A mom from Michigan has died after a driver on a suspended license smashed into her young family’s vehicle. The twins’ grandmother now explains that the mom threw her own body over her twin sons as a shield to protect them during the crash, reports the New York Post.

On Monday, 29-year-old Hillarie Galazka was traveling with her five-year-old twins back to their home in Lincoln Park when they were hit in the rear by a 25-year-old careless driver on an entrance ramp of Interstate 96 near Davison, according to WJBK.

“Her body saved them,” Galazka’s mother, Jodie Kelley, said to the station. “The boys say they saw her open her eyes and look at them and then she closed her eyes, never opened them again. They remember that.”

“It’s going to be hard,” the grieving grandmother said. “She was my firstborn, she was so beautiful.”

Galazka was a mother of three, with another 8-year-old boy who was not in the car at the time of the accident. Galazka died from injuries sustained in the accident while her twin boys pulled through with only minor injuries due to the mother’s quick reflexes to protect them from the brunt of the damage.

The heartbreaking fatal crash is currently under investigation by Michigan State Police. The 25-year-old male motorist who is said to have rammed into Galazka’s Saturn Ion was later found at a nearby medical facility. Authorities say he was going over the speed limit while operating his vehicle on a suspended license, and he had two warrants in his name, according to WJBK.

“I am devastated,” Kelley said to the station. “I cannot believe that this man wasn’t in prison for his entire life for all of his warrants. I can’t believe he was behind the wheel doing 90 miles per hour in an SUV.”

An emotional Kelley stressed that her daughter was her best friend.

“She’s gone now,” the devastated mother said to the station.

Galazka’s brother emphasized that his sister was beloved by everyone’s life she touched.

“I’m just glad the babies survived a tragedy for the family,” Jacob Galazka asserted.

“Everyone loves those kids. Everyone loves Hillarie. She’s a good-hearted, strong, beautiful woman. She didn’t deserve this death.”

Donations for the family have been set up on an online fundraising platform by Kelley to pay for her daughter’s funeral expenses. As of Thursday, the family received $2,000 in donations for their $10,000 goal.

“My daughter was tragically rear-ended in a car accident and she passed away on scene,” the website says.

“Brandon Purdy the father and Morgan Wrobel are now taking care of the twins full time. With full time comes a lot more responsibility and cost. Not only for new supplies for school, clothes, beds etc., lawyer costs, Trauma Counseling, court fees and many other things following this event to get things in order again.  This will be a long recovery process mentally for this family and these beautiful children including Morgan’s other two boys ages 7, and 8,” the donation page explains.

“It is not required nor expected for any donations but our family is in need at this time and if anyone can help it is greatly appreciated. Thank you,” Kelley adds.

Galazka lost her life while protecting her two sons as a “strong, loving” mother, Kelley expressed on the donation page.

Prosecutors are now examining the details of the accident to find out what charges the driver may be facing, according to WJBK.

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  1. What? The car was hit from behind… this makes no sense at all. Sad that she died, but somebody is trying to polish a turd with this headline.

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