Dear Censored,

Also…the Hunter Biden sex tapes dropped…

you are welcome


Dear Censored,

Resistance is fashion


Dear Censored,

Check out this video of a guy in a Burger King hat freaking out on an airplane. My favourite part is when the stewardess off camera breaks and swears at the guy. Its a good freakout.

Peace out les boys,


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I saw this guy on Tim Pool.  I know you are not a huge fan of Tim, but check this out.  This dude is some sort of facebook whistleblower, and he mentions that facebook views Gavin Mcinnes to be as dangerous as Hitler.Start the vid at 16:30


Dear Censored,

You fuckers should dedicate a section, maybe a green drop, to these disturbing news about loans, tuition, and mortgages for slaves’ descendants.
I saw your post on the free tuition here:
There is also:
…and many more. This paints a very morose picture. A crisis will definitely follow, but the size of it may be unprecedented. I don’t think Trump will be able, or even willing, to stop any of it, now that he is onboard with the “systemic racism” narrative. It may be hard to talk about an impeding economic crisis unless you are a mathematician or an economist, but this looks trivial.

Please, stop fixing your hair every two minutes. Oh, and I had an idea for the show. I think it would be grand if Ryan one day goes postal on you for all your screaming at him, and just beats the shit out of you, and then takes over for the rest of the episode. And if you guys do this live this may be the best episode ever. I don’t mean harm for either of you, so just script it and rehearse a little.

Please don’t bother answering every one of my emails; your time is precious to all of us.


Dear Censored,

I am a California wildland firefighter and as you can imagine, I haven’t been able to stay up to date on the episodes.  However, I don’t ever miss an ep and I am still behind, so forgive me if these topics have already been addressed. 

A few years back, my mom brought me an 80 billion dollar note from Zimbabwe, so I am not as Zimbabwe rich as you.  Something I noticed about the note is that it has a fucking expiration date!  That shit made me laugh my balls off. Maybe you should check to see if yours has one too.

Finally, I want to address the fact that you thought that Eagles and Hawks are scavengers.  No, you Canadian Gaylord, they are in fact insanely brutal predators.  Haven’t you seen the viral video of the Golden Eagle grabbing a mountain goat and dragging it down a cliff? Start at 5 minutes.  They have also been seen going after bears and other crazy shit.


Dear Censored,

E. Jean Carroll nutjob interview

Here are a few choice selections:
“Welcome to the Mouse House” has been handpainted on the front of the cabin – a reference to the mice frequently dragged in by Carroll’s cat, which goes by the name of Vagina T Fireballs.

Inside, the turquoise walls are hung with fading photographs of Carroll, in her prom dress and with her pet goat, Pan, as well as deer skulls and yards of bookshelves

Why is the phrase “Burn, baby, burn” scrawled on the door of the microwave? Why are there six sunhats hanging above the kitchen sink?

Carroll says her own experience of abuse started very young. She thinks she must have been three when the babysitter’s boyfriend pulled off her pyjama bottoms at bedtime and “fondled my guinea”. In her freshman year at university in Indiana, aged 17, she was held down at knifepoint by another student but managed to escape. In later life, she alleges that Les Moonves, the disgraced former head of CBS news, went at her in an elevator “like an octopus” after she interviewed him for Esquire.

– Lance

Carroll’s shed, inscribed with ‘books, movies and dogs that inspired me’.

Dear Censored,

My first ban, of course it involved The Poor Boys


Dear Censored,

There’s a treasure trove of Trump Pizza Hut ads on YouTube.

Dear Censored,

Hey Gav the great and Cobra Ry.Hey I just wanted to share an angle that I’ve heard nobody talk about. It is very possible the Democrats actually want Biden to go down on this laptop. This way they can impeach him, happily, to put in Kamala Harris and possibly have Nancy Pelosi back her up what do you think?Did you see the proud boy dude behind Trump at his rally in Florida. My gut instinct almost immediately was what those guys were a plant of some sort. Planted to make Trump look racist of coarse. 


Dear Censored,

I copied below an email sent to every employee at my company. It comes directly from the CEO of Expensify. We distribute over a million cases of beer each month.

