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Dear Censored,

I dont know if you ever heard of the movie The Pawnbroker but it is about a holocaust survivor who takes on a puerto-rican apprentice to help him run his pawn shop. There is a scene where ryan’s cousin asks him why jews are successful and I think it has a pretty good answer (and brilliant acting).

Like you more than a friend


Dear Censored,

Have you seen this fucking bullshit? More woke liberal propaganda. They want to encourage people to invest in businesses only owned by people cause they are black and not cause it could be successful. Thought you might find it interesting is all. 


Dear Censored,

As Ryan is a special needs person of Asian decent, it would be fun to see a silly reenactment of the Platoon sceen when Charlie Sheen loses it on the mentally disabled Vietnamese kid. 
Gavin plays Charlie Sheen, Cumia plays John C McKinley and of course Ryan plays the mentally disabled Vietnamese person of color. Bonus points for anyone to play the elderly Vietnamese lady and extra credit it if it was Bobo or someone else ridiculous.
This would be fucking hilarious and please do it on the cheap for our amusement kind sirs. 

Love from Uruguay,

Dear Censored,

I recently saw this post from some Asian American celebrity on Instagram about collectively standing up against the rising hate crimes that their community experiences. A lot of the comments underneath it are from black people that apparently aren’t too eager participating in this, because they feel like they’ve been let down by them during the rampage last summer. At this point it makes me wonder how far all this insane tribalism will go and if the Asian American community will realize who perpetrates most of those currently increasing crimes against them – and if they do, are they going to hold the perp accountable or go on to resort to the usual white supremacy nonsense?
Please share your thoughts!
Your show is the absolute best and funniest thing ever and I admire your incredible resilience in the face of all this lunacy – never stop fighting!

I like you more than a friend,

Dear Censored,

I’m not sure if you care a whole lot, but this is what happened: 

– A young lady, Sarah Everard, was murdered in London by an off duty police officer. She was walking through a park on her own.  

– Initially, the narrative around this incident was “women are unsafe”, “men are toxic”, “sexual harrasment” etc. One politician even proposed a 6pm curfew for all men 

Curfew for men: Baroness Jones faces furious backlash for ‘flabbergasting’ proposal | Politics | News | Jones has faced more criticism for her proposal to force a 6pm curfew on men in light of the Sarah Everard case, with one woman caller slamming the Green Party peer during a

– A vigil was organised by some left wing groups. However, there are still a whole lot of bullshit covid restrictions which make peaceful protest/gatherings illegal.

– The vigil went ahead and the police violently broke it up. The optics were terrible. 

Sarah Everard vigil: What sparked the ugly scenes – and were the police tactics warranted? | UK News | Sky News5.45pm. A man walks on to the bandstand and says he wants to make a speech in front of the quiet crowd. He begins shouting angrily about the death of Sarah and coronavirus

– This all happened while the police were pushing through the new Police and Crime Bill. You said that there was nothing wrong with this bill, but unfortunately there IS a lot wrong with it. The UK is rapidly becoming a police state, and covid is being used as an excuse to control every aspect of our lives. The bill isn’t just about handling rioting, it also gives the police significant powers to break up peaceful protest. Boris Johnson is on an insane covid power trip, and making this country living hell. This bill is only going to make things worse. 

What is the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and how will it change protests? – BBC Newsimage captionSue Mountstevens, Avon and Somerset’s police and crime commissioner said the acts showed ‘reckless disregard’ of people’s lives and safety There have been violent clashes in Bristol …

– The Bristol riot was in response to this. I do not support the riot, but they were rioting for a good reason. However, I have little sympathy for the individuals involved. Most of them supported the lockdowns, which is the root of the problem in the 1st place. 

Best wishes, 


Dear Censored,

Recent email large 3 parts- at JPMorgan Chase about Asian Violence

To all 300k+ employees
More bullshit we have to get rammed down our throats


Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

This clip is probably too long to play on the show, but it explains perfectly the lies told about Biden’s stimulus bill.

Apologies if you’re already aware of this, but in the clip you played from those losers calling themselves ‘red wine and blue’ they talked about how the stimulus bill will help with child poverty and you didn’t immediately debunk this BS.


Dear Censored,

After Gavin mentioned how he’s been pickling himself with booze to prevent the kung-flu, I decided to use the power of autism to turn G-Dawg into a pickle. 
I’m also convinced that most of the people that call into the live shows are on a watchlist. Fuckin boners who are pulling lint out of their belly buttons while preaching about how bad the jews are. It’s exhausting listening to these morons. Don’t know how y’all do it. 
Can you guys get the ex-fag back into a studio? I miss bringing in a cooler full of Bud for the gang!
Thank you for your service!


Dear Censored,

This was a youtube ad from the government of BC. I found it hillarious that they are promoting being anti racist, while openly discriminating against anyone not a native.   
Almost as bad as my grand aunt in Glasgow waiting for a hip replacement while the Syrian refugee down the block got a new set of veneers on his teeth. 
You may enjoy looking at the authors of this shitty art. Reminded me of those gay covid songs that took 18 people to make. 

