Dear Censored,

Hello. West Virginia and Virginia are different states. We have a fucking John Denver song asshole. 
Some fun history, West Virginia coal miners attempting to unionize got into a full on war with the state and federal government who were backing up the coal companies. The miners occupied several towns and high defensive positions. The feds used military airplanes from world War one to drop bombs and mustard gas on them. 
I like you more than a buddy guy. 


Battle of Blair Mountain – Wikipedia

Dear Censored,

Can you tell which one is jabba?

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I can’t believe this is even in question.This is a clip from the JRE show completely debunking dinosaurs never existed and goes over the timeline in which they were discovered and existed.
About a minute 30 in they start really tearing into this.Blah blah blah a bunch of shit you wouldn’t read even if I wrote it. P.Syou guys should go tour a Budweiser factory, it’s fucking awesome and you get the freshest Budweiser at the end of the tour.


Dear Censored,

Ignore the fact that you don’t actually wear gloves during a tilt and kids wear a full cage until junior level making this ‘lesson’ pointless… But just for fun check out the 2 in the yellow jerseys. The Poor kid is taking a beating and continues to get back up. Respect. 


Dear Censored,

Time stamp at 36:01 – presents the argument that God formed the earth from other materials from other earths and dinosaurs perhaps originated from those worlds and not ours. 
Who knows, maybe Ryan isn’t all retarded.


Dear Censored,

 Ryan if you are interested in how dinosaurs and the Bible fit together watch this series by Kent Hovind. It’s long but well worth it. 

Dear Censored,

Look at board /pol/ for the location of most Q related posts on 4chan, though you’ll see some on /b/. 4chan is consistently in the top five most visited websites in the world each year so more people see threads there than you think. Look through the archives of threads on POL and you can search through them for what you’re looking for.

Most people read these threads daily intermittently.

Hope this helps.


Dear Censored,

Hi Gav and lord of the fag zone,On yesterdays episode a lot of people called in about the Dinosour/ Creation debate. Have you ever heard of Hugh Ross. He talks about how new scientific discoveries point you to God and has made a model that is in the middle between evolution and Creation. He is of the thought that human death is what came into the world from sin which means he thinks that there was a lot of animal death like evolutionists claim but also mentions that we don’t come from monkeys. He is an astronomer and has been investigating the topic for around 30 years. He has debated young earth creationist like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind and several atheists and I think, has won. He is part of the intelligent design movement and if you are not aware of it, should look it up. This movement is very strong and is headed by Stephen Meyers who is also another fascinating and intelligent scientist. They completely destroy Darwin’s model and do it with science. If you get a chance please mention it on the show so people see that there are other models not just evolution and creation.


Hugh Ross

Stephen Meyers

Dear Censored,

About this evolution jag from yesterday.
Just finished “Kingdom of Speech” by Tom Wolfe (he wrote Bonfire of the Vanities, etc.)
What a brilliant little book.  The guy brings alive the staid history of Darwinism, then guides us to something I never heard before, that the Achilles heel of the theory of evolution is the absence of any evidence for the evolution of speech.
Wolfe then captivatingly describes the rise of Noam Chomsky in the 50’s to become an untouchable Darwin-like figure in linguistics for the past 50 years for having “discovered” an evolved “language organ” that forms the basis of all speech.
Then along comes an upstart linguist/Christian missionary who spent 30 years living with a piss ant Amazonian tribe, making a discovery that shot a cannon ball through Chomsky’s theory that has left the intellectual elite in an impotent rage ever since.  
The guy’s name is Dan Everett, and he wrote a book describing how this little tribe’s simple language violated all tenets of Chomsky’s theory.  For instance they have no words for–or even a conception of–past or future, nor for measures or estimates of time or quantity.   

In other words, their language never evolved from anything.  It’s a mere artifact created to serve their immediate needs and nothing more.    
Chomsky and his ass kissers, hard as they tried, could never take Everett down, so they instead banished him from the academy, but not without first having to admit the biggest flaw in the theory of evolution:  that there remains absolutely no evidence for the evolution of speech, which is only the physical trait that most separates us from all animals.


Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

You can just tell this bitch thinks she is hot shit and has been brainwashed in to thinking every man that looks in her direction is out to rape her. I’m sure her Instagram is full of ACAB posts but still threatens to call the cops when she needs them. The look on her face when she realizes how dumb she is, it’s just priceless. It is on Twitter, but I believe Ryan can access it. 


Dear Censored,

Would you take a look at this shit… Amazing! (JLPstyle…)

Ps. Tell the gook faggot he need to get an adult haircut, instead of that murder-raped puddle his “rocking” now…

And i love you both more to fuck your friend with my heels on, or the saying is in the U.S of America


– Scandihooligan

Dear Censored,

As soon as Ryan started talking about dinosaurs’ existence yesterday, I checked the comments and sure enough there were a number of comments about how Ryan must be listening to Owen Benjamin. Owen has been on a current rant about the existence of dinosaurs which adds to his theories on flat earth, Antarctica, space exploration, Helen Keller, etc. 
Be careful Ryan, don’t let Owen MK Ultra you into being his tech guy. Which, funny enough, Owen says he can mind control people. He talks about it in this clip that was taken from his Instagram:
In this clip, Owen says he learned the mind control skill from his dad who was in media. It may sound like some B.S. but have you seen the bears that follow Owen on Instagram? Talk about licking balls, geez. 
Owen claims he does not have a cult but when he brought up that he could possibly convince his wife into polygamy that’s one point where the cult claims seemed true. In the YouTube clip I sent you above, he says he could never buy into polygamy. He loves his wife too much and even though polygamy, to him, is not all about sex, he just couldn’t do it. Then he changed his mind. I can’t find that Instagram post unless I spend hours rummaging through post after Instagram post. But! Some of the seemingly follow along bears of his addressed his polygamy desires in a Reddit post:, he has fakes in the bear bunch that don’t buy all his narcissistic cocksure claims. There’s some that even think Owen is projecting his butthurtness (yes, I made that word up) not only from Hollywood hurting his feelings but from his butt being hurt from Hollywood’s unkind acts (you know what I mean). Owen has taken his gayness so far that he is larping as a king by being called BB (Big Bear) when he is only a court jester in his desire to build a kingdom called Beartaria. What’s funny is I have been following this journey of his for a while and it’s the so-called bears that convinced him that all this was possible in the first place. They play along with his act and encourage him.Here is his vision of Beartaria: 

There are good things that have come out of the whole charade such as people caring more about family and growing their own food. He has bears all over the country. He has posted their meet-ups. 
The big picture I see is how can you follow one man thinking he has knowledge on so many subjects just because he is tall? He likes to bring up his 6’8” height a lot. He is a master of none (except maybe comedy) and a freak of nature. He needed something to keep him going and bring in income after he was banned for having a problem with trans kids. He was right about the trans kids but this just goes to show that the banning can create someone even more powerful. Owen is like his “enemies”. He doesn’t like to debate or have people disagree very much or he will ban them. That leaves no room for constructive criticism and breaking barriers to move forward. How can we evolve as people if we think everything is a farce (e.g. earth shape, dinosaurs, etc) and we go backwards to doing only basics? Is he the one that’s really stunting people’s growth? Let’s do basics and dream. 

Seems to me Owen has it real easy right now. His wife is easy to deal with because she stays home with her kids and gets to live in the country and run across prairies if she wants. His kids are small and haven’t attempted to be asshole teenagers yet. He doesn’t let anyone close to him that disagrees with what he says. But someday he might build that Beartaria with the help of his bears and the infiltrators may take advantage of the saying: “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Just because Owen calls Joe Rogan Toe Rogan because of his height doesn’t mean that there isn’t a name being brewed for the tall man bear that was eventually defeated. Owen may just be the catalyst so someone else can take over. Owen, why would you want a bigger kingdom than the one you have with just your wife and kids now? Quit while you’ve already won. 
And Ryan, it may seem to some that Gavin is bullying you and giving you too much shit sometimes, but I think he is trying to teach you things because he cares. Otherwise he would ignore you and not care about anything you do if he didn’t want to help you out. Yeah, the gay jokes can be a bit much sometimes but don’t ever just be gay because you have to own their jokes. Be stronger than that. 

– Heather from Southern California not L.A.By the way, don’t ever move here. In fact, I’ll address that in another e-mail. 

