Princeton African-American Studies Professor Eddie Glaude was back at it the morning after Election Day, unsheathing his usual rhetorical weapons of racism, whiteness, and patriarchy—this time as the reason for why the neck-and-neck presidential race was not a blowout, according to The College Fix.

As reported by Newsbusters, when asked on “MSNBC Live” why the Joe Biden/Donald Trump contest was so close, Glaude told host Craig Melvin it was because “whiteness still animates the core of this country along with selfishness.”

Glaude asked: “What are these people voting for when they vote for Donald Trump? What are they voting for? There’s incompetence, 230,000 dead. There’s mendacity, lying every day. There’s corruption, there’s hatred, there’s grievance, there’s resentment. What are they voting for?”

When asked by Melvin about Trump’s distinct inroads among black and Hispanic voters, Glaude changed the subject:

We need to understand sexism and patriarchy isn’t a possession of white men, that sexism and patriarchy is, in fact, the possession of Hispanic men and black men.

How did he appeal to [white voters]? He appealed to them with hate, with grievance, with resentment. So although we can tell the story about black men. Although we can tell the story about Latinos and we need to disaggregate that category, this is a story about white America. This is a story about how whiteness still animates the core of this country along with selfishness, Craig, because we know who this man is. This race shouldn’t be this tight, at least from my vantage point.

Melvin challenged Glaude on his assessment citing NBC’s exit polling data, according to Newsbusters. 

It looks as if the president did markedly better with Hispanic voters in Florida, especially South Florida, better with Hispanic voters in Texas as well. And then there’s this, according to NBC News exit polls of early and election day voters — again, exit polling here — 91% of black women went for Biden, 80% of black men went for Biden. What do you make of the disparity between black male voters and black female voters according to this exit poll data?”

Glaude was inclined to dismiss the data, citing mail-in balloting, but still struggled with the fact that an alleged racist could gain among Hispanic and black voters, so like any good leftist, he blamed the patriarchy: “We need to understand sexism and patriarchy isn’t a possession of white men, that sexism and patriarchy is, in fact, the possession of Hispanic men and black men.”

The Fix reported that even after it was shown the boys from Covington High School were not the instigators of an engagement with an elderly Native activist, Glaude stated that the boys were the beneficiaries of “white privilege” and that their MAGA hats “invite confrontation.”

The Fix also noted that “Glaude blamed ‘whiteness’ for the 2019 New Zealand massacre, and once referred to a Trump tweet about deporting illegal immigrants as a ‘terrorist act.'”

Glaude took to Twitter following the unofficial election results, tweeting: “I am excited about Biden’s victory. But I am looking these images [sic]. For three consecutive days we have broken records with Covid infections. Be wise and careful in your celebration.”

Glaude is not alone in the idea that a Biden/Harris presidency will somehow bring down the number of coronavirus cases.

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