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Dear Censored,

Boomers are based


Dear Censored,

This is by far the best and most comprehensive information on the death of George Floyd. I hope you can share it.   


Dear Censored,

Recently in Calgary there have been a bunch of posts by women floating around social media claiming to have been followed around shopping centres and malls my mysterious men in vans asking for directions and ultimately attempting to kidnap them.
This trend is catching wildfire as every girl on my timeline has shared a PSA urging women to stay vigilant as when they’re out on their own.
Stay vigilant, but not too vigilant, though. I came across this story shared that has the racial description of the supposed perps blanked out! So it just says a group of (blank) men in a van were following me.
I guess women’s safety is not our top priority here.

Dear Censored,

Montreal Garage Band


Dear Censored,

his is from the Steve Coogan comedy, ‘Hamlet 2’.


Regular scene:

Musical scene:

Dear Censored,

You are spot on about this ridiculous habit of hiring Europeans (and especially Brits) to play Americans in movies. I was watching this Netflix movie Devil All the Time (2020), a neo-noire thriller set in rural Ohio after World War II. It might be a good movie – I wouldn’t know – I was so distracted by the cast of effete Europeans prancing round in immaculate Gingham and pretending to be Ohio natives. Look at this mess:

Bill Skarsgård (Swedish)

Tom Holland (English)
Robert Pattinson (English)

Sebastian Stan (Romanian)

Jason Clarke (Australian)

Harry Melling (English)

Harry Melling (English)
Haley Bennett, Kristin Griffith and Riley Keough (alright, there are some valley girls just as uncomfortable shooting skeet as the rest of them).

We used to have Robert Mitcham, now we have Robert Pattinson… you know, that old tobacker-chewin’ shit-kicker. Coud you guys stop hiring us please? We’ve already turned our own historical dramas into farce with the likes of black Anne Boleyn, you’re our last hope of a good movie.

Best wishes,

Dear Censored,

Being a New Yorker are you familiar with Bannerman Island and the castle upon which it sits? If not, it was owned/built in the early 1900s by Francis Bannerman VI who ran an army surplus store in the city. Being the cheap Scottsman that he was, he built the castle using the concrete paste that sealed the crates of guns and field gear he purchased. The paste held up just long enough to withstand shipment around the world, but did not make great building material and today the castle is in ruins. I was wondering if you had similar tales of frugality during your entrepreneurial endeavors?Take care,

P.S. Here’s a clip on Bannerman

Dear Censored,

The left is often criticized for its Stalinist tactics, but the Stasi (the secret police of the German Democratic Republic, i.e. East Germany) might be a lot more apt. Check this out:


Dear Censored,

Check this shit out. The Hunter Biden Scandals always seem so unbelievable, so it’s not hard for the media to brush them under the rug, but this dude is a piece of work.


Dear Censored,

Look at this fucking loser


Dear Censored,

Right up there with the threepers…



Dear Censored,

‘m a father of 4 and I think I’ve gone soft as I am constantly feeling sympathy for Ryan (who I love).
Maybe I’m gay, whatever. Please watch this short funny video by Lou Perez a libertarian comedian who has somehow not been cancelled. It’s well produced, extremely absurd, and needs to go viral.


Dear Censored,

 think the evidence speaks for itself here.

Ryan noodles on the guitar and fluffs his tufts on camera because of this influence

Also, please do a live Wednesday mailbag show

It’ll be wild



3:10 to 4:13

Dear Censored,

Drunk Obama Theory

Ok hear me out, what if Obama actually WAS born in the USA, but pretended to be born in Kenya to get special scholarships or meet the criteria for diversity initiatives but then when he ran for office went: “oh shit” and desperately tried to cover up the lie.

Ryan, this is a theory, don’t just blindly believe this without any research as to it’s veracity like your fuckin dinosaur ideas


Dear Censored,

here is a good one. Two blacks are trying to get a free weeve and are called out for their shoplifting and they decide to kick the business owner’s ass.
Great people we share our land with, wouldn’t you say???


Dear Censored

I have enjoyed your contribution in holding up the middle finger to American politics and corrupt media. As a Patriot and a conservative, It is refreshing to subscribe to a show that is both refreshing and hilarious. You are both great in your own right, But I’ll digress with the Faggy pleasantries and get to the point. John Ward is a political Commentator if you haven’t heard of him, He sews sentences together with finesse and paints a mental image that is not unlike Solzhenitsyn, A Very funny man as I will Illustrate in this snippet

Stop when you have gotten the gist. With this said a brilliant & truthful mind is no place for Youtube and thus has been everything but blocked from the platform, Alas I Summarize with a question. Would ever consider the possibility of seeing this man Hired as part of your catalog of shows? Thank you for your time and look forward to more of the same from you delightful assholes. Ps, I attached a random meme that I am not sure if you have seen but summarizes feminists so I was certain you’d get a kick out of it if you hadn’t.


Dear Censored

Here is boomer guitar Noodler tha’st (hey, you’re) cool. Making a dumb joke and singing very cooly. Shows that experience really is key to humour and emotions. 
All the best,

– Adam.

Dear Censored


Dear Censored

You once said that you thought it was cheating for an American to marry a foreigner,and that their accent would drive you insane. Can you reconsider this, considering thissocially awkward American 5 can get a wholesome Italian 8.2. 
I like your new Sunglasses,


Dear Censored

’m sure you remember the seminal DC hard core band Minor Threat, and their song ‘Guilty of Being White’. It seems more relevant these days. I wonder if Ian MacKaye regrets the song being out there, and how he feels about it today.

Cheers fags

Dear Censored

 Oh, they just mistakenly hired a trans dude who condones pedophilia as one of their admins!
Aimee Challenor is a man who identifies as a chick and married a man who tweeted “I fantasise about children having sex, sometimes with adults, sometimes with other children, sometimes kidnapped and forced into bad situations” recently and who’s father raped a 10 year old girl in their home and was sentenced to two decades in prison for.
Reddit hired this monster and then tried to hide her from the community when an article was posted about her randomly on the ukpolitics subreddit. They immediately banned anyone who mentioned this person and claimed it as doxxing even though this person has been a public figure with these known events and actions for years in the UK. 
Below is his wiki and the pathetic update the CEO of Reddit posted about it, with no one believing his shit in the comments.
Aimee Challenor

Aimee ChallenorAimee Knight (née Challenor, born 1 October 1997) is a British transgender activist and former spokesperson and …

Love yall,

Dear Censored

If this were a black woman and two white men the country would be on fire right now…. I know if this were my daughter, these two fucks would die a very slow painful death.

Here’s the link


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