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Dear Censored,

Today I went to the Seattle aquarium which is not something I would find myself doing again. Not for any particular reason other than I don’t care about ocean shit in the slightest. But besides the indoctrinating information signs written and styled in a way to grab kids attention. So that they can creep into their heads with signs reading “vote for legislation more apt to provide help for the environment.”
        Besides that, I was In line waiting for the restroom. Yes they were genderless with multiple stalls. But due to covid bull shit we were to only have one person in at a time. As I wait behind a fat gay or trans (who knows) a Mexican man comes up to ask “is this for the mens?”. The Gay-Trans with a little pep in its step so proudly goes it doesn’t say mens its the bathroom.

After typing this the story is anything but entertaining. Peace.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

This guy in Canada is suing the CBC for discrimination because they have been capitalizing “Black” but not “white”. 
 I remember him from some hidden camera deal a few years ago where he did a Lindsey Shepard type thing at school but with less crying. Looks like he’s done a freedom of information act request on the complaints the CBC received in regards to the offending style guide, and it looks like Canadians were roundly and soundly against the stupidity. “White people have no culture” is a popular phrase in Canada now, because the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects culture and people are concerned it might accidently protect white people. “White people” was a phrase exclusively used by white supremacists and the indigenous when I was a kid. I was Scottish Canadian or Anglo because of language, then at some point I turned “white”.
All studies I’ve seen show 80% of Canadians want recent immigrants doing more to fit in, but you’d never know it watching the CBC. And thats a study of all Canadians, meaning the 80% figure includes recent and longstanding immigrants. 
On the subject of the Canadian anthem, the change wasn’t about God, it was about gender. The phrase “in all they sons command” is a religious reference, but thats not why they neutered it, they neutered it because it had balls. They changed it from “all they sons command” to  “in all of us command” which was actually ver close the originally written lyrics before the ones we all grew up with were widely adopted. But, we can’t have it assumed that its the “sons” commanding things anymore.
This is a stupid of course, because in the world of song and poetry, things have gender. People wrongly believe the phenomenon of gendered language is exclusively a French thing that doesn’t exist in English, but it does.  We have mother nature and father time. A ship, or a car, a country is a “she”. We have “mother countries” that birth “sons” of that country. 
 So a gender equal answer to the issue of the anthem would be to sing “in all HER sons command” which would recognize both the male and female. Things like this are unexplainable to people who have wholesale rejected anything “white” or “colonial”. The light of God is required to recognize beauty, and these Godless monsters are possessed to destroy that light wherever they find it. I want a leader that can write a poem and kill a man with his bare hands. But the point with the anthem is that they didn’t make it gender neutral, they made it gender neutered. Win some wars ladies and then we’ll start singing about your bravery.


Dear Censored,

Golf robot would EAT YOUR ASS, gavin. 


Dear Censored,

I am an employee with the US Patent and Trademark Office that is under the auspices of the Commerce Department. Both the Commerce Secretary and the Director of the Patent Office are Presidential appointments. Thus, as a PTO employee I receive emails from the Commerce Secretary. I’ve never seen one this activist-like and I’ve worked here since Obama was in office. The trail has nothing to do with Commerce or Patent matters but we live in a time when everyone must virtue signal and tell their egotistical truth. The only evidence that Chauvin was “racist” was that he happened to be White and Floyd was Black. 

I highlighted the main points.


Subject: A message from Secretary Raimondo on the verdict in the case of the State v. Derek Chauvin

To all employees, 

Earlier this week, a Minnesota jury rendered its verdict in the case of the State v. Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd. It was good to see justice done in this case. Despite the long history of inequality and discrimination in our nation, I am encouraged by the significant headway we have made and continue to make together. But we must stay undeterred in our fight to rise above divisions and create a climate and culture of respect and inclusion in the workplace and in our communities.

As we work together to build a better America, we must also foster an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion across the Commerce Department that treats everyone with dignity and respect regardless of what they look like or where they come from. 

I believe that everyone has a role to play in this next chapter because our greatest strength lies in our diversity. It also lies in our humanity. The heinous killing of George Floyd was a vivid and stark reminder that racism and biases exist in American life every day for Black, brown, AAPI, and indigenous communities. This Administration is working hard to dismantle it brick by brick especially as it relates to socio-economic, education, healthcare, policing, housing and employment.  

As that work continues we send our thoughts and prayers to the Floyd family and everyone who was irrevocably impacted. If you need professional support including confidential counseling services, the Department of Commerce Employee Assistance Program is available as well as the Department’s Office of Civil Rights and the Bureau EEO and Diversity and Inclusion offices.    


Secretary Gina M. Raimondo 

Dear Censored,

Iceland kills 100% of babies with Down syndrome in abortion

Gavin is right again, but late this time.

This is from 2017:

Just in case:

This is re S03E102 – the hood is on fire. 26:10 onwards.


Dear Censored,

Watch the video slowly (sorry, I am linking the video in question from Ben Shapiro, but that doesnt matter, it shows the video I’m asking about)

* Time stamp 0:52 *
Watch it at normal speed from 0:52 to 0:58.
See where Ma’Khia is now (at 0:58) about to get shot? Run it back to 0:52 and tell me where you see her.
It looks like she appears from nowhere!
I may be drunk, but I cannot see where she comes from.


