Sodom and Gomorrah

Dear Censored,

1)First of all congratulations to the Jap-Rican on procreation. I actually was starting to wonder if he was a tranny and couldn’t produce swimmers
B) Ryan’s hair blows goats
Gavin please as the father figure that Ryan never had please use your boxing 🥊 skills. Knock his ass out and chop that wig.
2) the thought of a Friday show nearly brings me to tears. One of the saddest moments in my life is Friday evening when I have no GOML to watch. Plus since you do the Wednesday show with Anthony now I feel like I’m missing out on a show a week.
3) you guys rule and I love your show. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and I can’t get enough of this network. I own 2 shirts to rep you guys (clown world and the get off my lawn with you two holding guns (which my 7yr old absolutely loves).

If I owned heels I’d blow you both with new sunglasses on.

Much love from

Dear Censored,

Bill haders accent in this SNL sketch at 1 minute 50 seconds in sounds similar to Gavin’s impression of any of his English friends. 


Anytime I hear someone speaking Chinese, Vietnamese,


Dear Censored,

My husband watches this show everyday please tell him to stop watching porn and tell him how bad it is!


Dear Censored,

British Columbia lifted the mask mandates as of today, July 1st. I just ventured outside, and the brainwashing is firmly set in place.  I saw several people walking down the street still wearing a mask. I even saw a guy drive by, alone in his car, still wearing a mask, I saw people at the gas station gassing up wearing masks.  Then I entered safeway, and everybody was wearing a mask.  I was looking around for at least one other sane person, but unfortunately none to be found.   I live in Vancouver and you are so right about how fucked up it is here now. 
I cannot believe the whole world got brainwashed so easily. It honestly disturbs me.


Dear Censored,

A couple in melbourne was convicted of keeping a slave. And of course everyone thinks “evil white couple” The opening picture appears to be of a white guy, but I’m not sure if it is the same guy, or they just used an intentionally misleading photo. Needless to say when you scroll down, it is clearly an Indian (dot not feather).

Like you less than a lover,


Dear Censored,

I believe that this analysis completely summarizes the difference between you and Anthony.Thank you 


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

A nice clip of someone still speaking honestly with what’s on his mind, even though it is still even hesitant.


Dear Censored,

-Can you believe it? Now that the whole me-too movement which was created as an attempt to take down President Trump on sexual allegations, didn’t work. Enough time has now passed for the brainwashed lefty masses to not care enough to push back. Now it’s just, “oh well” in the media and viewers don’t care. Where did the crisis go?


Dear Censored,

As a Catholic, I’d like you to take  the time to ask a few reasonable and obvious questions regarding Canada’s “on going genocide”. It impossible to discuss this issue in Canada without risk of severe repercussions either socially financially or physically. Its not safe to ask these questions if you want to live normally in Canadian society. Catholics in Canada are under extreme threat.

There is a very clear desire to use the word “genocide” due to the emotional weight it carries regardless of the defintion. Not using that word indicated you don’t take the situation seriously and you will be under threat, regardless if you enthusiastically admit to systemically racist outcomes or legit straight genocide in the countries past. I love aboriginal people and you hit the nail on the head faster than any one I had seen looking into the issue…. giving the problem the wrong name means the solutions won’t be found, and thats exactly what is happening.

Canada has somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3000 reserves, many of which are literally hundreds or thousands of miles from a city.
The rates of abuse on reserves is the highest of any group studied last I checked. If the children are taken away to live in the city, this is called “genocide” due to the lack of cultural continuity, and in recent years great efforts have been made to have the children live with someone else on reserve. This communities are so small, it often means the children still have contact with the parents they were seperated from however since the most common allegation of abuse is “neglect” this is sometimes ok. The next problem is that the law requires “equal access” to social services, which cannot be done obviously due to the tiny and remote nature of the reserves, you can’t possibly have exactly “equal access” to social services as a city, and so the government is being sued for human rights abuses. The abuse on these reserves is often in the form of neglect on the level that in some cases, the children are not spoken to for the first years of there life, and in many areas begin a life of gas-huffing between the ages of 6-11 years old. Physical and sexual abuse are rife, the last survey I saw said 80% of on-reserve girls are abused before the age of 18.

If someone wants to put their full name on a petition to have these children stay with their families, I welcome them to, and when these kids become adults they can come look you up and you can explain to them that you were only concerned for their human rights.