Like you more than a friend. Ps Ryan rocks. 


Dear Censored,

 Apparently the Department of Defense is holding safety stand-down lectures on political extremism. Surpris! Proud Boys are on the list. The real surprising thing was Antifa also made the list. DOD wide, Military and civil service employees are getting the same propaganda. The really super surprising thing is a powerpoint slide which featured the logos of these extremist groups. Among the logos were three logos from video games, the Kekistan Four Chan flag, Pepe Frog, Oath Keepers, the Boogaloo Boys, Odin’s rune for fallen Warriors, Black Panthers, the Celtic Cross, the Norse Valknot, the 131 Nationals Socialist logo, Shutzstaffel crap, the 3%er symbols, the American Special Operations Training Center Symbol (a DOD affiliate), the National Rebirth of Poland symbol, the Trident from the Ukraine Flag, a few texting symbols for genetalia, and the hand sign for the Japanese Fox God. I am beginning to believe one of two scenarios:      1: There are too many Boomers who don’t understand meme culture who are running the Department of Defense. When all you have is a hammer, everything must look like a nail. They are two wars behind everyone else.      2: Millenials and GenZ run the DOD and they are trolling the world the same way 4chan trolls got stupid feminists to piss and menstruate on themselves for protests. The same trolls got CNN primetime to announce peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches were racist.
I like you as a co-worker.


Dear Censored,

Here is a video I think you will enjoy of 2 crackheads fighting with brooms. The video gives me serious MIKEY vibes. The second link is a 12 sec edit of the original.

Dear Censored,

Are you aware of the infamous Grant Macdonald? He has written hundreds of homo erotic ballads of the highest quality. One of my favourites is Prince Harry ( Prince Harry – YouTube ).  As you can hear, he has an unrivalled prose and will be remembered as one of the greatest songwriters of his time. He’s also written a few dedicated to Gavin Newsom Suck That Cock Gavin – YouTube.
Enjoy mate


Dear Censored,

Hey Gav, I came across this video on Facebook this morning and found the YouTube link for you.  the acting is terrible. I just can’t decide if it’s the same or worse than a Dhar Mann video. Anyways, hit the like and subscwibe. 


Dear Censored,

 Sorry I didn’t send you this sooner but I figured someone else would have sent it by now or at least Detective Shitty but he’s slacking as usual playing his gaytar. You were right that the skit is from Mr. Show it’s called Blow Up The Moon and it does feature the same C.S. Lewis character from the video you played last episode. Here is the video. There’s two short songs one plays at 1:12 the other is at 2:43 but the whole skit is around 4 minutes so recommend just watching the whole thing. 


Dear Censored,

I can’t imagine the reaction when Katie Paris gets notifications on her phone that her YouTube channel was blowing up with views…and comments. She got more views from viewers than the very audience she is aiming for. And the comments…At the time of this e-mail, I don’t believe I read one from her audience. I attached a screengrab that says it all…Keep up the great work- keep me laughing, because laughter is the best medicine in life (except whiskey…beer…ok, I know it’s bad, but some really pure heroin can be a dream, minus the addiction and death).Uhuru!

-Eric D.

Dear Censored,

When I debate anyone from now on, I am going to start every sentence by saying, everyone knows.

Everyone knows knives kill 5 times more people than AR -15s

Everyone knows electric cars need coal fire plants to charge their batteries.

Everyone knows Ryan is not a heterosexual man and lives in the fag zone.

Everyone knows one pound of cannabis takes about 150 gallons of water to produce.

Everyone knows most mass murderers are black.

The more ridiculous sounding statistic, the better.

I know this is probably an actual ancient Chinese secret, but I want them to question their own garbage thoughts for once and take the authority back.

If they give you push back, you could even add in, LOOK IT UP to secure your position.


Dear Censored,

 recently listened to your episode when you talked about pregnant fighter pilots. I’m an E-6 in the Air Force and I’m happy to inform you that female pilots get removed from flying status while they are pregnant. Pregnant women are not allowed to deploy (for now) and if they get pregnant while in Theater they get sent home. I don’t think you were referring to pregnant women flying combat missions but that’s the image I had in my head and just wanted the listeners to know that it’s not a thing. At least for now. Who knows what will be allowed in the future since the left has sunk it’s woke claws on the military. Soon we will be one big gay hormonally confused fighting force. So glad I’m retiring soon. 
I attached a form that we now have to fill out when giving disciplinary paper work. I’m pretty sure asking this type of information breaks some sort of civil rights law. I guess the goal of this form is to ensure that evil white nationalist amongst our ranks aren’t targeting POCs when it comes to discipline. In my career field we hate writing paper work and even the most racist Sergeant would rather let it go than write a Letter of Reprimand. For the record I’ve met a lot of stupid NCOs but not one this is racist. I’ve been in for almost 20 years.  
Love the show and like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I watched this video today and it freaked me out about it so I check my mask with the camera on my phone the attached photos are from the mask they hand out at Walmart 


Dear Censored,

Proof that Bin Laden was just misunderstood

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