Reverse a vasectomy

Dear Censored,

Long time subscriber first time writing. I had an incident where I had thousands of people accuse me of being racist and threaten to kill me because of a joke.

It started when I saw a post on Facebook, a girl I knew, her boyfriend supposedly got pulled over by a police officer for an expired sticker on his car. The post then switched to him saying that 10 police officers somehow showed up out of the blue and kicked the shit out of him, then he went on to talk about how racist all cops are. I proceeded to comment on the post saying “I don’t belive this, seems like there is a lot left out of this story.”. A few minutes later he messaged me and started talking shit, and I kept saying I didn’t believe him and that’s not a reason to act like a dick, but he kept going on and at one point he kept saying (“wait till I see you”) a good couple times. Then I made a joke saying “I guess we will know who the cops will believe”, which is fucking funny because of the bogus story he was trying to convince people of. Him and his girlfriend screenshotted the chat with that part they wanted everyone else to see and posted it all over social media, getting thousands of shares and which made me get a bunch of messages from people talking shit, saying they will kill me or find where I work. Had a lot of friends stop talking to me because of it. Just wanted to hear your opinion on it. I will attach an image that someone pasted my face on (you can put it on screen for everyone to see) that a had people make of me and send to my girlfriend and I. I thought it was the best thing to come out of the situation.

Keep doing what you’re doing, fight the good fight. Supporting you from Canada.


Dear Censored,

I’m sure you’ve seen this already but just in case:


Dear Censored,

How would trump deal with China going into the middle East? I think he’d deal with the Taliban more effectively and take out the leaders, but luckily no one cares anymore. They’re in Africa and the middle and own most of the west financially. What’s going to happen? 


Dear Censored,

On your “10 Things I Don’t Get” segment, you mentioned not understanding why WWI blew up to the proportions it did. At first I agreed but then I decided to look into it and I came to realize there was a lot more to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. 
Here’s a video explaining why it became such a big deal: 


Dear Censored,

I wanted to highly recommend you to watch the movie Squadron 303 ( It tells the incredible and tragic story of the Polish fighter pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain in WW2.

After having lost their families and their country due to the German invasion, a lot of pilots made their way to England in order to continue to fight. At first the Polish were looked down upon by the British military, but in the end saved their asses, having the highest kill rates of any allied squadrons. Although there are visually more impressive movies out there, the heroism and badassery makes my eyes go pee pee just thinking about it.

Furthermore I have found more definitive proof that Ryan is a fag. It says it in his name. Ryan is Scottish-Gaelic name. There you have it, he is literally “gae”. I still wish him all the best for him and his family.

Thank you for your service from communist shithole country of Germany,


PS: Because the sheep can hear a zipper from a mile away…

Dear Censored,

You guys blow. Check out the Lotus Eaters (Carl Benjamin’s new venture) for some tips on how to manage a good network. 
-Soph is cool but I can get all of her content elsewhere for less money.-Goad is self absorbed and boring without JB.-AIU should be called the dead horse beater, he puts so little effort into regurgitating the same shit.-The wrong opinion jew is so inexperienced he should be an intern.-Jacob Would is cool but one show a week is nothing and he posts on telegram and substack anyway.
-Finally, your show, despite opening the new studio, has plummeted in coherence and focus. You’re a great guy but you have to get your shit together. Reference my email yesterday, maybe you have Lyme? You should check with a doctor.
Gonna spend my sub money on Mr. Sargon.
Bye bye


Dear Censored,

I was hoping you guys would look at the South African looting and all the armed citizens firing at the looters. I saw many videos. Here are a few.

More Clown World stuff.
Biological Male Thinks He Can Breast Baby While The Mother With A Beard Cheers Him On”

California Rapper And Gang Member Gets Shot And Killed On Instagram Live


Dear Censored,

 I wanted to share this debate of a cool rabbi against Richard Spencer. He’s been on many debates including one with that autistic Syrian Girl who says that Israel shouldn’t exist and the only solution is a one-State solution with Syria conquering Israel. 
Debate with Richard spencer:

Debate with Syrian Girl:


Dear Censored,

This guy has the sprinkles kinda reminds me of Eric Andre. Haven’t seen his other stuff but this video is hilarious 


Dear Censored,

 just saw this crazy ad on YouTube where there are kids you’re kids watch YouTube I’m sure and this is them trying to normalize and brainwash these kids it’s disgusting.


Dear Censored,

ou showed that nauseating clip of the he/she and the she/he who had a baby they.  I noticed the birth was done in a pool of water. Believe it or not, the liberal show “The Office” nailed this practice of childbirth perfectly with Creed Bratton exclaiming “must be like the tide at Omaha Beach.”  

