A gamer from Brazil has admitted to murdering a female professional “Call of Duty” competitor after uploading alarming footage of her blood-covered body to social media, reports say.

Eighteen-year-old Guilherme Alves Costa is accused of stabbing Ingrid Oliveira Bueno da Silva, 19, in his Sao Paulo residence, which she had visited on Monday to take part in a tournament for “Call of Duty: Mobile,” according to the Times of London.

Other gamers became frightened after Alves Costa, who competed in the game online under the handle Flashlight for the team Gamers Elite, showed off some of the alarming footage.

“You’re thinking it’s ink or that it’s edited or something, but it’s not,” Alves Costa allegedly announced online as he cackled.

“I really killed her, got it? I’ve got a book, too. I asked some people to share it. I hope you read it. It contains some truths,” he went on, as reported by the Mirror.

The book turned out to be a 52-page manifesto where Alves Costa unpacks his reasons for perpetrating the suspected crime, grumbling that he was tired with life, having a lack of goals, and not being able to get along with people, according to the outlet.

He allegedly ran away from the scene, but authorities were contacted when his brother returned to their home and discovered the woman’s body on the floor.

Alves Costa is said to have reached out to his family to tell them he planned to commit suicide, but his brother urgued him not to and told him to turn himself into the police, the Mirror reported.

When police arrived at his house in the suburb of Pirituba, they questioned him on the motive of the crime, according to The Times.

“Because I wanted to,” he allegedly said, later explaining: “I know the seriousness of this situation.”

Alves Costa is said to have outlined to detectives that the victim had “crossed [his] path,” the Mirror reported.

Bueno da Silva, who went by the online handle Sol, competed professionally for a group named Fantastic Brazil Impact.

“She was an extraordinary person, whom we will remember every day that the sun rises,” the team wrote in a statement, The Times reported.

A Gamers Elite rep reported to local media that the team’s leaders never personally met the suspected murderer and stated their astonishment at the homicide.

The video gaming industry has seen a spike in worldwide sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, with billions of people spending more time locked in their houses and looking for new entertainment outlets during lockdowns.

In Latin America, the e-commerce portal Mercado Libre confirmed a 200 percent rise in merchandise sales related to gaming, according to The Times.

The gaming community has been in a transitional period, as millions of users have now switched to competing on their mobile phones or devices rather than gaming consoles or PCs.

A consequence of this is the market has changed to become more than its stereotype of male teenagers gaming at home from their computers, according to The Times.

Gaming companies are now looking to attract more female users as both a chance to grow their platforms and to actively push back against male culture to satisfy their woke backers.

Kenzie Gordon of the University of Albert, commented to the Times: “The attitudes that support violence against women have been very endemic in gaming culture.

“Female players in e-sports are still pushing back against a lot of resistance and having to work hard to be recognized as legitimate professionals in that space.”

The American Psychological Association has reported that exposure to media violence is a risk factor to keep an eye on sought out by people who sometimes demonstrate aggressive and violent behavior. However, millions of gamers enjoy violent fantasy games on a regular basis without incident.

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