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Dear Censored,

Texas offers free speech protections

Little hapa kid with the beanie explains


Dear Censored,

Ok, I was one of those people who thought it was crazy when people said if you allow gay marriage, then next people will want to legalize incest, but here we are. The New York Times writes about the advocates of true marriage equality, so welcome to a world where sick men raise their daughters to be their future wives.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Stumbled upon this garbage, the director also has a film about Karl Marx and Engels that only made 100k in the US box office.


Dear Censored,

his is a disturbing view into what happens when leftist groups (like feminists) are free to do what they want without question. Pure exploitation on those around them to supplement their lack of talent. God almost hit the reset button when this channel was formed


Dear Censored,

I have a theory that unfortunately challenges your views surrounding having children. It is a widely popular belief that having children shows that one is unselfish. However, does the first inkling of desire for children not come from a purely selfish place? For example, when someone wants a dog, it’s not because they are craving responsibility, it’s because they simply want to have one in their possession. The same goes for children. People want the child for themselves, either to fulfill themselves, or bring happiness to themselves. You can’t be concerned about the well being of someone that doesn’t yet exist. Therefore, wanting children is a purely selfish desire. Nothing wrong with that, but for the sake of brevity we should call it as such. Now I await your thoughts as I’m sure you will strongly disagree good sir.


Dear Censored,

With all these officer involved shootings & talk of racism lately, I figured you’d be interested in this essay I wrote after the death of George Floyd debunking systemic Racism in the US. It’s very long, but it has a lot of good information in it and I did a lot of research. I have also updated it since I wrote it to be in line with what’s happening more currently.
You don’t have to read this on air, but I really want you to check it out! I think you’d like it & maybe even learn a thing or two.
Thanks for doing what you do, please keep fighting! 

– Brandon

P.S. My Dad is a huge fan! I got him hooked on your show! 

Dear Censored,

I found some important life hacks that YOU NEED TO KNOW! Please watch at least one whole video. They’re all pretty short Instagram reels from the same guy.

Thanks for doing what you do! 

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I hate that I know about this and I don’t mean to correct you, but you need correcting.
The Maslow pyramid is placing importance from bottom up. The idea is that you can’t achieve self actualisation until you have the other needs met in order, from bottom to top. You need your basic needs (food, water, shelter) met before you can progress.

I sent you a FEMINISM stinger. Twice. Either you didn’t get it, in which case you missed out, or you did get it and you have poor taste.
All the best the UK.

I like your new heels.


Dear Censored, what happens when the races are reversed,


Dear Censored,

The following song gets me every time I hear it. I’m sure, to some, that it may be trite but it absolutely gets my tears flowing because it reminds me of my wonderful Dad. His parents emigrated from Ireland to Philadelphia and this song made him think of HIS dad. And he often gets a tear in his eye when hearing it. He’s 84 now and the nostalgia and loss seem heavier than ever. He’s the loveliest man I’ve ever known.
Pardon the horrendous colors and almost unreadable text. It’s not my video. It was just the only original version with lyrics.


(Extra one that also got him a little sniffly:

PS If you ever, for some godforsaken reason, find yourselves in Philadelphia, my brother still owns and operates the same family bar that my grandfather opened as a “candy store” (booze in the back) in 1929. You’re both always welcome. It hasn’t changed much in 92 years. The bar’s name is the same as my last name in this email address. 

Dear Censored,

I’m sending all of these screen shots of celebrities making fun of Trump during his roast because you can guess what they say (toupee, rich, asshole… the usual they USED to say about him) but look at how Comedy Central titles Trump who “TRIES” to “clap back”/ respond. That’s what’s infuriating (posted in 2020 on Facebook). They (the left/Comedy Central) obviously want to portray him as a fucking asshole and be “on the right side of history” but this is completely obvious to anyone with 12 brain cells to rub together. They want all of these celebrities who showed him respect to now act like they were standing up to racism and sexism. So, now they want to protect Hollywood and simultaneously shitting on Trump. I personally think Trump did pretty good. I know you’ve talked about his roast, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how they portray it on Facebook now that Trump has become Nazi Satan as I know you always say you don’t have access to Facebook.

P.S. I get so fucking unbelievably tired of Ryan taking so long to “pull shit up, Jamie”, however, what pisses me off the most is he doesn’t let the article stay up long enough or if there is a video you talk about, HE STILL DOES NOT SHOW THE WHOLE TITLE!!! I’ve heard Gavin say countless times “Show them the title so they can look it up on their own!” Please listen, Ryan!

Dear Censored,

A viewing of this similar to the fag makeup one would be pure gold… Please!


Dear Censored,

Look at this fat pic. She wants to “dismantle” Western civilization. Literally.

Best regards,


Dear Censored,

Hey Tojo and Hitler
On the Episode “Jimmy’s In Town”, you said that Tim Pool made a shitty excuse about you not being able to get on his show. I sent him a super chat on his live stream and he straight up DENIES IT!
01:37:00 is the time stamp when he reads my super chat.
if the link doesn’t work the episode is:

“Timcast IRL – Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control w/Jim Hanson”


Dear Censored,

Check out this link. This man did over 30 years in prison and has a great youtube channel. This clip is him broadcasting a protest in the small town he lives in.
Take it easy,


Dear Censored,

Pub with no beer

Cry to this one Bitch 
 RIP Slim dusty 


Dear Censored,

sharing in your hate and exasperation of robots and the stupid belief that they will do anything useful, check out this retarded piece of tarp that looks like a boner that apparently “could save your life”. 