CEO urges client’s employees to vote Blue

We no longer use their services. Bye bye. Run to mommyLove the show. My wife is watching now and loves your parenting tips. 


From: David (DELETED)
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2020, 3:29 AM
Subject: [MARKETING] [Expensify] Protect democracy, vote for Biden.

I know you don’t want to hear this from me. And I guarantee I don’t want to say it. But we are facing an unprecedented attack on the foundations of democracy itself. If you are a US citizen, anything less than a vote for Biden is a vote against democracy.

That’s right, I’m saying a vote for Trump, a vote for a third-party candidate, or simply not voting at all — they’re all the same, and they all mean:

“I care more about my favorite issue than democracy. I believe Trump winning is more important than democracy. I am comfortable standing aside and allowing democracy to be methodically dismantled, in plain sight.”

If the polls are accurate, there’s a roughly 50% chance that you agree Trump needs to go. You know what to do: show up on November 3rd and vote for Biden. Or even better, don’t wait until then: vote today. Go to if you need help figuring out how.

The rest of this email is intended to address the concerns of those who disagree, and I’ll try to take the most likely questions in turn:

Q: Why do you care so much about democracy?

Democracy is core to our business success, in a variety of ways. Internally, we are a famously “flat” organization — nobody reports to anyone else, and advancement is the result of meeting well defined criteria as judged by the vote of those who have already advanced. How we compensate each other is left up to a team vote as well. Even our external business model depends on individual employees “electing” to adopt Expensify as individuals, and then “campaigning” internally to get it adopted companywide. At every layer, democracy is our core competitive advantage — both as a company, and as a nation. But that advantage is only as strong as the clarity of our rules and the fairness of their application. Any attempt to disrupt the rules or apply them unfairly is a direct threat to the strength of our company, and the strength of our nation.

Q: What gives you the right to tell me what to do?

The first amendment. To be clear, you don’t need to listen. But the first amendment exists to encourage people like you and me to find some way to talk about the issues that matter, set aside our differences, and find a common ground on which to collectively govern 331 million citizens. Yes democratic self-rule can be inconvenient. But a burden of democracy is that this is literally our job, so I’m asking all of us to take it seriously.

Q: But you’re a company, shouldn’t you remain neutral?

Expensify depends on a functioning society and economy; not many expense reports get filed during a civil war. As CEO of this business, it’s my job to plot a course through any storm — and all evidence suggests that another 4 (or as Trump has hinted — 8, or more?) years of Trump leadership will damage our democracy to such an extent, I’m obligated on behalf of shareholders to take any action I can to avoid it. I am confident our democracy (and Expensify) can survive a Biden presidency. I can’t say the same about Trump. It’s truly as simple as that.

Q: Don’t you think you’re… exaggerating a bit?

I truly wish I was. I wouldn’t be sending this email if this election were just about “normal issues” — taxes, legislative priorities, healthcare, etc. But it isn’t. This election is a referendum on what limits, if any, we place on our elected leaders to govern us in a fair and representative way. This election will decide if widespread voter suppression is an acceptable governing tactic.

Q: Doesn’t everyone suppress votes?

Not like Trump. This is the most heavily litigated election in history, with over 300 lawsuits rushing through the courts before election day. And in every case, Biden is pushing to enable voters while Trump is pushing to suppress them. The trend couldn’t be more clear: Biden wants democracy, Trump does not. A vote for Trump is to endorse voter suppression, it really is very basic. This isn’t about party politics: if Biden were advocating for half of the voter suppression that Trump is actively doing, then I’d be fighting against Biden, too. This is bigger than politics as usual: this is about the very foundation of our nation.

Q: Isn’t Trump just trying to prevent voter fraud?

Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent, as overwhelmingly shown by data showcased by the White House itself. That data comes from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank counting every single known case of voter fraud since 1948, which adds up to only 1,290 distinct votes over 78 years. In 2016 alone there were 138 million votes. There is just no credible argument that voter fraud is significant, even based on Trump’s own data.

