Dear Censored,

Greetings bromosexuals – regarding the burger king guy, he appears to be a schizophrenic who lives with his mom out west and grows lots of pot.  I stumbled on his youtube channel a while ago and you can tell from his videos that there is some mental illness going on.  I think he gets irritated and upset easily when he is off his meds.  The stress of flying, not taking his meds and him flying alone is probably made him crack in those videos.

Thought you would find it interesting to get a glimpse at the man behind the crown.  He sort of reminds me of the late Terry Davis, RIP.


Keep up the good work – thanks for reading my stuff on the mailbag, sometimes.

Dear Censored,

fter watching how to be a man it came to my attention that it has been copied 2 years after it was made
The move is called creep, a dying man hires a young man to film his final days as he is dying of cancer and he wishes to pass the film onto his unborn son
Link below 

Its actually an awesome thriller without any of the homo soul searching touchy feely shit as gave movie 
Heels, glasses 

-Dave B 

Dear Censored,

PBs are having an issue with proudboystoo,com trying to snipe the PROUD BOYS trademark:


Dear Censored,

check out this fat mulatto pass down his mental illness to his pathetic, white as the driven snow son. It’s jaw dropping.


Dear Censored,

Hi this is Ryan with a dad again. Here’s a fine example of a commercial with diversity. 


Dear Censored,

I remember you talking about pedos and saying that there is a difference between a 54 year old man with a 13 year old girl let’s say, and a 18 year old boy with a 15 year old girl. 
Now there is literally an episode on “Have a seat with Chris Hansen” like that, with a nervous 18 year old virgin boy trying to meet up with a 15 year old girl. It’s hard to watch. They literally ruined the poor kid’s life.And the sheriff from the department they’re doing these sting operations with is interviewed by Chris Hansen and calling the poor kid sick and depraved and this and that… the fucking guy is portrayed in the first episode as a “hero”, as he is marching with Black Lives Matter and being a complete treacherous little cuck. #fuckthepolice…’sboss

I’m not saying you should watch the episode right now (though it is pretty crazy to hear the boy cry and scream when the police jump him in the beginning) but it’s more the comments. They’re fucking gold. And the dislikes on the video just show how the majority don’t have a fucking problem with a highschool senior going out with a sophomore.


Dear Censored,

PB made it to South Park

Dear Censored,

heck this shit out:

Kid calls for his dad to be fired because he drove his cop car into that crowd of shitheads in Tacoma. Read that article and tell me your blood pressure didn’t rise.


Dear Censored,

Stumbled upon this and thought you’d enjoy it assuming you watched Married with Children or know who Ed O’neil is.  It’s a video about why Ed and the lady that played Marcie don’t like each other but from 3:13 to about 4:50 Ed talks about not being invited to Marcie’s real-life lesbian wedding.  4:36 might make for a good video drop too.


Dear Censored,

 think you were right about The Cure. Check out this vid. 


Dear Censored,

My theory as to why they cancelled those books is not because of “racism” or anything like that, but rather to protect their money, and ironically to avoid being cancelled. 

Dr. Seuss did draw some genuinely pretty racist stuff, not in his Children’s books, but rather his political cartoons. The Suess estate are the rich kids of Dr. Seuss who are rich not because of anything they have done, just by virtue of being the heirs of a talented person (there is a tangent here about the absurdity of copyright laws that allow you to have ownership of a life-saving drug that took millions to develop for 7 years, but your great-grandchildren can still be profiting from a book you wrote).

Anyway, not wanting to lose their Cash Cow, from potential woke-mob cancellation because of Dr. Suess’s past, the estate did a pre-emptive strike by cancelling 6 of the least-read Dr. Seuss books. They figured it would ingratiate them into wookedom and protect them from complete cancellation, so they can keep cashing in while doing nothing. Their sales have spiked. 

If they really cared about people not seeing these “racist” images they could have done nothing as these books were hardly ever read (I had read 4 of the 6 and I was the most intense Dr. Suess fan as a child). Now those books are going for hundreds of dollars, and thousands of people who never would have seen them, are seeing these “racist” pictures. 

Anyways, once again, this seems to be the case of lazy rich people trying to protect their wealth by passing it off as “wokeness”



Dear Censored,

A few episodes back you asked what was going on with Milo and how he had missed a couple of shows, turns out he was just becoming straight! 


Dear Censored,

Ryan I hear you have a problem with limes. Have you ever considered drinking lime-a-way. Maybe you don’t have a problem with limes because you are in fact a lemon.
I was wondering how much the rise in obesity in the U.S. is from immigration from the Third World and minority groups? My theory is people move here that don’t eat regularly. Then come here pig out and get fat.  Here is an article that breaks down Obesity rate by race. Utah is interesting to look at cause it is very white. When everyone is included it says Utah has an Obesity rate of 25-30%. When it is just whites It goes down to 20-25%. Which is closer to what you saw in the 60s across the country. you also see rate drop on the southeast cost and other places. This is just half baked theory cause I just looked at the graphs, and what the 60s Obesity rate was.


