Sex with a purpose is so much better

Dear Censored,

This one’s got the sprinkles with the added bonus that she’s a solid nine (if not ten even, a day ruiner for sure). 

Wine demon:

White girl twerk:
Happy if you use my name: Hans Ronnqvist from Sweden. I don’t mind getting into trouble 👌



Dear Censored,

Something you might enjoy watching. Now fuck off


Dear Censored,

Thank you for reading my letter about Justin Volpe. Here is some info that is being conveniently “forgotten on that liar, fraud and overall son of a bitch Eric Adams:
Eric Adams is a liar. He is NOT a 22 year veteran of the NYPD. He spent 11 years in the transit police only later to be transferred to NYPD when Giuliani merged the two institutions. There is a big difference between running after toll jumpers and actually going on patrols and raids etc.
Eric Adams is also a fraud and a constant flip-flopper. He first said he is anti stop and frisk, now he says he is pro. He first said dinkens was a disaster as mayor now he says there are many elements that he would like to copy as mayor. The list goes on. Do not believe a word this shmuck says.
Most importantly, Eric Adams is a son of a bitch. Every cop that knew him hated him. He makes it like he grew up watching cops beat up blacks and that he joined to clean up the police force. That is a bunch of bullshit, but he did not hesitate to constantly attack and criticize other cops at every turn over their behavior towards blacks and claim they are prejudiced. He even started a whole controversy and attacked Ray Kelly calling him a racist! He eventually had to retire from the police force due to behavioral issues and was charged (administratively) on three counts though he was only convicted of one and got a slap on the wrist over it (15 days taken from vacation). 
In short Curtis Sliwa (Slee-Wah) is the only option. He is a great man and truly the only one that has our boys in blue backs. Curtis has all this info and is waiting to release it once the primaries are over if adams wins and they debate.
Fuck Eric Adams that lying disingenuous cunt.
Like you more than a friend


Dear Censored,

my pet biden president of south africa


Dear Censored,

I wanted to thank you for how much you have done in changing my life. I was a loser living at home way too long. I was 25 going nowhere, graduated college (dumb choice) and my Girlfriend of 2 years and I broke up. Mainly because I couldn’t commit and was an all around unstable loser.
I started listening to your show and laughing at all the woke people and then realized I was the same class of loser that I was mocking. I immediately started getting my shit together. I have a job earning 80K a year, I bought and am remodeling from the ground up a condo 2 miles from the beach in San Diego and I lost 35 pounds. My girlfriend and I reconnected, she loved who I became and that I manned up and got my shit together. She is about to move in, getting the ring, will have a small ceremony just to knock it out and I already have tried to put a baby in her. I can’t describe the first time I didn’t pull out. Sex with a purpose is so much better. She now feels like she has a purpose in life and I was able to give her that.
You changed my life and though I don’t agree with everything you say you are doing men my age (now 27) a great service. Keep up the fight. My girl loves you for how you helped me turn my life around and now understands the difference between women and shit-chests. You not only helped make a man, you are one of the reasons a family will be built because you didn’t back down in life. I am forever grateful.

Now I get to “Be Brave” and make my own little platoon of soldiers and say “Follow me!”


Dear Censored,

The real meaning behind the gay flag?

I recently was thinking, “What’s up with the rainbow flag?” I looked it up and was given the explanation that the colors all stood for arbitrary things like: green is for nature, yellow is for sunlight, etc. For some reason, I don’t buy it. What does sunlight have to do with being gay exactly? My theory is that the colors are related to the old gay colored hanky code. As in, a yellow hanky worn on the left back pocket means you’re into watersports. I don’t know, what do you think?


Dear Censored,

Enrique dead beat dad?

ilo uploaded a video how Enrique tried bullying a woman in Texas into a abortion because having a child out of wedlock would hurt his political campaign. She lucky kept the child but now he isn’t paying child support. I know you had him on to give his side on the informant thing, maybe get him on for this? Although he isn’t the leader anymore it’s still a terrible look and calls into question the respect he gets from PBs around the country. 


