Dear Censored,

(Forgive my typos Magnanimous Emperor of the Calamus Ruber and jk Ryan) 

I sent you a video a few weeks ago (the historical video which went all PC about gender fluid he/she/zhe “man” periods being a “thing”). Sorry for the length and nuisance(Sept 28-30th-ish) from that episode’s mailbag segment.
When are we as a nation going to stop pandering to exceptions to the rule? Yes, genetic mutations mean humans are sometimes born with both kinds of genitalia. So what! Don’t mistreat them, but they are just exceptions, not the rule. When are we going to stop making the exceptions to society the pinnacle we are to seek out and “appreciate” like nothing else matters? Liberalism encourages this crap. When are we going to return to excellence (true American exceptionalism) instead of celebrating mediocre diversity which deconstructs the excellence? This feeds into the discussion D’Souza’s Trump Card and Death of a Nation make of plucking apart a nation to implode its structure. There is nothing greater than America on the planet. The west is the BEST! 
Now Colonial Williamsburg is cramming even more “1619 style” woke diversity, but with a sexual diversity spin, down everyone’s throat. Check out the attached screenshots and the link at the bottom (it’s only for further information) and I’m sorry the screenshots came from FB but this is all over their website now too. I wish “academics” would stop cucking history with this marginalized negating history crap. 
Yes, I’m into history a bit, but I love other stuff too, like your show and now your expanded content.  
Happy Halloween 🎃!

Dear Censored,

This shit really brought it home. I’m good friends with Michael Sale, the cop filmed being beaten. He’s a normal guy that really takes pride in being an officer. We went through BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) together at our local community college. His recorded attacks were with 2 different small  town N.C. departments. He’s recovering at home and wants to get back to work ASAP. It’s imperative that Trump is re-elected.


Dear Censored,

I live in Ottawa. I heard nothing about this story until i read it in the Daily Mail. I google searched with every key word imaginable and zilch. Imagine if a white person verbally assaulted, made kung fu kicks and Chinese noises at the store clerk?? Especially about not wearing a mask. Oh my god…it would be everywhere. The only reason i know this is Ottawa is because of how impeccably kept the store is and the black lady yelled something about “Ottawa’s last judge” near the end of the video.


Dear Censored,

Maybe the gayest shirt ever


Dear Censored,

greetings from the woke gulag of locked-down melbourne, Australia  

Stumbled upon this article showing that Karens are actually a race of small south east asians fleeing from Myanmar. The Karen people from Myanmar even have their own language which is also called Karen.(do you think Myanmar might now be the birthplace of an effort to eradicate Karens globally?)
I discovered the Karen people can also predict or possibly partially exist in the future as they recently celebrated the 2755 New Year.Over the years our government has shipped many of these Karens to a regional area of Victoria named Bendigo. Enough Karen refugees are now settled in Bendigo that the Karen language was the second most commonly spoken language in that area in 2016.
So there you go, Australia is home to the hunted Karen race. Who knew?
lick you more than a fiend


Dear Censored,

n your segment about the golf bag, you mentioned the driving range had a golf simulator. I have one of these in my man cave. There is a whole subculture of people with different setups for their house or garage here

This is my budget setup:

  • impact screen (~$500). This doubles as my movie screen 11’5″ X 8′. The one I have is from par2pro .  This guy can custom make the screen size to fit your needs.  Also can cut the pipes for the screen frame. I’ve hit probably over 10,000 balls into this thing…zero signs of screen damage other than the occasional dirty ball mark.
  • skytrack launch monitor ($2k)
  • gaming PC. (~$800)
  • Short Throw Projector. I have the benq 2150 $900
  • and range mats. there are tons of options and sizes. The two I have in the photo cost $300 all together.

You can get pre built setups…but those get expensive quick, and not as fun as making your own set up. Might be a fun project for you and the kids.
BTW: that other user beat me to the Bud bag…if that falls through give me a holler.  I have a buddy who might sell his.
Like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

That is a red Count Dankula shirt that Jew is wearing in GOML Live #71 at minute 28.

Adds a nice little twist.

Love always,


Dear Censored,

Love the show and the rest of your content. Here’s a funny photo for you. Enjoy!

-Dan Q.

Dear Censored,

Hey Gavin and Ryan, this is allegedly a video of John Podesta torturing a child. You can’t see anything but if you compare the voice to any video of him talking, I think it really sounds like him, he has a very distinctive voice.


Dear Censored,

A black guy on youtube is openly planning a mass shooting against white neighborhoods. He’s motivated by TYT conspiracy theories about Proud Boys.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

There’s a group of viral pranksters known as the NELK boys; President Trump brought them  on stage today at his rally. after being kicked out of a Trump rally (18:57) a month ago. I can gaurun-fuckin-tee the liberal mob will come after them very soon. They would be by far the best addition to the island of misfit toy’s when they inevitably get cancelled. They’re all in their early 20’s (some from Canada) and I fear they may be one of the last examples of hooliganism to young men allowed on youtube.


