Dear Censored,

What the fuck is this? Can you explain it to me? Because I can’t handle these people and their illogical, hypocritical spin bullshit anymore. It literally makes my life unbearable, and I want to become a serial killer. Please send help.

Signed enthusiastically,


Dear Censored,

I was watching GOML a few weeks ago and you mentioned something about the Irish being the majority of whites in slave trades. Being part Scottish myself, I took some time to look into White Slavery to see where, or if, Scots fit into the picture. As it turns out, the early ancestors of the Scots and the Irish had been enslaved as early as the first century BC. Scots were even traded as slaves to the American Colonies as early as 1630 while the Africans had been there a mere ten years earlier. I had no idea about the pervasiveness of White Slavery during the founding years of America.

Why does our K-12 system ignore this important part of American history? Do us Scots get reparations too? When are people going to get over the fact that every nation at any point in history used slaves to build their republic, empire, or kingdom? The Scots never complained and instead created motherfucking ADAM SMITH and a bunch of other awesome people.

I don’t expect you to read through the article on the show, but if you have some extra time to read about White Slavery, this is a nice—albeit potentially one-sided—recap:

Hugs, kisses, and I love you both more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I was looking up alumni and professors from my alma mater on Wikipedia and found a marxist professor, Bill Ayers, who had founded Weather Underground (he retired and no longer works there). I did some research on them and found that they had been labeled as a domestic terrorist group by the FBI and had bombed numerous locations around the US in the 60s and 70s. They had also issued a declaration of war against the US.
Ayers ended up turning himself in but any charges were dropped because of illegal wiretapping… How on earth was this man allowed to teach education at a public university?
Another thing about this is that Bill Ayers was buddy buddy with Obama. He had hosted a meet and greet with Obama when he ran for senate. They also worked at the same charity event and organization when Obama was running for reelection in the Illinois state senate.
Talk about liberal privilege, more like marxist privilege


Dear Censored,

Went on a road trip with my wife this weekend. We traveled from our home in San Angelo, Texas to Trinidad, Colorado, and on the way, after we saw the first 10 Trump flags we decided to start counting, we stopped counting when we got over 200. Meanwhile we continued counting all of the Biden flags and flyers and billboards that we saw and we saw two. One was a billboard that was immediately followed up by two Trump billboards, and the other was a banner in front of a business in Colorado. Otherwise everything political that we saw was all proTrump. On our way home we came up on a Maga parade. so we jumped in. Was about 2000 cars deep in Lubbock Tx.
News story linked


Dear Censored,

I know you hate homework assignments so I did my best to give you the juicy parts of this absolute boob.  My wife watches the shittiest television and I couldn’t look away when this came on. This Low-T blob of a human is so cringey that you will want to rip your own skin off.
His name is Karlos

Start @ 9:19 (watch for about a minute)
Jump to 12:50 (You’ll get the worst douche chills)
At 15:20, they made him a retarded cake for 18 years of service and the cringe continues. (So sad)

Also, I already know that the host on that show caught Gavin’ s eye so I looked her up.It’s Cierra Ramirez. Age 25. ColumbianI’m thinking she’s G-dog’s type
Alright, Fuck you – Heels – Sunglasses


Dear Censored,

I heard the caller that said Dr Laura is the OG of triggering feminists and he’s 100% correct. She asks moms with kids in daycare why “you don’t want your kid to be loved all day?” She makes women recount all the red flags they ignored while dating the husband they want to divorce. As a teenager listening I was struck by the consequences all these women were facing because of their stupid decisions. So even though my dad is a certified asshoe, a serial adulterer who nowlives with the Thai prostitute he knocked up (she’s my age) and her anchor baby and illegal immigrant parents, I still came out alright and am a venerated housewife, mom of 4, married to a real man who brings home the bacon. Dr Laura should be mandatory listening for teenage girls everywhere and her book “10 stupid things women do to mess up their lives” should be mandatory reading. 
You can say my name,


Dear Censored,

Made this new meme. That’s my picture I took right after waking up. Direct quote is from Biden during his townhall. Feel free to use on the show. Hoping to get at least one email read on the show lol. 
My neighbor across the street has a Biden sign in their yard. With all the gaffs, objectively racist comments, and proven corruption, it blows my mind that anyone with an IQ above 70 would feel confident enough to put a sign in their yard with his name on it. 
Anyway, you guys are amazing. I wish I had friends like you guys among my current group of friends. It certainly would make my life a million times more enjoyable.
Like you more than a friend, 


Dear Censored,

You are right about Scots being cheap. 

My coworker is a working class guy from Glasgow, Scotland. He is extremely cheap. 
He is constantly taking home old and broken furniture from the office. 
He is almost 40 years old and he still lives with roommates.
His roommates are also bunch of random Vietnamese illegals that can’t speak English. His house is a disgusting shithole. 
His frugal lifestyle doesn’t leave him with many savings though. 
He spends his money buying rounds for the boys at the bar and gambles the rest away. 
They are not sending their best. 

– Rodney

Dear Censored,

Rudy Giullani makes opening statements to Joe Biden dump

Dear Censored,

Check out this amazing rant to local politicians regarding closing down businesses.  This veteran went to war for our country and threatens to go to war again if this Covid bullshit continues.  Awesome vid.  Not too long.  