There have recently been erroneous, unquestioned reports of “mass graves of children” at former residential schools. These are unfounded, there are no mass graves. The most recent one of 750 or so graves was literally the local cemetary that everyone knew was there. The chief conducting the search has said the cemetary may have had nothing to do with the school, and that it probably had markers at one point, was people of all ages and that it was not a mass grave, but all of these things are believed to be true.

If fact stories are circulating that the radar picked up broken bones of the children murdered by the priests and dumped in the graves…. radars cannot detect this, its impossible, and its literally an old cemetary, thats it. If was handed over the first nations involved in the 1970’s and has been in their control since. Since this discovery, there have been four Catholic Churches burned to the ground in revenge for the murder of these children. This is during fire season in British Columbia, the hottest on record. The were in-use indigenous churches on indigenous land. Despite what activists say, 2/3’s in indigenous people identify as Christian and many are terrified of having their homes arsoned if they speak out.

When pressed on it, people will become extremely violent and I am afraid to speak in public because I am afraid my home will be burned as well.

Apart from a geno-cide meaning killing of a genetic group, much has been done in the last 50 years to improve the lives of aboriginal people. You will here they are denied health care, however they have much better health care than a common Canadian. In a province with a large indigenous population, there have their own sections of the hospital designed specifically for their needs, it seems this has gone a long way to address problems this community has had, however many remain. If indigenous patients are not treated by an indigenous doctor, this is viewed as racism, however indigenous doctors believe they are subject to racism when they are asked to care for indigenous patients.

You will hear that the government does not looking for missing and murdered indigenous women. While the murder and violence rates are extremely high, this is another example of labelling the problem incorrectly which results in it not being solved. If true, the government not trying to solve the murdered of a particular ethnic group of people would be horrendous, and many people believed the reason for this was the high risk lifestyle being inherently dangerous, however after both independent inquiry and the internal inquiry by the RCMP it was determined the cases are solved at nearly identical rates to any other group. This has no impact on “activists” who I see in your comments section right now claiming the government doesn’t look for these victims of violence. They do, its been proven every way it can and it has been known for years, but once again a problem isn’t being solved because its being incorrectly diagnosed and therefore incorrectly treated. Activist happily appear on international television and claim that women are being pick up and murdered by the RCMP in an effort to lower the population. Instead of the money going to help the women, it is spent on studies and inquiries that prop up a very elite upper class who have no real motivation to improve anyones life. Questioning these elites is the third rail of Canadian politics – Trudeau is terrified of them.

The residential schools from the early 1900s – 1948 were initially  for “status indians” only meaning they have official indigenous status with the government, so I’m not sure if that qualifies as “genocide” either because it was not a genetic group, it was a particular government designation, but thats an issue of definitions the negative impact was clear. They government of Canada didn’t want them to be living entirely of government funds for generations, so they worked tried to make them “private property” owners but in the process separates them from their families in ways that had devastated effects. Most students arrived at the schools with TB, rates of abuse were sky high, and regular outbreaks of small pox and other diseases sometimes took out huge proportions of students in very short periods of time. You will be told these were deliberate murders, however they stopped altogether when the appropriate vaccinations became available around 1950. The families often had no other options to educate their children, and though some people call these were “nazi concentration camps”, families continued to send their children for another 50 years.

They will say they have had their rights taken away, however the “rights” in question are extra rights not afforded to common Canadians, and the dispute is in the exact nature of these often conflicting rights. First Nations groups are very diverse, number in the hundreds and often consider themselves foreign countries that should be respected as such despite being only a few thousand people. They say that Canada is stealing their natural resources, when this money is used to help them as much as anyone else. They want the pipelines shut down, but also want the revenue that flows from them. Its another catch 22.

Canadians believe there was a policy to “kill the indian in the child”… there was not. This was an American phrase started by the man who started residential schools, AS AN ANTI RACIST PROJECT. Some sources i.e. NPR claim this was the first use of the word racism. Blacks were seen as too stupid to educate, so “why bother” however they set out to show that racism was wrong, and they could take any “indian kid” and make them turn out like any white kid if they had adequate schooling. In other words, this was a done by “anti-racists” who believed they could change anything they wanted about society by demanding it be true and “socializing” it into the children. This same game is being played today with “whiteness in the child”.