If the baby doesn’t look a lot like Ryan, fire him for crying out loud.



Dear Censored,

Listening to you talk about educating children brought to mind a story one of my close friends told me about his daughter. Growing up in New Zealand she was a poor student, not interested in applying herself.

He told me how the school had hired a fundamental Christian teacher from South Africa, and his daughter happened to be placed under his care. After a quick introductory period, he segregated the classroom into “stupid” kids and “smart” kids. I might be getting the precise terminology he used wrong but the story goes that the teacher was very blunt and it drew some criticism from parents but not all that much – I believe it was the 80s.

In response to my friend Gary’s question (paraphrasing): “how can you refer to the kids that way, surely it will damage their self-esteem?” he replied something to the effect of: “that’s what they are, their stupid, they don’t want to learn. I separate them so that the kids who want to learn can get on with it without being dragged down”.

Gary’s daughter was placed in the stupid class.

Fast-forward a few years and she graduated top of her year in mathematics and went on to become a chartered accountant at a large firm, technically in charge of almost 100 staff below her.

If that’s not impressive enough, she was on track to become a partner in the firm but turned it down to focus on being a wife and mother. She’s now happily married with 4 kids (so far) and a very proud father.

It seems clear to her father that she would have never applied herself without being given that rude assignation of “stupid”. Without being informed of the higher standard, she might have never have thought to strive for it


Dear Censored,

You can reverse a vasectomy. I got one at 25. I had two kids, but the doctor still gave me the lecture. 12 years later with wife #2, I had a reversal and they gave me a 10 % chance of conceiving… Cranked out two new ones. Modern miracle or superhuman sperm machine? I want to rub your shoulders with my flats on.


Dear Censored,

Don’t listen to the shit-for-brains viewers telling you to drink Chlorine Dioxide. It’s basically a chemical compound that is very similar to bleach, and although it is used in very small amounts to treat drinking water, if it is ingested at the levels suggested by these bullshit ‘supplements’ it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, severe dehydration, intentional bleeding, liver failure, and (obviously) death. At most it can be swished around in your mouth for around 30-60 seconds as a mouthwash to help bad breath, other than that listen to your genius doctor friend and stay away.

Also, I may have missed you guys talking about this channel before, but this dude has a fantastic and hilarious YouTube channel where he makes Trump sing covers of songs using various media clips.


Dear Censored,

I have some interesting news on the vaccine that we are not being told. So my wife, her sister and her mother are all nurses and they all have the same stories. My wife’s mom has been a nurse for 25 years and she said at the hospital she is at, they designated the 5th floor for vaccine distribution, and she said that, about every 20 minutes there are code blues being called to that floor. She also works in labor and delivery and they are being told to push the vaccine to pregnant women and they are now getting women at 30+ weeks being vaccinated and coming back with dead babies. Her sister works on a cardiac floor and says that they are flooded with patients with no past medical history but now have blood clots and heart problems, and 100 percent of them were recently vaccinated. My wife works with kids and she is seeing a ton of kids come in with the same issues, clots and children as young as 14 having heart attacks with no medical history, and 100 percent of them are vaccinated. Also theses patients are 100 percent males. Most of them are 1st dose vaccinated so this kinda goes with Pet Bidens admin saying that people are not going back for their second dose so they have to go door to door to get them back. I wonder if they reported on this as much as they reported on corona cases, maybe more people would wake up.


Dear Censored,

This dude has sprinkles or he is a nut job. 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Holy motha fuckin shit was that Vanity Fair article insufferable. That guy sure likes talking about himself, huh? I thought it was supposed to be an article about you (or his warped opinion of you). The manner in which he wrote it too… my God. The faggotry. As if he were an 80 year old man looking back on the great successes of his super interesting life, when in reality the only thing interesting about him is that he was around to ride the coat tails of truly  interesting, successful, hardworking men.
Also, my dad passed away super suddenly at our Memorial Day (May 31st) bbq. He was a truly exceptional human being, and sadly, one of the last of a dying breed. 
He thrived in the 80’s- starting a beautiful family and working his ass off, and, yes, wearing short-shorts. I just thought you might be interested because you always talk about how MAGA means getting us back to the 80’s in America. 
I’m only 24 and my mom passed away when I was 4 so he’s the only parent I ever really knew. The only thing that brings me peace is knowing that he got to live his youth during America’s Golden Age, and that we partied, danced, and told each other we loved each other the day he passed. Definitely the most traumatic shit I’ve ever been through, though. We always hear that people can die any second, but having it actually happen to the person you love the most in the world right in front of you after a completely normal, awesome day really fucks you up on another level.
I know you and I don’t know each other and you might not care very much, but he lived an amazing, interesting life and I promise it’s worth reading about. He found a smoke show to call his wife, learned a trade and worked his ass off, started a beautiful family, and was a rock to all 4 of his kids for as long as he lived. Basically lived the American Dream. Idk if you think it’s dumb, but since he really was the man that you’re always encouraging your young men subscribers to be, maybe you’d wanna show a few pics after John and Max’s pics go up? Idk just an idea.