Dear Censored,

We are losing our democracy! becasue the fat lady screaming said so


Dear Censored,

Check out this advertisement in Can-a-da. What a crock of shit. Just pots of lies and propaganda. Because brothers and sisters are not fun?


Dear Censored,

Someone I know recently went to university, so I had a look on the university’s Instagram and found this video. It’s really cringe and I think a very worrying look on Britain’s future men.

Kind regards,


Dear Censored,

great clip from saturdays speech in wisconsin at 41:20.
Trump also said, “this is a very difficult situation.” talking about gold star families at 40:19. 
Hope your having a SPOOKAY day!


Dear Censored,

Check out this gobbledygook answer on transkids from his townhall. Might be too long for a shirt, but wow he makes no sense.


– Grey

Dear Censored,

Russell Crowe is a proud boy. My girlfriend put on the gay ass movie A Good Year from 2006 and this jumped out to me on screen. This movie is gay enough to be played in the Lazer-Fag-Zone! It’s a disaster!


Dear Censored,

his video of a down syndrome girl talking about the mass extermination of down syndrome people really hits the nail on the head of what is happening right now, I myself have a 8 week old son and I know for a fact that I would not love him any less because of any disability, how ironic the left screams nazi at us but openly partakes in the mass murder of those they see as inferior.I like you more than a friend. 


Dear Censored,

I came across this old episode of the Howard Stern show and I found it shocking how accurate Dr. Keith Ablow is on transgenderism in popular culture and it’s increasingly damaging affects on the youth, politics, and the meaning of truth. Howard and Robin use imbecilic arguments against him (a former friend and repeat guest,) even going as far as to poo-poo all of Dr. Ablow’s criticisms as just right-wing nonsense. A good example and an interesting glimpse into what was to come…


Here’s the original clip of Dr. Ablow’s criticism of Chaz Bono and transgenderism:

And this is the Howard Stern episode (I’d put a time stamp but you can jump to any part of the video to find them arguing about it):

Dear Censored,


Dear Censored,

ou have to watch this pathetic video of this Abo whinging on the Australian Broadcaster aka communist TV. The left absolutely love it and can’t get enough of it but the average Aussie calls bullshit. 
Abo’s in Australia are put on a pedestal. They are given a foot up for everything but they still cry discrimination. 
He’s argument is so easy to pull apart. There is no way you’ll make it through the whole thing but give it a go. 


Dear Censored,

This video is from Conservative YouTuber John Doyle. It is probably too long for the show but it is an absolute masterpiece existing as the perfect allegory for the media’s handling of Trump in the era of the Plandemic. It is about five months old so hopefully it is not Ancient Chinese Secret yet. 
I like you more than a friend but not more than your new sunglasses.


P.S. Potential Norm Video Drop

Dear Censored,

Im a jew living in Israel and I have a thought to share with you. I try understanding actual anti-semites and rarely I succeed but I did come to a conclusion. The jews they hate are the jews we ourselves warn of, due to our inherited deep connection to spiritualism, we know that those of us that fall astray are the most dangerous of all, the best of us are the very best, but the worst of us are the very worst. The thing is that those they hate are not the rabbis and the hasidim its the secular bankers and media owners. That is what happened in nazi Germany if you ask me, the public mostly hated the secular jews that fell astray and mingled with the aristocrats, not the God fearing jews across the street, but hate spreads when invoked by fear and suddenly all jews became the enemy. And to add to that btw when you hate the God fearing jews you are doing the biddings of those you really hate because again, they hate us and we hate them, they are Satanists and we love our God who they want to destroy.
 I would like to share another thing, in our culture we have a different definition to demons than you Christians and if you ask me its a much better one and makes it easier to understand the applications of demons in our world. For us it translates better to  a “Imagined” person or “imaginary” person in a sense that demons are people that live in their imagination, in their false narratives and ideas, as if they were true, Satan found his clever way with them and does not want them to wake up from their dreams, only to convince others they are in a dream as well, those are the demons walking among us. 

Please rate my English from 1-10 Gavin, love you more than a friend <3


Dear Censored,

My husband was injured in Afghanistan, he lost both of his legs due to an IED when we were 20 years old (14 days before his 21st birthday, which he was in a coma for) We are now 33 so he’s come a long way!  I share your disdain for men in flip flops, luckily, I never have to worry about my husband wearing flip flops for the rest of my life. It’s really a win win. He did want me to pass on a message: he wants to thank you for your service and let you know that he is recommending you for a bronze star. We are in agreement no one deserves it more than you. ry guy he’s recommending you go to board for a rank promotion. Congratulations guys!
PS: I don’t need you guys to rate me, my husband tells me I’m beautiful everyday, and I have to agree 


– Bridget

Dear Censored,

Everyone should watch this movie to better understand the Russian hoax and crimes committed against the Trump administration. Thanks guys, love the show! Subscriber from the beginning 


Dear Censored,

Just want to say thanks for planting the idea about finding a good local bar. I just found one; a good working class bar in Manchester, NH. 
It’s really down-to-earth and the people are based and salt-of-the-earth. And by that I mean plenty of salty language and fun. 
Anyway, it’s my oasis now from the chaos. Thanks for the pro tip. 


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