Dear Censored,

Adults dressing as children’s tv show character. yuck


Dear Censored,

I stumbled on this from a year ago. Hunter’s interview snippets are golden.


Dear Censored,

Howdy G Dog! Howdy mediocre homosexual that does funny voices! Check out this DEVO video from 43 years ago and tell me they’re NOT prophets of ‘mask culture.’ I’ve loved this song “Jocko Homo” (and D.E.V.O) for decades but never found the urge to see the video until tonight. SPOOOOKAAAY!  It even includes a “Chinaman” reference and it’s sorta Lee Bowry-esque on a tight budget. Cheers.


Dear Censored,

Thought this was pretty entertaining and something you might like.

Starts at 2:01 to get the idea of whats happening but the juice starts at 2:29.

Funny thing is Nick Cummins has been blasted in the local media for going to hard, to the point they have tried to make him out as a women beater that should of let her knock him out, whilst there has been nothing but praises for “how strong Sabrina or what ever the fuck her name is ” has been for being so brave and so strong for choosing to take on a man.

I wanna truck you with my wheels on,



Dear Censored,

I literally live in the belly of the beast right now in West Philly. My local neighborhood is an isolated pocket in Cobbs Creek and our local pharmacies have been looted. A bunch of residents now can’t get their prescriptions refilled and the community is out of local nessassary goods. They got the liquor store (assuming they stole all the Hennessey) and vandalized and destroyed many black owned businesses. Supposdly the cops were ordered not to arrest anyone last night and only to disperse the rioters. Must be the work of that shiitt portland police Commissioner we have now. There’s a report of people gathering about 5 blocks from me again currently. Sorry for typos im a little drunk, but got my dog and rifle by my side if shit gets hairy. I wanna fuck you with my new sunheels on


Dear Censored,

Hunter latest must see

Dear Censored,

Last night at the Trump rally in Omaha, Trump said, “Proud of your boys.” I thought it might make a good video drop. Check this link and start it at about 30:15. 

– Pat

Dear Censored,

This song from the greatest band in the history of the human race should be Trumps celebratory song when he wins the election by a landslide in one week. 


Dear Censored,

Great campaign video you’d enjoy from 2016, sadly they didn’t win


Dear Censored,

Didn’t know if you had seen this. It’s a funny parody video of Biden/Weekend at Bernie’s. If you have seen it, don’t worry about this…..and pretend I never existed.

Hope you and your families are well

Dear Censored,

Watching GOML on an 80’s TV

Maybe you don’t give a fuck but I think it’s cool. Watching GOML on an old school TV. May start recording you to VHS for future generations.


Dear Censored,

A first ever…three subsequent video drops in one fucking clip. All of these would be perfect for the show. The drop starts at 3:45. 
One love nigga,


Dear Censored,

They’re not even pretending anymore.
Oregon Official Dressed as Clown Provides Updates on COVID-19 Cases and Deaths


Dear Censored,

In S03E30 – FINAL DESTINATION you mention how movies are interchanging female or black actors in remakes of old movies. Something I notice is the lack of diversity in roles playing Nazi’s. They only cast white actors in these roles, which sounds kinda racist to me. It’s 2020 and this is unacceptable in today’s age. Let’s be anti-racist and get more BIPOC people cast as Nazi’s!


Dear Censored,

Check this article out. It’s discussing a piece of legislation introduced in Scotland that could result in people being prosecuted for “hate speech” within their own homes.
Fuck you, Ryan.


Dear Censored,

I just got told an idea for a movie I thought I’d throw to you.

Premise: Have illegal aliens hunt down sexual predators in order to win citizenship.

You could call it AvP: Aliens Vs. Predators. It might actually be better than the original movie of the same name.


Dear Censored,

unpopular opinion. Hamms beer is better than Bud and more American


Dear Gavin and Faggot,

I was touched by your failed attempt of acquiring the highly sought after vintage red leather Budweiser golf bag. After a long, adderall-fueled night of combing the web, I found not one, but a few for sale throughout the country via FB marketplace.  Naturally, I pursued the best available; mint condition, used only a few times- I think this one even has a Budweiser glove and golf towel.  Anyway, it’s yours. I would consider it an honor to help restore your gleeful fantasies of gloating at the range. All joking aside, you‘ve been very influential. Not only did you help red-pill me, you helped turn my once working baby mama into my wife and a stay-at-home mother to our 3 children. This is the very least I can do. Please keep up the fight!I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

My wife is in the middle of a course on “Biblical Womanhood” at church. During Thursday’s lecture they quoted Gavin directly on the nobility of women choosing to be housewives. 
She was so excited that she recorded the segment on her phone and sent me the clip (see attached movie).  

1) 54 seconds in you can literally see her soul leave her body after admitting she is not married, has no children, and “works literally all the time”. 

2) The church has now CENSORED the clip from their website. Here is the full video.  The quote should have been at 37:38 of the lecture, but it’s been cut entirely out. 

I like you more than I friend,

-Ryan & Trina

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