Dear Censored,

The other day I called up my member of parliament to express my displeasure with the lockdowns in Canada.
I asked why more conservatives aren’t standing up to the lockdown narrative and why they aren’t in favour of Canadians making their own decisions with their own health. He immediately mocked me and said are you suggesting we get rid of all restrictions “like some kind of free for all?” I’m thinking, uhm yah Free. For. All. sounds pretty good to me.

I respond by saying well still be cautious with our elderly and vulnerable but other than that back to the way things were 13 months ago.
He goes I know you’re frustrated but the truth is most Canadians aren’t comfortable with loosening restrictions without a vaccine passport in place.

I said do you realize how many people have no interest whatsoever in getting the vaccine because they don’t trust the companies that made them, don’t need them, or have legitimate moral objections to how they were made? He goes well we won’t force anyone to take it but there’s consequences to your actions and if you choose to not take it you limit certain luxuries. I go how about religious people who object to using aborted babies to create the vaccine, they’re just gonna be treated like 2nd class human garbage? I said that’s coercion not consent. 
He then just said we’re out of time and thanks for calling. I’m writing because I don’t think many Canadians realize how close we are to vaccine passports which barre anyone who doesn’t get it from concerts, traveling, and other aspects of meaningful life. 
I like you more than a friend 


Dear Censored,

I’m watching the “Killed Cartoons” episode and I wanted to send you some simple hand drawn cartoons I’ve done myself for Owen Benjamin’s community of Bears.Hopefully you enjoy them for whatever they’re worth. At the end of the day, comedy will always be comedy. They can try to kill our cartoons but we’ll just create new ones of our own. Fuck these stupid fuckers in their dumb asses, yo. Never stop fighting!


Dear Censored,

Hi fags – the military is getting free transgender surgeries and the US taxpayers are going to foot the bill.  How long until we get to stop paying taxes for this foolish shit?  It was bad enough that I had to subsidize planned parenthood and dumb bitches abortions – but now I have to fund surgeries so mentally ill men can chop their dicks off?

Where does it end?


Dear Censored,

Thanks for constantly encouraging everyone to try new things and find something their interested in. I have never been artistic but painting always looked interesting. So this is what I’ve produced in the small time I started painting.
Thanks and fuck you ryan.


Dear Censored,

I hate to admit it, but you sorta alluded to it the other day: Key and Peele are the new Mr Show. Some absolutely great, absurdist sketch comedy.

Two of my favorites:

Ray Parker Jr. (these songs have only been heard by the highest level of Hollywood decision makers):

And the funk band. “Penecillin Trapdoor Laser Currency Beans.”

Dear Censored,

I am a woman raised in a lower middle class farm family who drives truck professionally now that my son is in college. The end of your episode titled “Respect Your Elders” brought tears to my eyes.  I moved to towns like Minneapolis, Denver,  NYC and Vancouver BC so I understand that all of my friends from those times are judgemental of my rural upbringing and of their values.  I have literally had to dump,  block, and erase friends because I can’t stand their ranting and scolding anymore. I have the few final hangers on, but I don’t even know if it’s worth it.  
The people who mean the most to me today are my family and my childhood friends who grew up with the same values as me…. and the trucking community also.  We are America loving and God fearing people.  (By God fearing I actually mean God respecting.)
Thank you for your reverence for the previous generations and for middle America.  The spoiled rotteness of the upper class coastal liberal is sickening. You are spotlighting that perfectly. 
I also know how you feel about women in the workforce, but I drive semis over the road and I’m 43 with a 22 year old getting his CPA at a university in MN so I’m looking forward to being a grandmother. Here is a YouTube interview of me and its just a real look at working class americans who aren’t concerned about gender pronouns. 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Your movie idea just described the Outer Limits episode “The Sentence” starring Niles from Frasier.  Great premise but its been done

Similarly a recommended on the theme is a Spanish movie from last year called The Platform


Dear Censored,

I have been wanting these headphones for awhile, I have some Lucids that are blue tooth and about $100, but for the price of the China-Nike’s you bought you could have the best headphones.

Also, please check out West Michigan for places to move.
and a good book for moving in these times is Strategic Relocation

One last thing…
The hotdog thing with Cuomo… do you REALLY think that her eating “all” the hotdog was the perverted part? Mr. nipple rings? Or do you think he had his security or assistant pay some hobo to shove it up his ass first? Does Gov. Cuomo seem like the “American Psycho” type to you? I’ve neither read, nor seen the movie of said book, but have been told of the part with the urinal mint…
Love you guys! seriously, check out West MI!


Dear Censored,

On the Faith no more interview, the interview is a lefty loonie! Sent a video, watch the first minute or so. He’s so cringe!Without further to do,


Dear Censored,



Dear Censored,

Here’s a compilation you might find entertaining for a My Pet Biden segment or something. You may have showed a few of the clips on the show already but there are alot I compiled together. Enjoy!

