Dear Censored,

This tweet reminded me of this on-the-street interview you did a while back and made me chuckle. This woman is evidently a corporate attorney. 


Dear Censored,

   I was so hyped about hearing Biden say “poor boys” and how you spun it to the “Pour Boys” that I made a trashy shirt out of it last night. I hope I got his mumbled sentences right.


Dear Censored,

Gavin I must begin by sincerely thanking you. I am certain I speak on behalf of many sensible and open minded people when I say that you have altered a generations thought process in a very positive and life changing way with style and humour.It is difficult to express the level of gratitude that is deserved to you.
As an Australian with deep ties to Scotland and a love of the caledonian culture (which I beleive we share) along with a love of a good read. I wanted to bring up the work of Irvine Welsh who I am yet to hear you speak of.
His ability to transport the reader into the depths of Scottish culture and make you crave an Edinburgh pub is addictive as fuck. 
Every character in his books are somebody you know, have met, or even more troubling, someone you see in the mirror everyday.
Also the audible versions read by Tam Dean Burn are masterpieces and critical for the full accent experience.  
Such a fag for you mate! keep fighting the good fight and dealing those red pills.

Dear Censored,

#poorboys tweets

Dear Censored,

Have you guys heard anything (I’m pretty sure Ryan hasn’t) about Millie Weaver’s documentary on the shenanigans of the deep lefties? After watching Dinesh’s Trump Card and your interview with Amanda Milius it reminded me that Millie Had put out a really good video called Shadow Gate. It Mainly shows interviews of ex-government contractors (whistleblowing), pictures of documents, and news articles about how Social/Mainstream Media has been weaponized by our government, but now turned on us. She was suspiciously arrested the day it came out. She was indicted by a sealed grand jury for some bullshit family dispute. Apparently the video also caused her to lose her job at InfoWars because Alex thought it was critical of Roger Stone. After watching Shadow Gate it seemed more like she was pointing out that he was actually the victim of deep state.

Anyway I think it’s worth a watch! It’s free on her site and couldn’t hurt to get more word out about the shit that’s being done to our beloved country.

…Also if she really is fired from InfoWars maybe CensoredTV needs a hot smoke sho…I mean a very talented street reporter getting the scoops!

I like you guys more than a friend! keep it up!


Dear Censored,

Here is a link to a 60 second commercial that is finanally just guys being dudes, talking about pissing and looking at hot chicks. No bad ass chicks or idiot dads. Make America the 80’s again. like you more than a friend!


Dear Censored,

Weird socialist ads around NYC What the fuck.

Like you more than a friend.


Dear Censored,

Richard Maddow useful idiot. Skip to 4:10


Dear Censored,

 I’m a long time listener and a 25 year old Christian preacher. I am sure you know that there is a lot of talk floating around that we in the church believe that Donald Trump was chosen by God. I know it may sound hard to believe or quick to brush off but I wanted to quickly show you the case for that. Recently Roger Stone has been vocal about him leaving his “prodigal life” and being born again in Christ. Here he is recently speaking at a Church acknowledging Kim Clement(a Christian evangelist that prophesied Trump’s presidency and died shortly after the election) and his possible role in that: 
Time Stamp- 1:12:00 to 1:14:16 

If you are interested here is some of what he originally said about Donald Trump and the 2016 election and the inevitable impeachment. 

Thanks for your time, my wife and I pray for you and your company to succeed and that you may know the Lord Jesus Christ in the fullness of truth. Be blessed.

P.S. This video is a bit longer, so I know you won’t play it on your show or anything but if you guys ever want to watch and see just how much the Holy Spirit revealed to him about 9/11 in the 90s, 2020 and ACB. He obviously wasn’t right about everything he preached but we all make mistakes. This guy loved the Lord and met with Donald Trump right after Trump announced his candidacy and I believe 2020 will go to Trump(not without a fight) but I have no doubts. 


Dear Censored,

I’m a Canadian that almost exclusively pays attention to American politics, for obvious reasons. However, our cucky feminist prime minister Trudeau is making Canadian politics interesting. 
Don’t know if you’ve been following, but he’s been caught in four or five ethics scandals. His latest and greatest, the WE Charity Scandal, he tried to give $1 billion (~$47 US) to a company that has given $500,000 to his family. Even more interesting, Trudeau and the liberal party have shut down every parliamentary investigation into this scandal. 
Most recently, the liberals filibustered a finance committee meeting for 20 hours to prevent documents from being shared, then Trudeau threatened to call an election if the conservatives kept asking questions. 
Canada is pretty meaningless on the world stage, but it’s interesting to see this kind of blatant, public authoritarianism taking place without anyone actually caring. 

