Far-left activists leave severed pig’s head at home of defense witness in Derek Chauvin trial

A former police officer and defense witness who was called during the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was allegedly targeted by angry left-wing activists over the weekend.

Barry Brodd’s former home in California was apparently smeared with animal blood, and a severed pig’s head was left on the front porch Saturday, according to reports.

“Santa Rosa police said officers responded at 3:07 a.m. to a residence in a west Santa Rosa neighborhood that had just been vandalized,” CBS San Francisco Bay Area reported Sunday.

“The victim called police after they were awakened by a group of suspects — all dressed in black — who threw a pig’s head on their front porch and splattered blood on the front of their house and then fled.”

Reporter Dion Lim tweeted photos of the event: “This Santa Rosa home was vandalized by a group who threw a pig’s head on porch & splattered blood all over / The house used to belong to Barry Brodd who testified for the defense in Chauvin’s trial.”

According to the CBS affiliate, investigators do not believe the incident was random, but was connected to Brodd, who formerly lived in the home.

“Mr. Brodd has not lived at the residence for a number of years and is no longer a resident of California. Because Mr. Brodd no longer lives in the city of Santa Rosa, it appears the victim was falsely targeted,” police said.

Notably, anti-police activists have commonly referred to police officers as “pigs.” Brodd, as noted, is a former police officer.

Brodd made it clear during his testimony that he believed the death of George Floyd was accidental and not an incident of deadly force used by Chauvin. NBC News reported on this:

In his testimony, Brodd compared the neck restraint Chauvin used on Floyd for more than 9 minutes to an officer’s firing a stun gun at a suspect who falls, hits his head and dies.

“That isn’t an incident of deadly force,” Brodd said, according to The Associated Press. “That’s an incident of an accidental death.”

Commentator Dinesh D’Souza tweeted his contempt for far-left activists attempting to bully the jury into finding Chauvin guilty: “Due process of law. Innocent until proven guilty. The right to a fair trial. These basic constitutional protections are now under assault. Vandals target former home of Derek Chauvin expert witness Barry Brodd with severed PIG’S HEAD.”

Those who vandalized the Santa Rosa home may be the same as those who vandalized a large hand statue in front of an area mall that morning, according to CBS San Francisco Bay Area. “The suspects also left a sign in front of the statue which had a picture of a pig and read ‘Oink Oink.’ They were seen fleeing the area and matched the descriptions of the suspects who vandalized the house.”

Chauvin and three other officers arrested and detained George Floyd on May 25 after Floyd allegedly used counterfeit money at a convenience store. Viral videos raged across social media, showing Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck and back area for nearly nine minutes while detaining Floyd.

Chauvin’s attorneys are currently arguing that Floyd’s drug use was a crucial factor in his death. As highlighted by the Daily Wire, the Hennepin County medical examiner stated that Floyd’s autopsy revealed the deceased to have had potentially lethal levels of drugs in his system.

Officials are asking anyone with information on the vandalism to please contact their tip line.

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