Dear Censored,

As an American/Veteran (Caucasian descent), living in Hawaii…  I’ve always had a problem with the word “Haole.”

I would like for you to  Google “define Haole” and tell me your thoughts.

This island/State is the embodiment of~ a multitude of different countries and cultures; yet a growing mass of the public seem to not understand the islands are 99.999999995% invasive!

If I was to say “chink” to a random Asian person (being from China/Japan/Taiwan/Korea/etc etc etc), I’d be labeled a racist.
But, calling me a Haole, after a decade of living here (because of my skin tone, is OK.



Dear Censored,

Not the same side politically but disturbing behaviour by politicians shutting down the funnies. 


Dear Censored,

I have 2 kids ages 4 and 9. It seems like every movie and show made for children is trying to teach my kids about gay buttsex. So in order to keep my kids safe I pay a monthly fee on a site called Common Sense Media and check everything they watch. It gives parents descriptions of bad stuff for kids in movies, video games, and shows. I have noticed that Common Sense Media does not include any LGBTQ+ messages in their warnings. They apparently think gay storylines are good for kids. Parents need a website that warns us about LGBT messaging with a searchable database. With all the Christian parents out there this is a million dollar idea. Can one of your tech smart listeners get on this? Perhaps making millions to watch kid movies and play video games could give Ryan’s life some meaning! 

Common Sense Media helps my young kids from watching straight people talk about normal sex. But they aren’t warning us when young characters are talking about cutting off dicks and tits!


My friend bought his teen boy a game called Last of Us 2 last Christmas. He doesn’t mind his kids seeing violence, cussing, or zombies so it seemed like a cool gift. Had a big “GAME OF THE YEAR” sticker on it thanks to all the gay bloggers.  He then discovered that it featured a lesbian lead character saving a young trans child in a zombie apocolypse. WTF. He took it back to the store and was told “this game is for adults.” His response… “No, all video games are for children.”

Dear Censored,

Before articles like this would get my blood boiling, but now I can only laugh at the new “racism” and use it to red pill friends and family. I think showing articles like this to people left of center and asking them if they think this is serious in any way might help change a few minds about our current political and cultural climate.
‘White supremacy colors everything, even art’: Tattoo artists of color battle narrative that ideal skin for ink is white
Here is a link if you are not subscribed. 
I can’t even read about restaurants in the Seattle area without coming across articles like this. Last December I was trying to find a place to eat downtown and thought I could rely on a website that is dedicated to helping find something… But instead on the front page was this… can’t even find a restaurant review without White Male Toxicity being put in my face.
Kristina Glinoga Is Reimagining Butchery, Leaving White Male Toxicity Behind


Dear Censored,

i’m not a dr but i do a lot of volunteer work for drs without diplomas, mostly in vegas and costa rica, but i can offer my advice about the issue with the back of your heed.  minoxidil 2x daily best when you wake up and before going to bed.  saturate the area. biotin shampoo every other day with something that removes the dht from your scalp… you can get it at amazon. leave it in for 5 minutes.  growth hormone. either get if from your gp or search online.  this will slow aging not stop it but you will still be able to build muscle and grow hair.

fuck toyota my FORD GT 350R was designed and built in Flat Rock Mchigan and the profit was kept here not sent to Japan.
apologies for any typos or poor grammar i type these on my phone.
pps.  ryan not homo but you look much better with a forehead. 


