The mother of an unhinged nude man pushing people onto the subway tracks on Saturday came to her boy’s defense, saying her son was not an hostile man but simply off his medication during the New York nightmare.

Ethel Trammell told The New York Post on Sunday that Malik Jackson, her son who died after diving on a bystander who had tried to help anther man Jackson allegedly pushed onto the subway tracks, would ordinarily have been the first one to act as the hero if he were on his meds. 

“I apologize for what he did to the people in the subway,” stated 53-year-old Trammell of Far Rockaway, Queens. “But that just wasn’t him.

“Believe me, if my son jumped on the track, he would have jumped on the track to try to help you. My son had a good heart.

“He definitely would’ve helped,” the mother insisted. “He wouldn’t be pushing nobody down there. He would’ve been the one that would’ve jumped down there himself.”

She claims that Jackson was feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, because it seemed to take away the social services he was dependent on.

Trammell explained that Jackson was diagnosed with psychosis when he was only a teen and began to hear voices in his head, growing steadily paranoid that people around him were attempting to dress the same as he was.

She expressed that she would supply him with money and clothes at the West 110th Street homeless shelter where Jackson had made his permanent residence. The distressed mom claimed she was not in contact with him for almost two weeks. 

“He was off his medication,” she stated. “The last time he was here was Jan. 4, which was his birthday. 

“If he got off his medication, he just wasn’t stable, and the longer he was off, he would get aggressive.

“The guy on the subway, that definitely was not my son,” Trammell stressed. “This was one of the nicest guys in the world. He was so nice, he would give you the shirt off his back.

“And now people probably say, ‘Oh, the maniac in the subway,’” she continued. “But his behavior doesn’t explain who he really was.”

Investigators alleged that Jackson stripped off his clothes and accosted the unnamed victim at the West 110th Street and Lenox Avenue station at about 3:40 p.m. on Saturday. 

A 55-year-old disabled US Army veteran, Tyler Horrell,  dove onto the tracks to pull the man back to safety, but Jackson then turned his attention to Horrell, cops say. 

During the altercation, Jackson made contact with the third rail and was electrocuted to death.

A train was just coming into the station at the time, but did not come into contact with the two surviving commuters, police said.

The two survivors were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital, suffering only minor injuries.

“It happens more than you think,” a station worker who was staffing a payment booth at the time said to The Post.

“I mean, you live in New York? You know what it’s like on the subway these days.”

“Absolutely crazy,” commuter Edris Bacchiano, 59, who takes the 3 train for work, said regarding the short video clip, shown to her by The New York Post, that depicts the naked man hurling himself at his victim and kicking, before ultimately shoving him with both hands onto the tracks. 

“I used to stand at the edge of the platform. You know, waiting for the doors to open,” she explained. 

“I don’t do that anymore. I am just more careful. I’m a native New Yorker. I know what time it is. You see I’m standing with my back to the wall. That’s because I don’t want anyone coming up behind me.”

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