Ghanaian actress locked up for posing nude with her seven-year-old son

An actress in Ghana has been put behind bars on charges of “domestic violence” after she posted a scandalous picture on Instagram posing naked with her semi-dressed young son.

Last June, Rosemond Brown, known by her stage name Akuapem Poloo, uploaded the photo of her squatting down in the nude while grabbing her son—who appears baffled and uncomfortable—by the hands and gazing into his eyes as a puzzling tribute to his seventh birthday.

Poloo’s hair hid her breasts, and her seven-year-old boy was clad in underpants, but her “tribute” ignited an uproar in Ghana, and the actress quickly removed the post before making a teary-eyed apology, according to the BBC.

However, the actress has been sentenced to three months in jail after being found guilty of publishing obscene materials, domestic violence, and undermining the privacy and integrity of another person, according to the outlet.

Her three charges will run consecutively for a total of 90 days.

The judge expressed fears about the sudden increase in child abuse and social-media postings of obscene images in Ghana. The actress’ guilty plea, as well as her circumstances as a single parent, and her evident remorse over the incident were all taken under consideration by the court, the outlet reported.

“The court is bothered with posting nude photos on social media. There is no doubt that apart from the canker of rape, defilement, physical assault, the publication of obscene materials is on the increase,” Judge Christiana Cann said.

“Did she ask for the permission of the child before posting the said picture? Did she respect the child’s right? No, she did not,” Judge Cann stated, the outlet Newsflash reported.

“A harsh sentence will serve as a deterrent,” the judge said to the court. 

Child Rights International, a private advocacy organization, had also lobbied for her prosecution, the BBC reported.

Poloo’s Instagram account regularly showcases photos with her son, along with images of rapper Cardi B, whom she came across once in 2019 and describes in her Instagram bio as her “spirit twin sis.”

The “WAP” songstress was one of several people to speak out against the stringent punishment that will result in the mother being apart from her son while in jail.

“I seen a lot of Americans do photoshoots like that. Even tho is not my style I don’t think she was going for sexual more going the natural idea,” Cardi B tweeted when questioned about her “take” regarding her “twinee.”

“I think jail is a bit harsh. Maybe social media probation or community service,” the rapper suggested to her 18 million followers.

In the African country of Ghana, section 280 of the Criminal and Other Offences Act 1960 makes it clear that: “whoever publishes or offers for sale any obscene book, writing, or representation, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour.”

Section 281 of the act indicates that the maker, producer, possessor, importer, exporter, advertiser, or even anyone who deals with or assists in the circulation either directly or indirectly of any “obscene” material can also be held responsible and found guilty.

The act is used to penalize anyone who posts any images found to be obscene online. 

GhanaWeb reported another case that fell under the jurisdiction of the obscenity law was connected to a man who found his wife in bed with another man and decided to film what he saw.

Poloo’s attorney, Andy Vortia, confirmed they intend to file an appeal against the decision this month.

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