Censored.TV has announced the newest addition to the family. Michale Graves, former singer for legendary punk band the Misfits, will be hosting a weekly show called “Radio Deadly with Michale Graves” every Thursday starting March 4.

Graves was selected in his late teens to replace Glenn Danzig in the iconic band the Misfits. He faced immense scrutiny for filling the shoes of a vocalist with a nearly mythical reputation and rabid fanbase. Graves fought through it, proved his critics wrong, and delivered two legendary albums, “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters,” carving out his own path with hard rock classics such as “Crying on a Saturday Night,” “Helena,” “Scream,” and “Descending Angel.”  

During his time with the band he appeared in films such as “Big Money Hustlas,” was a regular on WCW’s wrestling program “Nitro,” and worked on a music video with the great master of horror George A. Romero

He toured the world several times before leaving the band in the early 2000s to have a brief stint in the US Marines. After being honorably discharged for an injury during basic training, he began living the lifestyle of a working class musician, constantly touring and pumping out original material. 

Graves also caught the ear of the political world in the early 2000s by being one of the only musicians to publicly speak out as a conservative. He contributed to a website called which led to a popular appearance on The Daily Show opposite Ed Helms. He also began taking on causes such as advocating for the West Memphis 3. 

In 2020, the woke mob went on a full attack against Graves when he came out opposing constant lies and media slander against the Proud Boys. One Instagram post later, he was quickly deplatformed on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, making him the most banned musician in America and losing the network of fans he had built up over a nearly three-decade career.

Radio Deadly will be Michale Graves’s way of fighting back. Graves promises to bring his insight on music, fatherhood, and patriotism to Censored.TV in an act of defiance to those determined to silence him. 

The Censored.TV audience and fans of Michale’s work can use the promo code “Graves” to receive a discount on their subscription and show their support for the Radio Deadly program. 

Graves is also on Parler with the handle @Officialmichalegraves and @RadioDeadly is on Twitter for news, opinions, and constant updates.

9 thoughts on “Former ‘misfits’ Front Man Michale Graves Joins!

  1. Holy. Shit. Not gonna lie I totally fan girled out when I saw this. A fuckin living legend. I can not over state how excited I am to see this. Censored just keeps getting better and better. Proud of yur boys!

  2. First show reminded me of “Finer Things.” Some people have a gift for gab and riffing (Cumia, McInnes); others…do not.

  3. This is one of the coolest things ever. One of my controversial opinions that I have is American Psycho is the absolute best Misfits album recorded.

  4. A great channel with great content! Radio Deadly is an amazing experience! It changed my life back in 2011 and keeps amazing me. Michale is truly an amazing person as well as Arturo, Michale’s friend who’s also super fun. I truly recommend this channel!

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