Dear Censored,

In response to James who called in on the last live show, RE:Being conservative and still listening to liberal Stern –

I’m a huge fan of the show, PB’s, and in general, believe in free speech and would still describe myself as left leaning. I did not vote for Trump. I’m open to conservative ideas and viewpoints and can separate comedy from serious intellectual debate. I hold many of the same core beliefs you do but disagree on others. Keep doing what you do – you’re fucking hilarious.

My girlfriend and I tell each other “I like your new sunglasses” constantly In our gayest voices. Gets a laugh every time.

All the best,
– James

Dear Censored,

The city I work for is planning to spend $40,000 to do diversity training from this group. You’re not going to believe the ridiculous shit in this article. I guess we are all white devils. No wonder Trump ended this type of racist training on a federal level.
A vid drop from Ace Ventura 2 “White Devil White Devil” might have many uses. 


Do White People Have a Right to Heal from Racism? – Soul Focused Group

Dear Censored,

So a couple weeks ago I got a 30 day ban for posting an article about biden and harris lying about opposing fracking. I said ‘Lying Jim Crow Joe and the village whore Kamala Harris are lying to the American peoples faces and the left is too retarded to figure it out.”
Two days later Ted Cruz threatened Jack and Mark with subpoenas and I was mysteriously unbanned on Facebook. 
They were supposed to appear yesterday in front of Congress but it was delayed. So this morning I wake up and I am banned again (this time facebook cited a post of the picture I attached from August 28th) on Facebook and my Twitter account has been suspended for “suspicious Activity”. 

The tech Censorship and election interference by Big tech is out of countrol.
I wanna fuck you with my heels on.



Dear Censored,

My wife and I have considered the question of local, professional money laundering for years now. Obviously, professional, national or international money laundering is a different animal, featuring off-shore accounts, shell corporations, and charities (like the Clinton Foundation). Ever wonder why professional athletes all have a charity named after them? Its a tax dump and a way to transfer money at a lower tax rate to family members. Now, as for local money laundering, real crime syndicates like the Italian or Russian mobs, or Mexican drug cartels use local “cash” businesses to transfer their money around. I’m from Chicago and lived in, and commuted through, West Englewood my entire childhood. Down 69th street between Western Ave. and the Dan Ryan expressway, a stretch of 3 miles, there are (or were) 36 Black, Baptist churches, 100% store fronts. In Mexican neighborhoods in the area, there are a preponderance of auto body shops (in which the cars never seem to go anywhere) and laundromats. And every bar that doesn’t have a bunch of Irish shit on the walls (and some that do) are owned by Italians. Likewise, every single dance club or strip club is either owned by Italians or Russians.These are all legit cash businesses where large sums of money walk in and out the door every day. You may scoff at a laundromat, but consider many laundromats offer subscription based wash and dry for reduced rates but still have cash availability, and most laundromats offer laundry service.  All you need to launder millions of dollars is a nice, friendly, old lady who runs the Machines all day and night for you. Drug money comes in, clean money comes out. If the government looks, you are just an upstanding entrepreneur with a legit business. Now, the way you dont pay any money on THAT money is through good accounting. The tax rate for a fledgling incorporated business is lower than your personal rate if you were to claim all that income. Furthermore, things like depreciation, operating loss, etc, allow the business to deduct massive amounts of income from the tax roll. Money laundered, money taxed at a lower rate. Finally, a trust could be established, or you could put your kids in the management structure of your llc, or you could start your own charity and put your kids on the board. Problem is, it is so convoluted, most people totally step on their own dicks and get caught. This is why people will pay 40% + to have their money laundered by a nice diamond merchant in a black hat. Probably not the best for reading on the show, but I hope I covered every angle and it one of my favorite topics. I could go on forever. This is a common “how to” conversation on long car rides with my Italian wife and kids. We also often have the “how to dispose of a body” convo on a regular basis…maybe I should be worried….
Yours truly, 


Dear Censored,

You guys are basically the only media i consume, however after viewing the last episode I’m starting to think nobody on “The Right” has actually been banned by big-tech. Instead, you two are just complete technological gobshites and can’t find the channels you’re looking for anymore.

Why is a Tile (remote key finder) the best birthday present for someone on the left?
So they can finally find the key key key 

Love your work


Dear Censored,

This is fucking skin crawling-KAREN HELL


Dear Censored,

Best advice you could give to any man looking for a loving woman, in meme form.


Dear Censored,

You are a good Salesman.


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