A group of parents in Georgia were unhappy that the coronavirus thwarted a planned high-school homecoming dance, so they decided to hold their own lavish get-together for 250 of the disappointed students. Some were even seen in pictures without masks, according to accounts.

A parent of one of the teens at Ola High School in McDonough, GA who participated in the Nov. 14 bash at a rented locale told the Daily Beast that she and the other parents arranged the event so the teenagers wouldn’t lose out on a rite of passage for young adults.

“It’s my daughter’s senior year, so I hosted a dance,” parent Beth Knight said to the Daily Beast. “It was terrific.”

Knight told the outlet that she and other party planners sold over 300 tickets, but only 250 students made an appearance because “they were warned by teachers and coaches” not to attend due to the danger of contracting or spreading COVID-19.

“The kids who came had fun,” the mother said.

Knight said she was not aware of anyone who showed up to the dance and ended up testing positive for the Wuhan coronavirus in the nine days following the event.

“Kids need to have normalcy to help with anxiety and depression,” she added. “Don’t you agree?”

Knight contended that progressives and Democrats “want to keep the virus agenda front and center,” while people who lean right are anxious to return to how their lives we’re before the outbreak.

“This whole virus plandemic scamdemic has totally ruined 2020,” Knight told the Daily Beast. “The media [is] paralyzing people with fear so they will do mail-in ballots to rig an election. They succeeded in election fraud. The election is over. People need to stop bowing down to the virus. Forcing people to wear masks is a crime.”

Knight did not explain in detail any safety measurements that were taken at the event, but two students who made comments anonymously said they had to sign a virus waiver with safety guidelines, received contactless temperature readings, hand sanitizers, and voluntary face coverings.

Administrators from the school did not respond to messages for comment on Monday, but Henry County’s school district acknowledged “school leaders did hear of the private, non-school affiliated party,” as stated in the report.

“This was a private party and in no way sanctioned/sponsored by the school or the school district,” the spokesman stressed. “Henry County Schools continues to adhere to the guidelines and protocols set forth by the CDC, Department of Public Health, and local medical professionals.”

At least two students at the high school have tested positive for the virus, including one from last week, the district spokesman claimed.

The students, who requested to remain anonymous, cited that about 10 parent chaperones were at the shindig.

“Obviously not everybody went, so I guess if somebody had a problem, they just didn’t go,” Tony Sargent, a parent from McDonough, said to the Daily Beast.

Henry County had 7,349 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 127 confirmed deaths as of this past Tuesday, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health data.

A spokeswoman for Georgia’s District 4 Public Health, which covers Henry County, alleged that health professionals are seeing a spike in coronavirus cases “pretty much everywhere.”

“If you give it to the end of the week, we may be able to link some cases to this event,” spokeswoman Hayla Folden claimed. “We’re continuing to see higher numbers of cases in Henry County, but they also have the highest population in our district.”

Other schools in the area are discussing having similar events for “winter balls,” as reported by the two anonymous students who spoke out.

“We all deserved a dance,” one asserted. “We’ve been trying to help them.”

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