Fashion army of the left

Dear Censored,

Give this a look Gavin you have probably been sent this guy a few times like Kevin MacDonald.
This story is crazy listen to the numbers you might be able to find this story away from this video get the Ryguy on it, or better still you give it a look,
haha I canne believe they are complaining there’s no representation for people with AIDS in movies. 


Dear Censored,

Dude!…. Duuuuude!… You have to watch (and do a show about) the Woodstock 99 HBO documentary.

It is the least self aware documentary ever made. 
It’s got Moby (of Natalie Portman simp fame) blaming Limp Bizkit fans for all the sexism (and racism) in the world.
It’s got boomer yuppies blaming generation X for their own shitty logistics (the boomers)
And so much more. 
It is basically the hoity toity taking one shitty festival (how many shitty festivals go on each year?) and making it (and white men) the scapegoat for all society’s ills.
And it is also a fun look at how different things were.
Basically a treasure trove of subject for the show. 

Stay Woke.


Dear Censored,

I’m sure you have seen the video of Tucker confronted at fishing store by some fat crazy leftist. Tucker told the guy that he was with his kid and the guy said “I don’t care, you are the worst human….” Tuck melted calm while also standing right in front of this huge guy bc you can’t cuck the tuck.
Has anyone confronted you in front of your kids? How has that ended?


Dear Censored,

I’ll keep this short and sweet your new duo act, leave it to you to decide who’s who. 
This video shows the sheer fear-inducing intimidating army of the left. are you afraid?
Don’t wanna fuck you with your sunglasses smashed on your piss-stained chair.


Dear Censored,

I have a fun game I like to play with liberals or lefties. Here’s what you do, you need to act like you agree with each of these extreme talking points posted below, in both your attitude and tonality,  and see just how many your leftie will agree with. Typically, they will agree with each point and add other crazy arguments to the bucket. I tried this recently while catching up with an ex-girlfriend, who happens to be a black liberal, and she did not disappoint! Give it a try.

Extreme talking points (racial addition):

1. Black households should receive $50,000 in reparations for the next 50 years. Only white households should pay this reparation tax, due to white privilege.

2. Any white person accused of being racist, should be doxed, stripped off of social media, tracked by the state, prosecuted, and legally labeled a “racist”, much like sex offenders.

3. Ask if they agree with this statement  –  “White people are inherently racist, more savage, and a little less than human. This is because we bred with neanderthals and have corrupt DNA. Whites aren’t actually people, but animals. White people are evil.”

4. The police shouldn’t be reformed, but completely abolished.

5. Blacks should be given their own territory within the US, such as Georgia. Blacks can still interact outside of this territory in white areas, but whites are not allowed inside the all black areas. This is to protect black people from racism.

6. Another statement –  “Black excellence cannot exist while white people exist.”

7. We must do what we can to reduce the white population, specifically white males, in order for the planet to morally progress into the future.

It’s interesting to see just how far people are willing to go with their political ideology. Anybody I’ve secretly played this game with tends to agree with every point, it’s quite comical.

Keep rocking the show, interested to hear your view on the “red pill” or MGTOW.


Dear Censored,

I was a submarine sailor and loved my job. I wanted to make a career out of being
in the navy as a submarine sailor. We are few, and have a great amount of pride in what we do. To even qualify for the submarines warfare device is mayhem and sacrifice to the utmost degree. The navy has scuttled its ability to produce warriors in the most vital areas of its operational overlook. Im afraid that lessening requirements and politicly correct culture will render the most covert and one of thee most sacred and brotherly establishments within the United States Military flaccid. We used to play cards with Navy Seals and Navy Divers below the surface during our cherished “off watch” time with all of us knowing that one of them might not return. How in the fuck is woke literature like the Kendi book as recommended by top brass going to prepare kids that join the military for war.


Dear Censored,

I love the show and it keeps getting better and better as the months go on. Adding the little monster guy is genius, his stories and demeanor fit the show like a glove and add to the raw genuine feel that makes GOML great.
I have to say that the Soph “official narrative” series has been amazing. Those kids do an amazing job and I look forward to more. Well researched and great commentary by kids who are smarter than a lot of adults I know.

I’d love a good rant on acceptable age differences in dating/marriage if you find it in you sometime.

