Demi Lovato ‘triggered’ by froyo shop that sells sugar-free treats

Pop star Demi Lovato set her critical sights on a small yogurt shop for doing the inconceivable: offering sugar-free options to its customers.

In an Instagram story post, Lovato attacked The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt shop in Los Angeles for apparently being “diet vultures.” The store is widely known for its variety of low-fat, sugar-free yogurts and treats. Lovato claims that it was “triggering” for her to walk past the sugar-free cookies.

“Finding it extremely hard to order froyo from [The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt] when you have to walk past tons of sugar free cookies/other diet foods before you get to the counter,” Lovato said. “Do better please. #DietCultureVultures.” 

One Twitter user commented: “What’s your favorite internet beef rn mine is Demi lovato forgetting diabetics exist and fighting a frozen yogurt business in public.”

The frozen yogurt vendor responded to the absurd statement made by Lovato by saying that they are not diet vultures—that they are simply serving the needs of customers who prefer sugar-free alternatives. The pop star posted the conversation to her Instagram story.

“We are not diet vultures,” a spokesperson for The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt said. “We cater to all of our customers’ needs for the past 36 years. We are sorry you found this offensive.” 

In a long-winded response, Lovato argued that the specialty store should provide regular frozen yogurt so as not to harm individuals with eating disorders.

“Not just that. Your service was terrible. So rude. The whole experience was triggering and awful. You can carry things for other people while also caring for another percentage of your customers who struggle DAILY just to even step foot in your store,” Lovato said.

“You can find a way to provide an inviting environment for all people with different needs. Including eating disorders — one of the deadliest mental illnesses only second to [opioid] overdoses. Don’t make excuses, just do better.”

After the frozen yogurt shop refused to respond to Lovato’s comments, she made another suggestion that the company’s foods should be labeled in such a way that distinguishes “diet” foods from “health needs.”

Lovato wrote:

I was thinking, maybe it would help if you made it more clear that the sugar free options and vegan options are for that. Labeling the snacks for celiac or diabetes or vegans. When it’s not super clear, the messaging gets confusing and being in L.A. it’s really hard to distinguish diet culture vs health needs. 

I think clearer messaging would be more beneficial for everyone. 

You aren’t wrong for catering to many different needs but it’s about not excluding one demographic to cater to others. 

According to The Bigg Chill Frozen Yogurt website, the company offers a “daily rotation of no-sugar-added Carbolite, fat free, and dairy free varieties, along with an assortment of fresh, low fat baked goods.”

Lovato made headlines recently after the release of a new YouTube documentary. In an effort to promote her documentary, the pop star went on the Drew Barrymore show, where she claimed that she cut her hair short in an effort to protest gender and sexuality norms in the Christian South.

Additionally, she appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast, suggesting that she is now “sexually fluid” and “pansexual,” meaning that she is attracted to “anything, really.”

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  2. Entertainers who barely finished high school should be banned from making stupid public statements. It just causes a distraction.
    Their personal lives should be kept personal. Nobody really cares if she was bullied or raped. Victims of bullying and rape do not benefit from having a bonehead join their ranks.

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