballots that may explain a demented dimwit getting 16 million more votes that Barack Obama
  • The Fed has flooded big banks with ‘printed” money in return for bundled mortgage interest and the Treasury has printed bonds to fund the federal government while Russia and China are dumping US bonds, forcing an inevitable interest rate increase

You better give your wife and daughter some hardcore antioxidants, starting with N-Acetyl L-Cysteine at 1000mg per day for starters (also fantastic for the liver of us drinkers). Don’t let your boys get it, it’s been shown to harm their vascular systems. If the Mets or anything in society wants to force you to take an untested gene-altering shot, that’s how you know what parts of society you have to let go. Didn’t the Mets kneel? Fuck the Mets. Minor league games are more fun. 

Wish ya luck! 


Dear Censored,

This is a long article. These two passages speak for themselves.

Transsexuals who have undergone vaginoplasty (the creation of an artificial vagina) often suffer fistula, the rupture of the colon. This can be triggered by vigorous sex, or simply by a bowel movement, and results in fecal matter being discharged via the neo-vagina. It is a serious medical problem that sometimes is discussed in the media in the context of obstetric fistulas, which typically afflict women in extremely poor areas of Africa and Asia; but whose gruesome details are very much off-message from the glamorous, made-to-order bodies that young men think about when they imagine their transition. How many of them would hesitate if they knew they might defecate—in extraordinary pain—from their neo-vaginas during sex?

The neo-vagina is made from the inverted skin of the penis, presenting another sexual problem: Unless the young man has been especially blessed by nature, there probably won’t be enough material to create an orifice with enough depth to accommodate the average man, making sex painful, even in the absence of a fistula. The neo-vagina lacks elasticity. Nor can transsexuals orgasm, unless the word “orgasm” is defined very abstractly as a general wave of sexual pleasure. Without the sense of release that accompanies ejaculation, the act of coitus can be not only agonizing but unsatisfying.

“I was speaking at an event with three male-to-females,” Rene recounts. “Every single one of us had a retina come loose at some point or another. It can’t be a coincidence.” He explains that estrogen doesn’t protect the male body from decay in the same way as it protects the female body. “It’s like putting gasoline in a diesel tank,” is his analogy.

Rene is now almost entirely blind in his left eye. He keeps an eyepatch in the glovebox of his car, as the blurry images from his left side are more a distraction than anything else. His retina has detached no fewer than five times; and each time, he’s needed a general anaesthetic to repair it. The process is invasive, and the period of recuperation painful. This isn’t an obvious consequence of reassignment (as opposed to, say, infertility). And it’s important to note that there haven’t yet been any long-range studies on the phenomenon, so the link I am reporting here is strictly anecdotal.


Dear Censored,

Have you noticed this generation of 16-21 year old boys having strange relationships with their mothers? Not in a sexual way. Moms in their 50’s, all of the other kids are grown and the last kid in the nest is a teen and as they go into adulthood they almost replace the husband in terms of going out to dinner, talking on the phone etc. They do things like get pedicures together, kayak, workout, cook dinner, share each other’s food. The mother isn’t this way with her other kids in all situations I’ve seen. Only the youngest boy that still lives at home. It’s almost like he’s playing the role of the husband in a creepy bates motel way. I’ve noticed this in several different families and after a friend randomly brought it up the other day it made me wonder if it’s some kind of demasculination with this generation.  What happened to manly men? 


Dear Censored,

What else to do on Juneteenth at a 10,000strong crowd after a gang shooting that kills one man?


Dear Censored,

4,115 Vaccinated People Have Died, Been Hospitalized With COVID-19 ‘Breakthrough’ Infections: CDC


Dear Censored,

FDA Adds Warning About Heart Inflammation to COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines


Dear Censored,

‘ve probably watched this 100 times his scream and zooming away on his scooter would make for a great drop hope you get a kick out of this like you more than a friend 


Dear Censored,

 I have been following your content since your days at Compound Media.  I followed you to CRTV and I was probably one of the first 100 subscribers to Free Speech/Uncensored.  I didn’t realize how much influence you had in my life until last Friday.  After a night of heavy drinking I woke up covered in my own piss.  Never in my 41 years had I ever, that I can remember, done anything like this.  I’ve apparently had too much of the G DOG.   I wish you well. I liked you more than a friend.


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