One thought on the site: it would be nice to have a few rants or stories clipped for view either for subscribers or not rather than the first five minutes. I must have shown the Biden ice cream flavor clip of you guys to 20 people and it was laugh out loud funny every time. But it was a pain to find the show and then find it within the show to others. Just a thought.

Feel free to make the lawyer face from the bird that is the bald eagle after reading this email.


Dear Censored,

Hey Gav and Retarded Faggot,
I’ve been following this cartoonist Max G. on YouTube for a few years now. He’s a cool guy who makes funny, high quality animations, usually analyzing or reviewing television and movies–but recently, he uploaded an animation in which he explains why he isn’t satisfied with his life in a way that perfectly aligns with Gavin’s theory about the death of modern white men, complete with being told his issues as a white man don’t matter, and that no one seems to care about him. The whole video is gold, but in case you just want to see the part where he laments his troubles, it begins at 10:58.

Cheers guys, I wanna fuck you with my heels on.


Dear Censored,

You mentioned Idris Alba on the Matty show. The rumour is that he banged Justin Trudeau’s “wife”, Sophie Gregoir Trudeau. Apparently she gave him the Coronavirus a while back.  Cheers bud.Wade from Soviet Canuckistan


Dear Censored,

Step 1: Fluoride in the water, aluminum in the vaccines, barium in chemtrails, anything that flies under the radar for a couple generations. MAKE THEM RETARDED.
Step 2: Get them to chop off their genitals and marry eachother. WEAPONIZE THEIR RETARDATION.
Step 3: Chopped off genitals can’t have babies. The few that do spit out little retarded freaks, nicely tying the loop. REDUCE POPULATION.
Step 4: PROFIT.
This settles it. Alex Jones was right, and Gavin should have never been fired.


Dear Censored,

Watching the unmentionable club standing up for the right of little girls not to have men’s dicks flopped around in their faces, I thought back to a series of confrontations between Irish patriots and antifa a year or so ago.  The Irish had the brilliant tactic of shouting antifa down by aggressively chanting “Pedo Scum Off Our Streets!”  I went to find the beautiful video of it, but it has been largely scrubbed from youtube.  I did find this one which has been artificially jittered to avoid copyright strike.  I have saved the link at the time where you can best hear the chanting:   There was much better video of them charging at antifa while they did it, but it seems to have been flushed.

I’d love to see this tactic adopted on the right here in the US.  We really need to get smart in how we confront these well-trained agitators.

Keep up the great work.


PS:  I sent out letters to the three guys on your list today.  I’ll help them any way I can.  I’ve had wrongly imprisoned friends before.

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

American beauty by grateful is a strong album and the song truckin is probably the most accessible, then brokedown palace and box of rain. They do have that sort of we’re just jamming rather than a stronger hook of punk that post punk got rid of but I think of you want a song to have its emotion felt straight away that’s what the sex pistols gave but the grateful dead is kind of like music to think to, thinking like albatross by pil or a forest by the cure.


Dear Censored,

Have you ever heard of Radical Cram School? It has to be the most-cringe Chinese Communist content on YouTube. And it’s aimed directly at kids.
Just take a gander at their first-ever episode from 2018:
Thanks gays,


Dear Censored,

Tourettes guy is back.YOU DONT TALK SHIT ABOUT TOTAL!

Dear Censored,

Wish I knew what paper this article was in, but it pretty much sums up the hypocrisy of CRT and BLM 



Dear Censored,

not sure if you have heard about this yet so I wanted to send it.  You may be familiar with the video of Joe Biden pinching a little girl’s nipple back in 2015 while her uncle was sworn in.

Now, 6 years later, she has come out and admitted that the current president did in fact pinch her nipple on live television – as the video above clearly shows.  She is apparently too scared to bring this up because protecting geriatric pedophiles is more important than protecting a little girl’s innocence.  See the twitter link below for additional information.

Hope you both find this interesting – hopefully we will we be given the green light to kill these mother fuckers in minecraft soon.  I like you more than a friend and I want to fuck you with my sombrero on.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

A litany of subjects do I agree with you wholeheartedly. When you say about DYI or a certain collectiveness, no. Picture below is paraphrased from their song “I need a miracle.” Hippies hold these signs and personally I offered a guy  $100 for a show and a some random hippie holding a sign similar to this got tickets over me. Ticket holder said to me “it’s not about about the money. The disdain for the fans I get totally.  Bit some true rock n’ roll


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