Dad tried to bust into zoo’s elephant exhibit to ‘impress his daughter’

A man in Milwaukee attempted to climb the fence of the elephant enclosure at a local zoo to “impress his daughter,” according to authorities.

On Wednesday when it was nearly time to close, Armond Bullocks was said to have scaled a locked and fenced-in area in the outdoor animal display at the Milwaukee County Zoo. The incident was said to have occurred at around 3:30 p.m., according to local outlets.

He then decided to climb up a second interior fence but was halted by the park staff before nearing the zoo’s two African elephants, officials reported.

“The visitor began to climb over a secondary fence but did not breach that barrier. The individual never shared space with two of the zoo’s African elephants who were outside at the time,” zoo officials said in a statement to the press.

“The individual was stopped from going where he really could have gotten hurt,” Tim Wild, the zoo’s Curator of Large Mammals, reported in a statement. “So it was handled very quickly, very efficiently.”

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Deputies said to WISN 12 that the 27-year-old father was seen perched on top of the fence with his legs suspended into the exhibit.

Bullocks was charged with trespassing and issued a $263 fine by the deputies, according to WDJT-TV.

Investigators noted that the man seemed to be trying to “impress his daughter.”

Bullocks was held by the park officials until police were on the scene. Employees at the zoo were afraid that this was a copycat stunt after a man was able to get into an elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo a number of weeks ago. 

Wild explained that there is nothing funny about messing with these wild animals, and it can even be fatal.

“This was our smallest elephant involved, she’s still over 7,000 lbs., close to 8,000 lbs.,” Wild noted. 

Zoo officials cautioned that the incident could have been much worse if the dad completed his stunt.

“There are a number of accounts of people who work with elephants who have been killed or badly injured by them,” Wild warned.

Other guests at the park with a better understanding of the dangers these gigantic animals pose said that the misguided dad is lucky he escaped with his life.

“I’m glad that they yelled at him in time and that he didn’t make it all the way over the fence,” Katie Clements stated. “We’ve actually been to Africa, and someone in the village that we were near got trampled by an elephant and died.”

If the motivation was actually to impress his daughter, some parents said Bullocks failed miserably.

“We saw that Harambe story,” parent Brian Lewis remarked. “We’re not about that at all. We like to be on the outside looking in, and we really like the elephants.”

One commenter on Reddit noted, “Trust me, getting trampled to death by an elephant doesn’t impress your child, especially when they have to answer why you’re no longer around.”

Adding how the conversation may have played out if things took a turn for the worse, the commentator remarked:

“’My dad was trampled to death by an elephant.’

‘In Africa?’

‘No, the Milwaukee Zoo.’


‘Yeah, I know.””

The Milwaukee County Zoo was said to have been officially closed at the time of the stunt, and most of the guests at the park were heading to the exits.

Officials claim that the dad had already been warned that the area was off limits.

According to officials, neither man nor beast was injured during the incident.

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