Dear Censored,

 came across this video a while ago and I thought it perfectly reflects the lack of parental supervision for a lot of black children. This grown man had no idea how to do this thing that is so trivial (yet vital) for all of these years.


Dear Censored,

I think Ryan should look into “Young Earth Creationism” – it could be right up his alley.  On Tuesday’s show Ryan mentioned he didn’t like the idea of dinosaurs because it wasn’t very biblical.  I think his heart is in the right place, but only when it comes to evolution, archaeologists/geologists’ dating methods, and the theory that the earth is billions of years old – not when it comes to if dinosaurs existed or not.
I should probably note that I have a stable job, am the sole breadwinner to my family of 5 kids, and have an engineering degree, so there are some people in this world that consider me to be “not a complete retard”.  I have adopted the worldview of young earth creationism.  I’ll teach my kids both the young earth/biblical stuff and the old earth/evolution stuff, and tell them what I believe to be true.
There’s a lot more to it than this, but essentially it boils down to: dinosaurs were real, they are described in the Bible as the “Leviathan” and the “Behemoth”.  “Dinosaur” isn’t in the bible because the word didn’t exist until 1841.  In the times of antiquity, they were described as dragons, and this is why there are dragon “myths” (as well as worldwide flood “myths”) in every society from England to China.  Also, evolution is bullshit, Darwin was retarded and didn’t even know what a cell was and how complex it was – he thinks a single cell just sprung from mud, which is impossible – a single basic cell is more complex that a 747, so the chances of it orginzing itself randomly – even with billions of years and millions of planets in the universe – is statistically impossible.  Darwin also thought black people were closer to monkeys than white people and less evolved.  So basically if you believe everything Darwin says, then you believe black people are less evolved than whites.  **Please note – natural selection is real, evolution is not.  2 very different things. Evolution assumes that every million years or so a new genetic mutation is formed, giving an organism gills or fins, or maybe x-men like superpowers.  If you look around you and think the human race is evolving – and I’m not talking about technology or modern plumbing or electricity or the combustion engine – the actual human race itself, I think you should think again.
Ryan here are some links if you want to learn more.  Shoot me an email if you ever have any questions

-A.J. (this one is a little on the sketchy side but I’m still into it)

Dear Censored,

When Ryan proclaimed that his goal was to be a “pressure washer”, it explained everything. ‎When I was S years old. I wanted to be a “Fire Engine”. I can only assume that Ryan’s daily watching & singing along with Barney the dinosaur would leave him with questions as to how this plush-toy creature could become fossilized. 
Let me assure you, that here in Alberta, Canada.. where our business is that of recycling dinosaurs, we have been digging &  pumping a non-stop stream of evidence from way b4 you were even in liquid form.
Gav,           How you put up with it ‎on a daily basis is beyond me.
Thank you for your service.


Dear Censored,

There is a rapper who raps about the shit woke culture and how trash the black lives matter movement is. His name is Tom McDonald. I don’t usually like rappers but this is funny as shit. This is no lives matter just listen till 1:40  he has a couple other funny ones called People so stupid and Fake woke.


Dear Censored,

Check out this Dhar Mann style “skit”. They have a whole catalogue of click bait videos with unbelievable plots and horrible actors. What’s worse is the amount of views and likes these get. The comments are super cringey as well.
This one I linked is about a RACIST cop pulling over a black guy for apparently no reason at all and realizing he is the police chief. Really sticking it to those racists huh?


Dear Censored,

Please, for the love of God, make Ryan do a detective shitty show where he wastes our fucking time “looking into” things.

Here is a list of things he could look into after he finishes dinosaurs:

  • Worms
  • Rocks
  • Water

If you do move, I’ll buy a house nearby, not to ever see you, just because I’m looking for the same values and want to just cheat off someones homework. 


Dear Censored,

God is awesome. here is a scientist on wale evolution on youtube last night


Dear Censored,

I just seen a bunch of YouTube videos talking about Bee Vang (co-star in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino) and how he is trying to cancel the movie now because he’s “offended” by all the insults in the film. Just wanted to get your hot take on it.
Also, what if Ryan grew up to “cancel” you even more (even though you’ve been cancelled to extremity already) haha 

– Lance 

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