In the wake of two recent mass shootings the issue of gun control has left some in the music world divided.

In under a week, two major mass shootings took place in the US: one near Atlanta claimed eight lives, and another in Boulder, Colo. left ten dead.

Some media outlets have defined a mass shooting as “a single incident when four or more individuals are shot.” This definition classifies many gang-related and domestic situations as mass shootings, rather than only the highly publicized random acts of gun violence with large numbers of casualties.

Using that definition, anti-gun news outlets have spun the numbers to say that over 100 mass shootings have taken place in the United States in just the first few months of 2021, claiming 122 people have been killed and 325 wounded.

One person compelled to enter the debate was Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider who replied to a tweet from US Representative and pro-gun activist Lauren Boebert, saying she was a “fucking idiot.”

“I thought it stood for ‘You AR a fucking idiot!’ – sincerely, Dee Snider. Proud gun owner, 2nd amendment advocate AND BELIEVER IN INTELLIGENT GUN CONTROL!!! If you need an AR-15 for self defense…you are a terrible shot,” tweeted the rock star who at one time opposed Democrats trying to censor music with the PMRC.

Former Skid Row front man Sebastian Bach also jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon, agreeing with Snider’s tweet, highlighting the advancements in firearms the public could own since the authorship of the Bill of Rights:

“The people that believe that it’s the year 1776 & the 2nd Amendment applies literally in 2021 do not understand the difference between a Musket and an AR-15,” said the singer who once sported an “AIDS Kills Fags Dead” T-shirt. 

Noodles, guitarist from the 90s band Offspring, joined the conversation by getting into a Twitter spat with a fan about US gun culture.

“Gun culture cancels people dead,” the guitarist said. A fan sarcastically replied: “Agreed, just let the obviously not corrupt government have guns. Great plan.”

Noodles then snapped back, “You gonna take on the cops & the military with your AR-15? Good luck with that.”

Phil Labonte from All That Remains spoke up to defend gun owners in a series of tweets.

“The point of the second amendment is not hunting or ‘owning a gun.’ It’s about being able to defend your life and property. From anyone up to and including government. Which is why a militia is mentioned. The militia is to fight government. Cause that’s what the founders did,” he tweeted. 

He added: “There is no nuance to the freedom of speech. The point of the freedom of speech is to be able to express ideas without fear of punishment from government. ‘Fire in a crowded theater’ is not expressing an idea. Incitement is not expressing an idea.”

“Any gun laws are infringements. That’s the definition of infringe. The justification for the law is ‘it will reduce murders,’ but it clearly does not. So there is no good justification for violating the constitution.

“There are no military weapons that should be prohibited from private ownership,” Labonte concluded. 

Michale Graves, former singer for the Misfits and host of Censored.TV’s Radio Deadly, came out strongly on the side of the Second Amendment.

“All of the legislation, laws, bans, and executive orders will do nothing to protect your life, liberty, and property from a bad guy that has decided to do you harm,” Graves told Censored.TV News.

“What sense does it make to instantly turn millions of responsible gun owners that would put themselves in harms [sic] way into felons?”

2 thoughts on “Rock Stars In Twitter Spat Over Gun Control

  1. I love what Labonte said about the “yelling FIRE in a crowded theater” quote. I get SO upset when I hear this argument being used… it’s like saying you had a machine gun that was voice-operated to fire, and you’re like…. “hey… it’s just freedom of speech…”
    It is such a blatant strawman. We need to start teaching in schools these arts of deception commonly used.

  2. kind of cool that dee snider is exactly the kind of douchey male bimbo you might have suspected when looking at his stupid face… lmao

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