Start at 0:35 to see this monster robot cock in dumbass action


Dear Censored,

Check out Next door’s (app) latest update


Dear Censored,

So many birds are after me mate (@0:45)


Dear Censored,

This is really well done, and you’ve never seen it.


Dear Censored,

Long time listener, first time subscriber.
Sorry, I am a cheap Scott like yourself (Born and raised in the beautiful bastion of Scottish culture known as Nova Scotia; 3rd gen glaswegian).

A few weeks ago you were asked via the mail bag who were the best, most assimilable immigrants these days, and the writer mentioned Thai pedicurists (hEs A fAaAag). I think it is Sihks.

I work for a large, well known Canadian brand that rhymes with Shmim Shmortons in a rural area that is rapidly changing. Since the Covid lockdowns began last year, and Justin Trudeau came up with the brilliant idea of expanding our Employment Insurance program so it would provide anyone who applied with $2000 dollars a month, I have seen fewer than LITERALLY 10 employment applications from Canadian citizens.

Subsequently, I have been hiring entirely Sihk, and Bangladeshi Canadian University Graduates who are here to pursue a Permanent Residency program offered in the Atlantic Provinces. They are awesome. They are hard working, intelligent, polite, and eager to learn/adapt to a rural, hoser culture.

This initially created a huge cognitive dissonance for me, as I am otherwise not too keen on seeing my rural culture change as fast as it it, but, rural Canadians have no reason to work if they are getting 2k a month for nothing.
Socialism strikes again.

Wondering what your opinion is on this Socialist/welfare driven form of societal change. Is a universal basic income being used by the Canadian Gov to change the working class?
I like you more than a friend.
P.s. Rice guy better hope that the new TriCaster fixes the lag.


Dear Censored,

This song will make you cry. It involves a father and son, love, gang rape, prison, and fighting. Enjoy.

Kenny Rogers, Coward of the County


Dear Censored,

To stick with the theme of women ruin everything, Ryan has been getting noticeably quieter and less opinionated on subjects of women lately.

He admitted it is because of his girlfriend.

It’s interesting that you brought up Benji Bronk the other day, because he went through something similar when he was dating a chick named Elisa Jordana (who was hot as fuck).  I haven’t listened to that shit radio show in years, but Benji was always one of my favorite people on the show, except for when he let that cunt neuter him.

Ryan, you are naturally gifted at impressions, you are funny and talented and charasmatic. You can have a successful career in a business that is very difficult to be successful in. Do not let a woman ruin it for you.

Gavin, make it mandatory for Ryan to tell us a story every day about fucking some chick and blowing a load in her face and gluing her eyelid shut with his jizz, stuff like that.  That’ll teach him for trying to be sensitive.


Dear Censored,

.For the record I would like to declare that I would undoubtadley ravish you with  your wellies on. After such time may I please  present this tasty morsel for your delectation?

This bitch is hilarious. Cassic  example of women going to riots with no fuckin clue what they are on about.
It’s on Unicorn Riots YouTube page which should be a green screen btw (Cumia mentioned it the other day) .He streams the Chauvin trial live and cuts to the riots during the down time in court. The interviews he gets at the riots are peak blm insanity gold dust. This is just one tiny example.


Timestamp    2.23.30  

Dear Censored,

I saw the 1916 Motorhead video sent in by a fan, wanted to share my video with you guys. I think I vaguely remember Gavin singing the “Doorman, let me in the door, spent all my money you ain’t gettin’ no more!” lineAnyway, Cheers


Dear Censored,

Tommy Robinson posted a clip of Gavin on telegram here:

I decided to take the opportunity and put the link on the replies but it was promptly erased. I’m hoping it was a ‘no links’ thing.
Also….guy farting in Costco’s intercom:


Dear Censored,

They’ve kept the shooter’s identity a secret as of now. The only reason I can muster is because they a minority. Article below mentions their girlfriend by name, Alexus Page. If she is in the one pictured, she’s black.
Also, if you don’t have time to read it all, bounce down to the second to last paragraph: 
“We’re gonna get justice for my baby,” said Page. “We’re gonna get justice for him. Most definitely.”

The fuck does she mean? Her boyfriend is innocent in having a weapon and shooting the cop? I can imagine the left wing media spin saying the only reason he had a gun in the first place was in case cops ever showed up at the school to kills all the black students.

These people are clowns. I feel everyday another joke becoming our reality.


Dear Censored,

In your phone recording of your fiery father, Jimmy said that the prince’s wife won’t become queen, but according to the BBC, that is not true. It says that a woman who is married to the king can be called queen but it is different for a man who marries into the throne and doesn’t inherit it:
Thought you might like to put him in his place on that one,


Dear Censored,

Greetings, I stumbled on a new subreddit that you will love.


Dear Censored,

I won’t waste your time just give this a listen.


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