Dear Censored,

 was listening to the Howard Stern show today, and the guy is messed up beyond belief. He had Chelsea Handler on the show talking about the death of her father. I don’t know if it was part of the buttering up/love bombing phase of the interview but he kept praising her for how mentally strong she was, not like him who’s a mess, she’s a rock, she’s got it so together its just amazing. 
Then he brought up her recently deceased Father. She felt nothing when he died. They had no relationship but anger and fighting. When her sister called her to tell her about their Dad’s death, they both confessed relief while the sister admitted at least trying to cry, but not really that hard. No anger, no sadness, no pain, nothing. She’s a mental rock like Howard said.
Not 10 mins later she admits she was so angry about Trump that she was screaming at random white men on the street about being racists, leaving ,and then coming back to scream at them again “Don’t you have daughters, don’t you want them to have rights!?!??!” she screamed at these total strangers on the street. She became so unable to function in her life because she saw Trump on TV all the time she had to go see a psychiatrist to put her life back together. Not because of her Father, because of Trump.
 Neither her, nor Stern nor the psychiatrist seem to recognize the displaced anger about her father is so deep rooted thats it’s corrupted her entire psychology. I believe this explains nearly all her bizarre behaviours including the reparations sex with 50 Cent. 


Dear Censored,

Don’t know if you have seen this but this is quite telling of the triggered/safe-space/cancel-culture mentality of today.
Apparently Demi Lovato (Disney-channel/pop culture star) who have suffered from an eating disorder, felt ”unsafe” upon entering a Fro-Yo shop in LA that dared to have signs with ”diet yoghurt” and ”sugarfree yoghurt”. Because of these signs, Demi Lovato felt unsafe and blasted the store on social media. I’ve linked the apology-video in this email, where she ”apologizes” for attacking the store.

Her ”apology” is the embodiment of entitled safe-space snowflake mentality.

See for yourself:

Best wishes from a Danish subscriber. 


Dear Censored,

I was able to pull some data and analyzed it from both the BJS & CDC (SOURCES BELOW)– ranging from COVID to Blacks shot & killed by police– finding some provocative comparisons that I haven’t seen anyone mention.. I’ll list the first three most provocative:

a) You’re more than 5 times more likely to die from covid after being fully vaccinated than be black, unarmed and shot/killed by police during any given interaction with police.b) 28% of the covid deaths have occurred under biden, with Biden’s daily death rate being ~ 1.4 times greater than trump’s even with the vaccines..c) The increase in murder from the prior year ALONE in inner cities (30% applied, even though higher in other places) is greater than the prior 50 years of unarmed blacks being shot and killed by police.
COVID side:
1) 158k deaths occurred in 92 days of the biden administration, this is 28% of all deaths even with vaccinations2) 1.37 times more deaths are occurring each day under biden than under trump (from 2/29/20 first reported covid death CDC states to 1/19/21 – 408432 deaths / 326 days = 1252.86/day  v from biden 1/20/21 – 4/21/21 is 92 days so 566494 – 408432 = 158,062/92 days or 1718/dayPolice Shootings Side: 

1) You’re more than 5 times more likely to die from Covid after getting the vaccine then from being shot by police if black and unarmed during an interaction with police.

2) The increase in murder from the prior year alone in inner cities is greater than 50 years of unarmed blacks being shot and killed by police.

3) The increase in murder from the prior year alone in inner cities is greater than 3 years of police shooting and killing ANYONE, justified or not.

4) If you google george flyod’s name it auto fills as “American hip hop artist”
Analysis with references:

Total police interactions, BJS 2015-2018 avg per year: ~65,000,000.
Total police interactions, BJS 2015-2018 use of force: ~1,240,000 (~2% of total)
Deaths by police shootings, unarmed blacks per year: <20 Washington Post Database.  (0.000035% of total interactions, 0.00016% of all use of force interactions)
Total police shootings of blacks , all conditions Washington Post Database

Epoch times/NBC news: Fully vaccinated at time of article: ~65,000,000
Deaths occuring after vaccine: 996 (0.00153% of vaccinated— 10 times more likely than unarmed black shot by police during a use of force interaction)
Deaths Occuring due to Covid from 65 million : 104 (NBC News, washington state + Epoch times 
1) 104 per 65 mill (COVID deaths post vaccine) / 20 per 65 mill (Rounded-up avg of unarmed blacks shot and killed by police per year)  is greater than 5.

Total death increases in major cities from last year @ 30%: 3600
2) Total Unarmed black shootings by police resulting in death prior 50 years: <= 1000
3) Total shootings by police prior 3 years, resulting in death all races: 3000.

CDC Covid Historical Deaths up to 4/21/21 –
CDC First US Death Reported – Interactions, Use of force: (Table 3)
Vaccine, deaths & stats for inferences: (~1.2 mill fully vaccinated in washington state, ~100 people got covid after vaccination, ~2 deaths from covid)


Dear Censored,

I’m sure you’ve already heard and are probably annoyed w how many ppl are sending you this, but I am just so shocked I had to email. Joe Biggs, a Purple Heart vet, is now considered a “danger” to the country he risked his life for. What kind of dystopian hell are we living in? I’m seriously considering unsubscribing from Censored for fear of being on some FBI watchlist or targeted when the commies take over.

Also, I always thought Ben Shapiro was kind of a RINO/Fox News type too, but he’s been super red pilled lately. He came out in defense of Chauvin during/after the trial and I thought you might be interested in listening to that ep. Screenshot below. 
I think you’ve had Michael Knowles on your show before- he is more pro-Trump and red pilled than anyone who works for The Daily Wire and his podcasts are usually a lot more in line with your views. 
Like you more than a friend.

Dear Censored,

Not usually a fan of Key and Peele but they do have some gems. Here’s one about how society thinks Police should handle dangerous situations. It’s right up your alley. And by “alley” I mean your “anus”. And by “it’s right up” I mean “I want to fuck”. I like you more than a friend; plus 40 meters.

Be safe. 


Dear Censored,

The N-word incident in Holdenville, Oklahoma is literally the exact scenario as an episode if Boondocks. There is no more satire as the universe unravels itself preparing for the end times.

Holy Flying Fuck Buckets, this is bizzare.

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