A  30-year-old high school teacher in Sebring, Fla., has been apprehended by police for accusations of having sex with one of her students, according to WTSP.

The Sebring High School teacher in central Florida was placed under arrest for allegedly carrying on a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy in her classroom, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office says.

Ariel Madden Reed teaches critical thinking at Sebring High and is now facing 10 counts of sexual battery. She was nabbed by police on Friday and taken into holding at the Highlands County Jail, according to authorities.

Reed was put on administrative leave on Wednesday, Feb. 10, as soon as the Special Victims Unit began an investigation into the teacher for alleged sex crimes on a minor.

The walls began to close in on the high-school teacher when a school resource deputy reported that one of the students was keeping sexually explicit pictures of Reed on his cell phone. 

Officials say that the alleged victim described an extended crusade of sexual crimes against the teen boy that occurred in her home, car, and classroom in the months between November 2020 and February 2021.

According to the Highlands News-Sun, the 10 counts Reed faces are for sexual battery on a victim ages 12 to 18 by an educator who has protective authority of that person. 

“I want to commend the staff at Sebring High School for taking immediate action and quickly notifying the school resource deputy, as well as the Special Victims Unit for working quickly to develop this case,” Sheriff Paul Blackman said in a statement about the Florida teacher.

“We take any allegations involving children very seriously and are continuing to investigate,” he added.

The teacher began her position in the school district in 2015. Her job before transferring to Sebring High in 2017 was as a teacher in Avon Park Middle School, according to Fox 13. She later transferred again to the high school in 2019 after serving as an office staffer at Woodlawn Elementary School and the district office.

“We are committed to providing a safe learning environment in all Highlands County schools, so we are shocked and saddened by these allegations. School administration and district officials are fully cooperating with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office as they investigate this matter,” Deputy Superintendent Andrew Lethbridge outlined in a statement about the teacher’s arrest for abusing a minor.

“No further comments will be made as this is an ongoing investigation,” he concluded in his statement. 

Reed was not arrested alone, but on Friday police also took her husband into custody.

Her husband, 37-year-old Jonathan Patrick Reed, was charged with interfering in the execution of a search warrant, according to Shore News Network.

On Facebook, Ferron Jackson, who claims to be a neighbor of the couple, commented:

“I know them personally and we were neighbors and became great friends over the last few years, she’s helped a lot of people and is honestly an amazing person…always has been, if this does all prove to be true then she takes what’s coming for doing such things, but they aren’t druggies by any means at all…so many can vouch for that, these pics are the look of being in that moment, and I’m sad to see such news unfold, and all I can do is pray that the truth be told in full detail, justice be served…” 

The commenter went on to say: “…I do know her kids love their mom…and she loves her kids, I can only hope and pray they get through all this, it’s a trying time for all the families involved, and for all of us in this small town…in no way is any of this okay, but I knew her before this and anyone that has known her will say this is nothing that we could’ve ever ever ever expected to hear…just in shock and disbelief I guess.”

3 thoughts on “Florida Teacher Accused Of Sex With Student, 15, In Her Car, Home, And Classroom

  1. Where were these teachers at when I was 15??

    They arrest her for this but the ones teaching segregation and White privilege get to keep their jobs. The Elites that rape and torture children get to walk free.

    Rioters. looters and murderers get released from jail the next day.

    I’m not saying that what she did wasn’t wrong but They for sure make it public and pay more attention to it than other, bigger issues.

  2. Thought the pic of her husband was the 15 year old she was diddlin and thought “Wowee there’s something in them Florida drugs”

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