A school in Dallas, Texas is under fire after an English teacher’s assignment listed Kyle Rittenhouse as a choice for “hero for the modern age.”

Rittenhouse faces charges for multiple counts of murder following an August 25 incident where he allegedly shot two rioters in Kenosha, Wis. and injured one other during a militant Black Lives Matter/Antifa demonstration that involved looting, assault, arson, and property damage. The 17-year-old is being tried as an adult and is currently awaiting extradition to Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse’s attorney, John Pierce, claims Rittenhouse acted in self-defense while caught in the middle of the violent chaos.

Reports show Rittenhouse was armed with an AR-15 long-barreled rifle to help a friend defend his business from looting and riots during the street carnage in Kenosha last month. Some video evidence appears to show the 17-year-old being surrounded and physically attacked before using his weapon. In the video, at least one of the people Rittenhouse is said to have shot seems to be attempting to aim a firearm at him and another has a criminal record as a sex offender, according to reports.

Newsweek reports students in Dallas at W.T. White High School were asked to complete an assignment, which listed Rittenhouse as one of the possible topics of the class project, called “Hero for the Modern Age.” Others named as potential subjects were César Chávez, George Floyd, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X, and Joseph D. Rosenbaum–one of the people allegedly killed by Rittenhouse.

Complaints already started rolling in as one family member of a student at the school said to CBS 11 News that she was taken aback by the lack of women on the list of choices.

The relative, whose brother was one of the students who was tasked with the assignment, went on to remark, “It didn’t sit right with him that a white supremacist murderer was on the same page as people he recognized to be important historical figures.”

“I don’t think that human rights are up for debate, I don’t think the sanctity of black lives is up for debate, and that’s what this assignment is basically saying,” she continued.

Many others have defended the teacher’s intentions as an exercise in attempting to promote a healthy academic dialogue.

The first task of the assignment told students to select a “hero” from the provided list and write a half-page biography about the subject.

The second part of the assignment instructed the students to write a page-long essay on the person from the list who best fits their personal “concept of a hero.”

The assignment created controversy within the school. A representative for the Dallas Independent School District addressed the matter in a statement, saying, “An unapproved assignment posted in Google Classroom yesterday has been brought to our attention.”

“Understandably,” the statement went on, “this caused concern for the impacted students, and we apologize. Campus administration immediately removed the unapproved content and students are not required to complete that assignment.”

The statement continued, “Due to personnel policies, we are not able to comment further, however, the appropriate steps are being followed pending investigation. Racial equity is a top priority in Dallas ISD, and we remain committed to providing a robust teaching environment where all students can learn.”

“It is important that we continue to be culturally sensitive to our diverse populations and provide a space of respect and values,” the statement ended by stating.

The Dallas Independent School District has not released the identity of the W. T. White High School English teacher who assigned the class project, but he was later doxxed by the media and on Twitter. He is now under investigation by the school. Activists on social media have demanded his immediate removal.

3 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse Listed As ‘hero For The Modern Age’ In Texas School Assignment

  1. Putting Mr. Rittenhouse (or any combat-type participant) on the “hero” pedestal does Mr. Rittenhouse a dis-service. It makes him a cartoon.

    Mr. Rittenhouse demonstrated maturity under pressure. The video footage indicates he acted in a grounded, balanced way.

    Lets celebrate his grounded balance. Leave the “heros” for comic books.

  2. By November 3rd:
    >Officers will be acquitted. George Floyd will be found to have overdosed
    >Kyle Rittenhouse will be set free for self defense
    >Joe Biden will be uncovered for his corruption in the Ukraine, China, and Spy Gate
    >Kamala Harris will be subpoenaed for her involvement in the Jussie hoax
    >the Durham Report will uncover deep corruption and conspiracy in the Democrat Party
    > will leak out on to the internet
    >Anthony Wieners laptop contents will be made public
    >Biden will be briefly hospitalized after suffering minor strokes
    >BLM will be declared a terrorist organization
    >Covid will be proven a mass political attack in conjunction with the Dems and China
    >Mail-in voting gets struck down
    And on November 4th:
    >Trump will win a second term

  3. I’m definitely surprised that my comment from 2 days ago has been removed, unposted.

    Censored, indeed.

    Please help me understand.

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