Swarms of San Francisco residents in the far-left city are pulling together in outrage to keep the city from renaming 44 schools that recognize historical leaders whom progressives now call “racist,” including statesmen such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, the New York Post reports.

“It’s a message to our families, our students and our community,” proudly stated board member Mark Sanchez after the decision. “It’s not just symbolic.”

Over 7,200 people have put their names on an online petition lashing out at the school board’s divisive vote to cancel the names of former US presidents and war heroes who supposedly have links to racism or oppression.

The petition reads in part: “As parents/constituents, we strongly disagree with this decision – when schools are still yet to open and SFUSD has not come up with an effective plan for remote learning, we believe that renaming schools is the wrong priority.”

Mayor London Breed even commented that the decision by the school board is “…offensive. It’s offensive to parents who are juggling their children’s daily at-home learning schedules with doing their own jobs and maintaining their sanity….It’s offensive to our kids who are staring at screens day after day instead of learning and growing with their classmates and friends.”

The concerned citizens’ objective is to create enough public outcry to persuade board members not to wipe away the names of national heroes during a meeting set for April 19. In April, the school board will finalize a decision about how in particular to rename the schools, explained Lope Yap, Jr., vice president of San Francisco’s George Washington High School alumni association.

“Public pressure could influence their process,” Yap stressed. “If they get enough backlash they might reconsider.”

Besides the petition, hundreds of alumni from the schools have drafted their own letters to the board denigrating the decision to strike away the names of national icons spanning from Revolutionary War hero Paul Revere to leftist US Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.).

“We feel that whether socialist, conservative or independent, if you honor truth in history, politics needs to be put to the side,” Yap emphasized. “We don’t want to erase things.”

Yap also slammed the school board’s assertion that Lincoln was prejudiced and destructive to Native Americans.

He added, “Lincoln is President Obama’s favorite president.”

“His accomplishments overwhelm any dark history,” he insisted. “They forget that abolitionists praised Abraham Lincoln.”

“Abolitionist Frederick Douglass praised Lincoln. Several historians have refuted the advisory committee’s conclusion regarding Lincoln,”  Yap pointed out to the school board. “Mount Vernon sent you a letter extolling Washington and his overall accomplishments, even after pointing out Washington’s dark history.”

He continued on to say, “To me, this issue is nutty.”

Other concerned citizens lashed out at the board for everything from championing “cancel culture” to ridiculous spending practices. The same board is said to have approved spending over $400,000 to replace signage, sports uniforms, and gym floors in all of the renamed schools.

However, Yap acknowledged he doesn’t know of any current plans to take legal action opposing the school board in order to reverse the decision. “If there is going to be a lawsuit it’s not gonna happen before [April] 19th,” he noted.

“We need to examine our naming policies across the district and really consider how the way we go about naming schools reflects our true values,” commented board member Kevine Boggess, who supported the proposal. The petition ends with asking the school board members to “…stop wasting time and money renaming the schools and focus on educating our kids!”


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