Q: Isn’t Biden just using more widespread voting to get elected?

Absolutely. This is the heart of the issue. Biden believes that enabling more people to vote will help him win. Biden wins by promoting democracy; Trump wins by suppressing it. A vote for Biden is a vote for democracy.

Q: So what if Trump gets elected by voter suppression, all’s fair right?

Well that’s what we’re going to decide, on November 3rd. Do you want your elected official to win based on the merits of their ideas? Or based on the ruthlessness of their voter suppression? And if you’re ok with “just a little suppression” — where do you draw the line?

Q: Why send me this when the polls say Biden is going to win?

The polls said Trump was going to lose last time, and he didn’t. But even if the polls can be trusted, that might still not be enough. Trump has stated repeatedly he will only honor an election that he personally feels is fair. So much depending on his personal judgement is worrying, because he has rejected the overwhelming expert consensus that voter fraud has been negligible historically, and has also said he believes it would be impossible to lose a fair election. Accordingly, the only way to ensure a peaceful transition of power is to ensure this election is an overwhelming, undeniable landslide in favor of Biden. Any excuse to question the election is an opportunity for Trump to refuse to leave the White House, plunging this country into a Constitutional crisis bordering on civil war. No matter how slight that risk might be, the consequences of it happening would be so catastrophic to society and the economy, we need to do all we can to prevent it.

So one final plea. As a fellow citizen, I fully support and respect your Constitutional right to disagree — and as an avid supporter of democracy, I value that disagreement. Constructive, well-informed debate (hopefully using the most accurate, least biased news source available) is what makes this nation so exceptional.

But the Constitution is only as strong as the respect we give it. I’m asking you to cherish it close to your heart, and demand that those you elect do the same.

Founder and CEO of Expensify

PS: Agree or disagree? Reply to this email to share your thoughts with Concierge, or hit me up on Twitter @dbarrett to discuss!

PPS: Want to do even more? Support the National Popular Vote to make every vote count equally toward the presidential election, even if you aren’t in one of the 12 states deciding this election.

PPPS: Are you annoyed that you received this as a non-US citizen? If you’re lucky enough to live in a democracy, then I’d encourage you to protect it and be willing to do uncomfortable things — like emailing millions of customers — to defend it.Sent by: Expensify, Inc. – 548 Market St #61434 – San Francisco, CA 94103
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Dear Censored,

I wrote a book, sorry. 

Are there any good blogs or news articles left to read ? 
I did read your book and it was amazing, you’re the closest person whom I have been close enough to encounter with a like mind thinking. And what makes it more amazing is the Montreal connection.  In my life, it was god damn lonely, there is no one really that connected with my views for many years. Not until I was able to articulate myself better, sadly only after 30.  Reading about the punks brought back what I used to see in my young teens in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. You explained how they disappeared, which was nice, those punks were intimidating. But again a 14 year old girl, with no friends just walking up and down St Catherine to get solace from a shitty home life… It was better to observe the world around me, even though I did not understand.  Unfortunately my emotions and mental ailments ruined my 20s and only in my 30’s I got some clarity. When I think I found myself mentally free from this “new think” that’s going on, was when I found Milo, Alex Jones and ultimately YOU.  I think it was through Rebel Media, I loved the fire you had!  I didn’t have to be ashamed to disagree with these rotten terms “white supremacy”, “systemic racism” , “Jamee don’t say Arab man, it was just a man”…UGH!—–Back to your book, the september 11th when you were with blobs was just touching. I was in high school and the whole world stopped. It’s fascinating how every one accounts exactly what they were doing back then. 
For something good to read, it’s hard. Your book is the first book I read in 2020.  I want : 

  • Something that does not talk to you like you’re an idiot, 
  • Something that does not gaslight the reader.
  • Good context