Dear Censored,

How did you miss the glaring issue with Big Ed  and his “girlfriend”

Yeah he is manipulative and full of shit but so is she. You kept asking what is in it for her? Money, money, and money.  Think about what he says.  “I wanted to give her the things she never had”.   Don’t be blinded by your believe if classic monogamy.  This dude is smart and he is around good looking girls all day.  He wants young good looking pussy and there are plenty of girls out there willing to give it up for  right style of living and an allowance.  He preys on the needy and those that desire to become famous and she preys on dudes with cash.  When he fails to find the girl that fits the  girlfriend position he gets “sugar babies” which are like a longer term prostitutes. Whether it’s a sugar baby or a young girl in the girlfriend posit it’s the same bullshit. She’s sad she has to go back to working at Applebee’s 38 hours a week.  Everybody seems to feel bad for her but the way I see it they are more alike than most want to admit.    She doesn’t like him, she didn’t love him, she liked what he can do for her and that is why that bullfrog was boyfriend material. If he was broke she never and I mean never would have given him the time of day.  Welcome to the real world boys where toads and nerds can steal your girl and dick her down on a beach in Cabo because  he bought her an Escalade.    Also idk what it is about her but I found here extremely attractive.  Like that right kind of imperfectly perfect. 

Love y’alls 


Dear Censored,

Call in


Dear Censored,

I totally enjoy your show and love you.  I’m a 60 year old, retired USAF, mom.  Raised three boys.  I love your advice for young men to get married and raise kids.  Having and intact family will make any boy into a man. 

Although, I could do without some of your sexual explicit jokes…  and stop picking on Ryan!

I think this lady has the sprinkles.

All the best,


Dear Censored,

Runner’s World magazine recently won a Pulitzer for an article they published about racism in running. I’m not a sentence past the header before realizing who they use as the backbone of their argument: Ahmaud Arbery…

One of the biggest problems we face in the culture war today are institutions/committees such as Pulitzer, Nobel, and The Academy validating garbage like this in the name of social justice (RE: 1619 Project). I don’t take issue with their cause. My problem is with their shameless attempt to twist the truth, certify something as “fact” and solidify it’s place in history. I won’t go into the details of the article because frankly, every one of your listeners already knows it’s a heaping pile of dogshit. Instead, here are pictures of the Team USA Olympic Men’s Track team over the last 30 years…

Inline image
Inline image
Inline image
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Inline image

P.S. I must’ve sent you guys that Quantum Leap “I’m retarded?” video 3 times over the last 6 months and Ryan features it on the show with a fucking TikTok??? YOU HAVE HURT ME TODAY. Here’s the Youtube link, make it a video drop and give the people what they want.

Dear Censored,

Steam, a popular video game service, is giving excessive discounts on Pride games this month. This is just another way gays are targeting children.


Dear Censored,

If you haven’t seen it already, this has to be the companion clip to “Why are you gey?”


Dear Censored,

ou mentioned how trannies are straight dudes who depraved and obsessed with women. It reminds me of a Twilight Zone (or similar show) where a man finds a pendant that grants his wishes.  He uses this to get close to a rockstar he is obsessed with.  Being her friend isn’t enough, being her boyfriend isn’t enough. He needs more. It ends with him saying “I want to Be You”, or “I want to be inside of You” (it’s been decades) at which point he basically crawls into her body.  We basically have a society of people, so lost in their own body, so unhappy, that they seek out fulfillment in external sources.   They hate themselves so much they think they can only be happy when they are someone different. 
The collapse of the family and the pedo propaganda being shoved down kids throats, this is a planned attack on our kids. 

Thank you,


Dear Censored,

It’s pride month and I’ve been seeing a lot more gay flags. I know you touched on how governments buildings now fly this crap flag too, and you also talk about the “sexuals” these people are – but most of those who spout this nonsense don’t even know what they mean either. Savannah did a decent video on it where she interviews some of these weirdos on their flag and their orientations and they themselves don’t even know. Also I know you think Sav is a smoke show so she’s nice to look at instead of the people she’s interviewing. Love you guys
Best regards,


Dear Censored,

Apparently this gay guy tried to buck break a black sportsman. I can see it being the next major slavery was the “worst thing ever” movement. 


Dear Censored,

heck out the Viagra Boys. They are a newer post punk band from Sweden. Here’s a link to their song “Research Chemicals”.



Dear Censored,

Gavin Ryan Art


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