You will be told the culture was destroyed because the “potlatch” ceremony was banned from early 1900’s to 1948…. however you will not be told that this ceremony was considered of very little significance until around the time it was banned. It was a ceremony in which the upper classes, born into social privilege, would shower the lower classes with gifts once a year. This upper classes were some of the most brutal slave owners on record in modern history, slaves were gathered during war party raids of neighbouring tribes. When a slave owner died, they killed his slaves along with him. There was no movement between social classes, born a slave, died a slave, born and elite, died an elite. This was put a stop to by the Canadians and the Catholics, however we hear today that the potlatch was the most important ceremony in the culture and that banning it a part of the genocide. Ok, if slave trading is part of your culture, then your culture has to go, isn’t that what we keep hearing about

Private property is banned on reserves, which is why they are hellholes. In the 1960’s when Pierre Trudeau attempted to wean them off the government tit, they refused and he said “fine, live in poverty for generations”. They did.

The issue of “coerced sterilization” does seem to have happened, however this were relatively isolated incidents of people deemed mentally deficient signing papers to have their tubes tied after their 6th baby. Not pretty but is that genocide? Non-indigenous women in similar circumstances seem to be treated the same way so while these certainly affects one community more than others, I’m not sure this is the deliberate act of genocide we are looking for.

Reparations for residential schools were given out in 2008, and there was a 7 years long government project. Many of these schools were indigenous run after the early 70’s, however the abusiveness seemed to continue. Because the abuse at the stage involved so many aboriginal perpetrators, this is no long allowed to be discussed despite convictions being handed out when allegations surfaced in the 1970’s.

Activists will tell you they schools are underfunded, however much more is spent per aboriginal student than non-aboriginal.

When its clear regular old genocide isn’t happening, the government is accused of cultural genocide despite lavish spending on indigenous cultural events, indigenous peoples day and awards ceremonies. Many are quite well done and showcase the beauty of a people I hope the whole world can see, but right now, many first nations people are terrified of upsetting the system that is propping up an elite class of activists who use violent threats and rhetoric to keep the lower classes in their place, while claiming the moral authority over all issues because they are willing to use words like “genocide”.

Canada has made enormous efforts over the last 60 years to improve the conditions of indigenous people, however there seems to be feeling that if any progress is recognized, they funding level will drop which is a threat to the livelihoods of many people who have no other economic options. There is nobody in Canada who doesn’t want to improve situations, the only issue is exactly over what to do, and when people argue thats whats currently happening is an “on-going genocide”, its very difficult to find common ground. Common aboriginal people are being held hostage by aggressive and motivated leaders who squash any attempt to change the status quo, except to increase the funding that goes through their hands. There is no answer, indigenous people are the biggest victims of this, and they will continue to suffer for generations until they find people brave enough to speak up about the mobster like violence and intimidation that corrupts their political process. They ALL of Canada as “their land” and ALL white Canadians as genociders. The country is at a political standstill and nothing will change anytime soon. I’m planning on leaving as soon as the pandemic is over, I love my indigenous countrymen but I can’t take the verbal physical and political abuse anymore. Its not safe for my family here, they will burn down my home if I speak out .

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the report was put together on the condition that everything is put into the past, and there would be no more hatred and would move on. That was the entire point of the thing. Instead of going after prosecutions, they chose Truth and Reconciliation. Now they demand legal action and more reparations for everything in the TRC report, its used an an excuse for extreme ethnic hate. The decision was made by indigenous leaders not have the report instead of prosecutions. Its in the legalese. The Canadian aboriginal population is incredibly politically diverse and leftists have no concept of this.

Canadians believe there was a policy to “kill the indian in the child”… there was not. This was an American phrase started by the man who started residential schools, AS AN ANTI RACIST PROJECT. Some sources i.e. NPR claim this was the first use of the word racism. Blacks were seen as too stupid to educate, so “why bother” however they set out to show that racism was wrong, and they could take any “indian kid” and make them turn out like any white kid if they had adequate schooling. In other words, this was a done by “anti-racists” who believed they could change anything they wanted about society by demanding it be true and “socializing” it into the children.

Canada is massive and the remoteness of some of these places cannot be understated I hope the world look on to Canada to investigate more, I think in true Canadian fashion, they will find this is the nicest genocide of all time.

” Together, all federal spending on First Nations and First Peoples is closer to $13,000 per capita.