– Josh 

Dear Censored,

During that gay interview with Oprah and Meaghan Markle, Oprah did her best impression of the Tim Robinson ‘…whaaat’ drop that you use on the show.
Check this out, at the 1 min mark:


Dear Censored,

Gavin and occupier of the fag zone, on Monday night’s episode S03E82 “Respect Your Elders” you said Denzel Washington when you meant Morgan Freeman playing God in Jim Carreys “Bruce Almighty” at 22:35.


Dear Censored,

My three month old son wakes up multiple times throughout the night, as one would expect, and only falls back asleep after being breastfed. Well tonight l, after five or six drinks I sang the “can you imagine of the races were reversed” song to my wife, with ages replacing races  and proceeded to paint a scenario wherein she divorces me and when people ask her why she left her husband she says something to the effect of “well he would wake up every half hour of so screaming and crying and the only way he would go back to sleep is if I put my titty in his mouth… It was exhausting. ‘ 
 Not sure if that concept is as funny to you as it is to me but I almost pissed myself laughing.. good times. Maybe it would be a good joke segment on the show if you showed a clip of a baby doing something and then reversed the ages with an adult. 


Dear Censored,

We, the audience, are Ben Affleck in this scene, and Ryan is Matt Damon – 1:49)
Hate you less than an enemy,Bob


Dear Censored,

I read the Lifesite news article about you.

Please go on US Grace Force or Patrick Coffin again or even Rules for Retrogrades or Matt Fradd. Those guys will support you. I like that Church Militant challenged you. You are very smart and you can be a great catholic faithful leader once the humility guides you. I knew you did things for attention. President Trump did too. Gets a reaction. Glad St Joseph is your saintly model. He didn’t say much. However he was lead. Some priest says it must have been hard living with two perfect people, as St Joseph did. But perfected people follow the Way which is an easy yoke, because Jesus carried his cross without complaint.

Anyway I will pray for you


Dear Censored,

Piers Morgan, England’s top journo has been effectively  cancelled by a major U.K. network. This goes to show how the mob will always have a reason to come after you, even if you preach for lockdown and throw Trump under the bus.
This is like Greg Kelly being fired from Good Day New York( I don’t know if he was, but he is doing great on Newsmax) , but ten times bigger! Cancel culture has arrived here in England. We’ve lost Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and now Piers Morgan from having top jobs in the MSM ranks. Who will be next, as the woke mob conduct their hostile takeover of big media in the U.K.?
My question to you is when do you think you will be big enough to buy Piers Morgan with an exclusive Censored.TV contract ?

– Hugh

Dear Censored,

I know some illegals, about 50 of them are working on my job site right now. They don’t give a flyin fuck about the China virus or OSHA rules on the job site. A few of them got kicked off the site today & I’m sure a few new ones will show up tomorrow to replace them. I’m not a bitch and would never call ICE on them but it does piss me off knowing poor rural Vermonters could be working those jobs. Pro tip for anyone tryin to get into a trade, make sure you get into a trade that requires some kind of license like welding, plumbing, electrical or HVAC because any un licensed trade will be completely overrun by illegals in the next ten years.


Dear Censored,

AR-15 song

Dear Censored,

I saw this video a while back and I thought you could add some good commentary to it (if you haven’t before.) I believe it serves as a good example of the lack of parental guidance for some black people. This poor guy didn’t know how to properly do one of the most basic of functions until now. Also, here’s another link to use as a possible “video drop.” Thanks.


Dear Censored,

Pop country is just pop with a country flavor. They take these kids from all over the country – LA, New York and other big cities and figure out how to milk the most money out of them. They write the songs, they produce the “music” just like pop, then they stick the pop star in there and tell them to pretend to be from the country, It’s Jews from New York writing about growing up in Kentucky, thats why it sounds like an alien. 
These guys are nerds but this podcast is crazy, it explains how all pop music is produced by the same 5 or 6 guys and the “artist” is just a sticker on the cover of their song to look at. They produce music like they would make wigets.


Dear Censored,

I’m 23 Long time fan first time writer. Just finished 6 year contract with army NG got a job doing hazardous tree removal for the power company and at one year in I injured my fuckin knee. Boss told me i could not see a specialist (orthopedic) because the company’s insurance rates would increase…..
Asking around to my coworkers this is a common practice at this company. A lot of these pussys just roll over and take it and choose to live with these fixable injuries.
[Brace yourself time for the gay part]
Gavin in some homoerotic way your a mentor of mine im not going to look back on my life and wish i got this taken care of when im unemployable and in a fucking wheelchair cause i cant walk. I hired an attorney today and when my boss opens his email tomorrow morning asking for insurance information i will get fired despite the backlash i will be brave and im never going to stop fighting these fucking scum bags Fuck them 
Stay nude faggots.


P.S. I have fucked an ocean of pussy in my time with the army but Its not that i want to fuck a tranny its more of an i have to kind of thing just once and its not gay because i dont want to i just have to weigh in on that for me       

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