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Dear Censored,

Video: Freedom Fighter Court Victory! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! – Global Research

– Maximilian

Dear Censored,

So this person takes too long to fill up at a petrol station. Jeep driver attempts to steal it. Caught. Evidence sent to police. Police find out persons mentally ill. Well stealing alright then. And of course the jeep driver later became a transexual. 



Dear Censored,

Looks like we have a basketball player that likes America and is passionate about our country. Thank God!!!

“It’s bigger than us… I started to tear up.”

Dear Censored,

Ever hear of Russell Williams? I always think of his story when you talk about how trans is commonly a fetish. He was a Canadian air force colonial that would break into females homes to put on their clothes and take pictures, he then started killing them. Creepy Shit.

Dear Censored,

Priest ‘beaten to death by refugee he welcomed into his community despite being on bail for torching Cathedral


Dear Censored,

Have you heard this? It’s like 5 incredible songs in one, so it takes a little more than just a quick skim, but they’re canadian so I think you’d at least appreciate it if you aren’t aware of them already. They have a lot of good ones though.

I’m sure Vice reviewed this when it came out in 2008. I used to really enjoy reading those reviews. I thought i read somewhere that you reviewed all of them sometimes and it was you just creating funny pseudonyms for the reviewer. This was at the tail end of your time there though, i think. 

Anyway, maybe it would help ryan acquire some good taste, at the very least. Has he seen “How To Be A Man”? The kid in that is like a smarter ryan


Dear Censored,

I am currently day 3 into a 6 day trip to Edinburgh & Glasgow to see family. 
I cannot believe how obsessed Edinburgh is with covid and so proud they seem to be of the restrictions.
It was nothing like this in England at the height of the restrictions. In England at least when the shops/pubs etc were implementing the restrictions 90% of the staff had the attitude of “I know this is fucking stupid but we have to do it”. I work in Shoreditch the lefty, hipster politically correct mecca of the UK or so I thought before coming to Edinburgh post Covid but even Shoreditch has nothing on Edinburgh. 
There is a attitude here of who can virtual signal the most by having the strictest rules even your back street old man proper pubs are obsessed. 
July 19th in England all the restrictions dropped and on the 19th it was pretty much back to normal, pubs normal, trains normal and everyone was happy with it, of course you have the virtual signalling left wing types on the trains proudly in their masks but whatever if they wanna wear them, cool and to be fair they just get on with it, but here in Scotland you can feel the hatred and the arrogance especially from the young millennials working in the restaurants is incredible . 
Today is the 9th of August and today is the day Scotland drop the restrictions and I thought ok at least the last 3 days will be normal but no, anything but everywhere has seen it as a opportunity to outdo each other with how to try and show how “concerned they are about people’s safety” (which we all know by this point it has absolutely nothing to do with peoples safety) and proudly enforce the restrictions even though they have been lifted, to show what good people they are, which we all means they are usually the worst type of person. We went to the castle this morning expecting to buy tickets on the door like we have many times before walked up the royal mile in the pissing rain as always only to get to the top and ask to buy some tickets and the bloke in the ticket stall proudly, smugly said in that way that the left can only seem to do that even though the restrictions are lifted today the castle have chosen to keep the restrictions for the foreseeable future for every ones safety. The irony of Edinburgh Castle which has seen some of the most brutal, fighting, tortures etc now proudly virtue signalling covid restrictions. 
Now hopefully it’s just good old fashion hating the English with my strong English accent and stupid skinny jeans they think lets use covid rules to wind up this clearly English wanker, but it does not feel like that, I am use to that been coming to Scotland for my whole 32 years of life, this is different this is brainwashed covid nonsense virtue signalling. 

If you told me at the start of all this bollocks that when it was coming to the end, places like Shoreditch and the small towns of Hertfordshire would of dealt with the restrictions in a better way than Scotland has, it really does make me fear for Scotland and what that absolute disgrace of a human Nicola Sturgeon, has done to this great country but what is even worse is how the people are Scotland are not only allowing it but actively embracing it is truly “pathetic” in the words of Jimmy Mcinnes. 
Hopefully Glasgow will bring back some respect for Scotland. 
Any way I have found a new favourite drink please see attached so not all bad. 
New studio looks amazing and again to Ryan congrats on the wedding and baby. 
The episode of you all watching the UFC was brilliant great idea and needs to be done more often, quality content. 
What is with all the mistakes lately Ryguy ??? 
All the best 


Dear Censored,

News Story:Guy yells slur at player during game and no one cares. Investigation has been opened.

Reality:Guy is trying to get mascot ‘Dinger’ attention for his kids. Read the reddit comments.


Dear Censored,

I just caught one of your vids about mental patients gender psychosis on Tic Tock.  This article about the Calhoun Mouse Utopia Experiment (who is playing at The Roxy this Friday) might explain the collapse of mental health in the first world:


Dear Censored,

Charlie brown is a Proud Boy… Oh, and so are the Pittsburgh Steelers, lol….


Dear Censored,

 just finished watching your fight recap and COusin Eddie mentioning Arturo Gotti being killed by his wife made me realize he is likely the subject of my favorite song by seminal 90s ALbertan cow punk band The Smalls, “Pity The Man With The Fast Right Hand,”  embedded below for your pleasure.  I new fuck you with glass heels friend.


Dear Censored,

I found a video about how totalitarian societies develop on a YouTube Channel called After Skool (link below).  It explains how totalitarians use fear in order to gain more power for the central government, infantilize the population, and isolate the citizens from one another.  May you find it interesting and useful.

By the way, Ryan has been castigated too much of late.  He’s a much better producer than he was three years ago.  His work is mostly competent now.  You should praise him a little.  At the same time, may he never become fully competent.  That would make Get Off My Lawn 25% less funny.


Dear Censored,

Check out this wicked chick who totally intimidates the police. You might even shit your pants or wet the bed. Be warned. 


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