Man with 35 girlfriends arrested for birthday bounty grift

A Japanese man has been taken in custody by police after being romantically linked to 35 different women at the same time and accepting birthday gifts from each of them on different days of the year.

Takashi Miyagawa, a man with a part-time job and no fixed residence from the Japanese region of Kansai, had informed each of the women he had been seeing that his birthday was on a different date to maximize his gifts.

The 39-year-old serial dater was charged by authorities for deceiving the 35 women with the ruse, explained one of the victims who was interviewed by the Mainichi Broadcasting Network. He was in a serious relationship with each of them, according to reports.

When looking back at the beginning of their relationship, the victim said that she was surprised when Miyagawa kissed her so soon. She said it was only the second time the two had gotten together, and she was cautious about getting entangled with him without having a serious commitment.

“I told him, ‘I don’t want to do that unless [you] are someone who wants to get married and really be with me in the future,'” she said. “He responded, ‘I’m serious. I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life.'”

Miyagwa’s only real birthday is on November 13.

However, in at least one instance of his apparent scheme, Miyagwa told a 47-year-old romantic partner that his birthday was on February 22, while a different 40-year-old taking the brunt of the alleged scam was told it was in July. A third girlfriend, 35, reported that she was led to believe his birthday was in April.

SoraNews24 reported the latest tally of victims as of Monday is 35, with the likelihood of more coming out to tell their stories.

When the news broke online, people reacted with mixed feelings of revulsion and wonderment at the sheer size of Miyagawa’s alleged crimes and infidelity.

One commenter pondered, “Can you imagine all that scheduling and planning to date 35 people at the same time?”

Another person, seemingly in awe of the man’s brazenness, said, “I guess that’s what they call an ‘alpha-male.’”

After doing some quick math, another observer pointed out, “Even if he sees one everyday, [sic] there’s still five more after a month!” with another saying, “Isn’t it easier to get a job at that point?”

“It’s hard enough keeping a relationship with one person,” said one impressed poster.

Others wrote remarks such as, “It is horrible yet impressive.”

“Don’t women do this all the time?”

“I wonder what he does when Christmas rolls around.”

“He’s an awful person, but I envy his time-management skills,” one observer stated.

As the number grows, three women alone have indicated that Miyagawa has tricked them out of over $900 worth of birthday gifts including clothes, electronics, and cash. One claimed to have given him a suit worth $277.

The alleged grifter is said to have first come into contact with all of his supposed victims while employed at a multi-level marketing company hawking hydrogen-water shower heads and other merchandise. 

He is reported to have taken aim at lonely single women and started each of their relationships with the implication that wedding bells would be in their future.

In the end, the women formed an association for all of the victims and alerted the police about Miyagawa in February.

The investigation is still ongoing. Miyagawa has not yet made any specific comments about his arrest, despite being approached repeatedly by reporters in Japan.

“I don’t want to say anything until I speak with a lawyer,” he remarked to one journalist who tracked him down.

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