For books, I find myself trying to find something pre-millennial and zoomer. As they all have the same “new speak” and I will throw the book across the room. I can’t stand it . (just kidding, i put it down and threw it out eventually).
I recently lost a friend due to the fact that I think white supremacy is BULLSHIT.  And if there is racism, it’s from personal bias and cultural upbringing… AND! it’s up to the individual to change their ways.  But as this year came around I opened the conversation and attempted to have a political argument, hoping to see that this shit doesnt matter and “were friends right”. Backfired, she distanced herself from me like I was a rag, and explained because I don’t denounce white supremacy and bla bla bla.
So, I ended the friendship and expressed that if this is what will tarnish a 9 year friendship for you, then i’ll end this relationship for us. Told her goodbye.  I told her I will not go on my knees and beg for forgiveness. I’m moving on.  What was interesting she was 17 and I was 26 when we met, our views were on par! Over the years, I organically grew into my own character. 
Upon reflection, moving forward, I will let the person first initiate their views and I will input mine. I don’t care anymore. Why must I BOW down to anyone in fear of hurting their feelings(unless you’re between the ages of 2-10 years of age, so the new generations emotional level is that of a child!!! HA)? 
Life is hard, and if we sit there victimizing ourselves, we will never grow further.  Life was hard, suck it up, get a job and build something. 
For trying to see the “left’s” point of view, I found this article,

This many bitch, makes me want to kill myself. It’s garbage. And what’s worse, how many idiots read it ! ! !  
I Can’t ! I was laughing, The rubbish these educated idiots write. And it kills me, because the radical left’s mind ranges from 13-60 years old (they don’t question the article or look further into it). I have one at work bashing Trump every time, and I won’t dare bring politics to work! I attempted to have a political debate with my friend, but that ended a 9 year relationship. Which is fine, next. 
 But, it is so hard to connect with people. Luckily i have My boyfriend Ziggy who is 49, level headed. We both watch you most days.
He helped me pull my head out of my ass, first time in my life I was comfortable sexually(and that’s another thing! You were wayyy out there) . We’re having a creature but what a terrible time to be in. Schools are indoctrinating the children like they are delicate flowers, I even remember the lame ass speeches but didn’t buy it. My generation suuuucks, the men are pussies.  But like I said, i’m grateful to have Zig. 
Lastly, Can you recommend me other new articles, sites or blogs? Can you also post the books you’ve been recommending all week? I’m craving a good read. 
If you read this, thanks for your time. Best wishes for you and your family. 


Dear Censored,

Excellent shows, guys.  I regularly laugh my ass off listening to GOML. Gavin, go a little easier on Ryan or he might jump ship Smile, which would be a big loss. Below, videos of angry women, all outraged that Trump signs exist in liberal Chapel Hill, North Carolina. (No men ever come up to me to yell.) Chapel Hill is normally a “no Trump” zone. Tired news by now, but first time I’ve experienced irate Triggered Snowflakes “in the wild.”

Keep up the great show!


Dear Censored,

I think he is getting shots of something because it wore off around
here. 22:04


Dear Censored,

c’mon man joe biden superhero like superman and ironman but c’mon man get it Beavis and Butthead comic

Dear Censored,

Downloaded The Doors album without Jim Morrison yeah I know madness but it’s actually very good sounds like early Rolling Stones but anyway look at the album covers on ITunes it’s not right 


Dear Censored,

Really Shitty Antifa Art


Dear Censored,

The problem with Coyotes and the left


Dear Censored,

This is another example of how women don’t know how to fall.


Dear Censored,

One of the dudes from our favorite band, Pentatonix, released a song about voting and it is hands down the gayest thing I’ve heard leading up to this election. 


Dear Censored,

You keep saying Biden didn’t call blacks super predators, which is technically accurate. But he did call them predators. See video below.

Thank you for your service,


Dear Censored,

In honor of Sleepy Joe’s gaffe, ya’ll need to check out the Aussie band called ‘The Poor Boys’. I think their look and sound is -frankly, pretty fitting for the Proud Boys, and MAGA in general. So enjoy. 
Wanna fuck you with my heels on.


Dear Censored,

Here is the logic 

Symptoms =Covid 
Covid = it’s your fault (you didn’t stay at home to rot with a mask on)
It’s your fault = you’re a bad person
Bad person= racist 

Symptoms= racist 

Like you said
2020 is an IQ test 


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