The entire federal budget for non-aboriginal persons is $7,295 each per year. That means Ottawa spends about 75% more for every aboriginal citizen than it spends on non-aboriginals.

Since 1994, total provincial spending has risen 31% after adjusting for inflation and populations growth. However, over that same period, provincial spending on First Peoples has exploded by 1,235%.”
“The committee claims there is currently inequity in education funding for First Nation students on reserve vis-a-vis students in provincial public schools. Wrong. National on-reserve funding per student in the 2010/11 school year amounted to $13,524 compared to $11,646 per student, on average, in provincial public schools across Canada.”

“The First Nation Health Authority (FNHA), established in 2011, is the first province-wide health authority of its kind in Canada. With a greater vision of reforming the way health care is delivered to BC’s First Nations, the FNHA has taken ground-breaking steps to meet its mandate, including assuming the delivery and coordination of programs, services, and responsibilities that have historically been handled by the federal government.”

“”The Toronto Star reports that the Ontario Federation of Friendship Centres estimates that 75 to 80 percent of girls under 18 on reserves may have been victims of sexual assault. And on reserves especially, it seems, few go public with their stories. One of the rare ones to do so was Freda Ens, who was 59 when she told a reporter in 2016 that she had been repeatedly raped by male relatives while growing up in Old Masset Village, a Haida community in British Columbia. Ens urged other victims to come forward; otherwise, she said, “We are covering it up.

”Also in 2016, CBC Radio interviewed “Deborah” from Vanderhoof, B.C., (her last name was not provided), who said her mother, sister, and other female relatives had died of alcohol and drug abuse as a result of the sexual abuse they had suffered as children. Their abusers got away with it, she said, because “there’s a really strong no-talk culture on First Nations reserves where people know things are going on.” It’s actually dangerous to speak out, she noted, recalling that when she tried to obtain legal help for two young girls who were being sexually abused, someone tried to burn down her on-reserve house.”

“Anthropology is indebted to Codere (1950, 1961) for demonstrating that the potlatch (as it is usually known to anthropologists) was not a purely aboriginal institution, but a product of an acculturative historical development. The period before 1849 Codere (1961) designates as “Pre-Potlatch,” meaning that the pot- latch, although present, had not yet become the dominant institution of Kwakiutl society. After 1849, due to a drastic reduction of population and the domination of the Northwest Coast economy by the vastly more powerful Euro-American economy, the

potlatch became the focus of Kwakiutl life.

“In particular, William Starr indigenou, the administrator of the school residence from 1968 to 1984, is regarded as the worst offender, sexually abusing boys during his near-20-year leadership at the school. He eventually admitted to sexually abusing many boys, possibly hundreds.[14][12] Since the school’s closure, hundreds of lawsuits were filed that detailed allegations of sexual abuse by Starr and others.[7][15]

In 1993, Starr was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for sexually assaulting 10 boys during his time as head of the residence. (Later that year, he was sentenced for five counts of sexual assault that took place when he was working with boys at a sea cadet program in New Brunswick.)[7] Out of the 230 Gordon School plaintiffs who received a federal settlement, all claimed to have been abused by Starr.[12]

Native workers[edit]

Many former Gordon students have also said that many Indigenous workers at the school knew of William Starr’s conduct, but rather than stopping it, they would accuse students of lying or humiliate them, and even call students “fag” and “Starr’s baby.” Others victims remember being physically and sexually abused by Indigenous staffers themselves. Tony Merchant, a Regina lawyer whose firm has handled thousands of residential-school lawsuits, claims that about 25% of his cases involve alleged Indigenous abusers.[12]

Some such abusers have also appeared in court, such as William Strongeagle, a former judo instructor at the school. In 1993, Strongeagle was convicted of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old former Gordon student, Betty Nippi (now a member of the Saskatchewan NDP), while his wife watched, in May 1988. He received a year on probation and a CA$735 fine.[12]

At least four women have filed lawsuits against Melvin McNab, an Indigenous child-care worker at Gordon, alleging sexual and physical assault. Another Indigenous child-care worker at Gordon, Greg Bratushesky, was sued for physical abuse. During his time at the school, Bratushesky was officially reprimanded on a number of occasions by the federal Department of Indian Affairs for brutality.[12]


Dear Censored,

Just wanted to thank you for the work you do. I grew up without any older male figures in my life and never realized how deprived of it I was until I stumbled across GOML.