Here’s his obituary:
And a several awesome pics (sorry I tried to keep it to 3, but there’s just too many good ones):

Dear Censored,

Sorry if you’ve seen this one before. You’re absolutely right about Mellencamp and his blaccent. Met him at a Friday’s years ago. He was a complete piece of shit. This is just a quick stab at Jack & Diane.

If you make any trip to Indianapolis, stop by our shop.
Thank you for all you do!! 


Dear Censored,

Possible drop at 2 minutes and 34 seconds in for ryan to play whenever Gavin farts into the mic.


Dear Censored,

I had a weird experience working in my capacity as a bartender today. This petite blonde 8.5 won’t stop flirting with me the whole time she’s there, going so far as to leave her number even after I flashed the wedding ring and told her how excited I am about my upcoming child. 
Turns out she’s some sort of professional ballerina, so it had me really puzzled why she would be interested in a doughy, unshaven, happily married father-to-be? Then it dawns on me: she works with fags all day. The “men” around her all day are super toned baby-faced fags and she needs an honest to God man to hold her like these gays do in their romantic dances.
Just a theory I thought you would appreciate. Ryan, cut your hair. You’re about to be a father. 


Dear Censored,

Nazi salute, threats, pepper-spray, and an attempt to set Pride flag ablaze doesn’t qualify as hate crime, CPD says

It’s as if this guy read recent stories about maga people getting in trouble and then went out to test what would happen if the races were reversed.


Dear Censored,

Just watching tonight’s episode and you mentioned if you lived in South Africa you’d have a gun on you at all times. My fiancé (who I’m marrying this weekend, partially thanks to your advice) is South African and from what her parents say the gun restrictions there have always been bad and have recently gotten worse. It is incredibly difficult to get a gun anymore and I’m 99 percent sure that you cannot carry like we can in most states in the US. 
My fiancé’s parents went back a few years ago and tried to return a gun to the government because they no longer live there and it was gonna be a hassle to bring over here. The police tried to say that the paperwork was wrong and that they were not the rightful owners of the gun. The cops weren’t gonna let them leave the station. They thought they were going to get arrested for no reason at all. 
Also, not sure if you’ve played it before, but here is a hilarious video displaying how big of a retard the former president Zuma was. He cannot read. This is just like Biden not being able to count. The funny thing is, you say South Africa reminds you of America and you are absolutely right, we both have bumbling idiots leading the country. 


Dear Censored,

Just wanted to write and thank you for your show and what you do. I discovered you first back when you were on the joe rogan podcast and have been following you ever since. I liked your style in that you don’t ask for permission to have a hot take on any issue. I’ve adopted that quality myself and it has led to much more interesting conversations with my friends and family. 
I found you just after quitting my engineering job at General Electric and switched to buying real estate for long term rentals (I know you have mentioned you invest in real estate yourself, it would be cool to hear you elaborate on that more on the show). I took your message of actively pursuing a good wife to heart and started attending any of the local 20s catholic group brewery hang outs. I found an amazing girl there, dated 9 months, proposed, 9 month engagement and just had our first baby. My wife wants to have 4 but I’m hoping for 6-8 kids. We gotta get busy though because she is 28.
You’ve helped me out a lot in deepening my catholic faith. As you know, catholic teaching doesn’t allow for masturbation, porn, and sex before marriage, HOWEVER that can lead to sexual repression for a lot of young men which isn’t the right answer. You helped coach me to redirect that sexual drive towards finding a wife. Once I started laying those bricks every day and dating with intention my life changed and I’m better for it. 
Keep up the good work guys, what you do makes a difference in families like mine.


Dear Censored,

Look at this Gdog unreal. also what do you think About England losing the Euro 2020 final then it gets turned into Racism, I called it after the game the British media would make it about race, also there was a video online from Wembley at halftime of fighting lots of people fighting but on Twitter it said white thugs kicked an Asian man, a guy did get kicked but he was Italian as fuck get RKR to look into the madness after the final or better still do it yourself, to my knowledge nobody has shown any of the racist tweets or messages sent to the England squad but you have better resources than me so maybe you can find something.


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  1. Hey Arbella. Your old man was awesome. Last of the old breed. A true man. God bless you and your family, sorry for your loss. The world gets a bit darker without guys like him.

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