Johnny Rotten calls wokesters ‘tempestuous spoilt children with sh*t for brains’

Punk rock pioneer John Lydon, also known as Johnny Rotten, vocalist for bands such as the Sex Pistols in the 70s and Public Image Limited (PiL) in the 80s, delivered strong opinions on modern woke culture to the UK’s Sunday Times.

It’s a “load of bollocks” inflicted on society by universities, spitting out a new crop of students with “shit for brains,” the rocker blasted.

“These people aren’t really genuinely disenfranchised at all,” said the legendary frontman, adding, “they just view themselves as special. It’s selfishness and in that respect it’s divisive and can only lead to trouble. I can’t believe that TV stations give some of these lunatics the space.”

“Where is this ‘moral majority’ nonsense coming from when they’re basically the ones doing all the wrong for being so bloody judgmental and vicious against anybody who doesn’t go along with the current popular opinion?” asked Lydon. “It’s just horribly, horribly tempestuous spoilt children coming out of colleges and universities with shit for brains.”

The no-holds-barred interview also tackled several other issues with the countercultural icon. Lyndon poked fun at the upcoming Sex Pistols miniseries and blasted protestors who vandalized a Winston Churchill statue last year with the word “racist.”

Defacing monuments became common during Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and the statue of the British leader who took on the Nazis during World War II was one of many that fell victim to the far-left protests and riots that took place during most of 2020 and continue to this day.

Regarding the statue vandalism, Lydon pointed out, “This man saved Britain [and] whatever he got up to in South Africa or India beforehand is utterly irrelevant to the major issue at hand.”

“We are not walking up and down the high street with jackboots and helmets because of that man. The Nazis were the biggest race haters of all, ever, in the history of the planet so thank you again, Winston,” he continued.

Lydon is a native of the UK who relocated to the United States years ago. During the 2020 US presidential election, he made pink-haired poser-punk’s faces melt when he pointed out Joe Biden’s shortcomings as a leader and publicly endorsed Donald Trump. When questioned about his endorsement of the former president, he said, “I’d be daft as a brush not to. He’s the only sensible choice now that Biden is up – he’s incapable of being the man at the helm,” before putting on a red MAGA cap in front of a journalist from the Observer. 

When asked to give his opinions on the George Floyd situation he stated, “When I ask about the killing of George Floyd, there’s not anyone I know anywhere that wouldn’t say that wasn’t ghastly. Absolutely! It doesn’t mean all police are nasty or all white folk are racist. Because all lives matter.”

The punk rock original went on to dismiss the accusations of “racism” that were being hurled at Trump by the media, saying, “I’ve been accused of the very same thing, so I’m offended for anybody who’s called that.”

“Of course I’m anti-racism,” he affirmed, adding that he won’t be governed on what to say or think by any political groups or movements.

Lydon has semi-retired from music and cares for his wife, Nora Forster, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Taking care of her needs such as feeding, dressing, and caring for her is now his full-time job, he says.

“I know that feeling of not knowing who and where you are in a precise moment. It gives me something in relation to dealing with her. I can feel her pain, I’ve been through it,” he said.

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