In just the short time I’ve been tuning in, I feel like I’ve received a ton of good brotherly/fatherly advice that I never knew how much I needed. The void is slowly closing in, and I have you to thank.

While I don’t agree with absolutely everything you say (mostly because I don’t want to be put on a list), I appreciate your honest, gumptious, affable approach to life. I think you’re a good person who’s doing the world a great service. The world has a bad sense of humor. Eventually, the’ll get it. So thank you. 


Dear Censored,

Why do simple minded people think that the NBA is a sport men play? I went to a Mexican Sports Bar here in Arizona for Game 1 of the LORD Stanley Cup Finals, and besides the fact that I had to ask to have 1 of the 40 screens turned to the game at a self proclaimed “sports bar”, it was shocking to see when NBA players aren’t taking a knee literally on the court, that they are taking a knee figuratively and are a bunch of pussies from tip off to the final horn. 

There was a GREAT moment where in both games this was showcased better than anyone could explain in words. [See picture] There was a player who was bleeding profusely from his head (who is playing right now in game 2 by the way) and at the very same moment, the refs in the NBA game took three minutes to try and determine if two bitches INTENDED to touch each other on a play. OK I guess I just explained the picture in words, whatever. 

NHL has its own bullshit wokeness to answer for from last year, but it seems to me that the more woke a sport went, the worse that sport is to watch… regardless of the racist propaganda. On a scale of UFC to WNBA, at least the NHL is somewhat closer to the UFC on that scale. 

If you are ever out in Arizona, hit up “Ojos Locos”. They have some decent talent out here.

– Noble Infidel

Dear Censored,

I like the “songs that start off good but then get shitty” segment and I’d like to propose some songs for future editions of this segment (which I hope you keep doing).

1) Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf. Not a great song, and it starts with 20 seconds of retarded sounds, but it’s at least serviceable once it gets going. Maybe you want to put it on your road trip mixtape or something? Oh, too bad, the second half is boring, lame, stoner garbage. Seriously, listen to any random 15 seconds from the second half. It’s unbearable.

2) Carry On by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (though Young was not involved with this track). Starts out great, but then Stephen Stills starts with the noodling 35 seconds in. That makes it worse but you can kind of ignore it and enjoy what it was. Then at the 2 minute mark it all falls apart and becomes self-indulgent crap all the way to the end.

Like you more than a friend,

A guy who hopes you don’t read his name on the air.

P.S. I think the reason that you couldn’t find the exact point Carry On Wayward Son becomes shitty is because it isn’t so much a song that gets shitty as it is a song that is just too much. Every 30 second segment is good and could probably work as the climactic moment of an entire song, but five minutes straight gets old. It’s like jerking off 20 times in one day: after a while it stops feeling good.

P.P.S. Dire Straits is one of the worst bands of all time.


Dear Censored,

Here’s another one for you Gav. This guy is a fucking wizard craftsman.

Make him your first guest on the tradespeople interviews, start it off with a bang. If you have to pay him a lot, just take it out of Ryans salary.


Dear Censored,

I saw this random video, It’s kind of long but enjoy at your leisure. A cool dude doing cool dude shit, the kind of shit we all want to do, making a badass knife.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

This was censored by Spotify. Still up on YouTube.


Dear Censored,

Bahahahahahahaaha, You said Buffalo and some other areas are nothing but white women with malodo babies. Lmfao lmao cause it’s true. 


 Fucking great. Also on the compound censored show your wheezin quite heavily. Hope you’re ok buddy.  Cya Your

-bestest subscriber 

Dear Censored,

Typically, I do not dare contact my role models. The thought of boring the people who I look up to to death, like random people usually bore me in everyday life, makes me queasy. I view unwarranted electronic solicitations, on my part, to be as annoying as shaking like a leaf as I request a selfie were I to pass you by on the street. Nevertheless, I will forsake myself in order to ask you to be the Thomas Wentworth Higginson to my Emily Dickson. You being an accomplished writer, I would like to ask whether you think my Prose is alive.
I have tried taking the advice of yourself, Tucker Carlson, and Mike Rowe to become a tradesmen. I am 25 years old and spent the last five years failing at going into the trades of welding and plumbing. Do not take this for the usual Millennial overconfidence, but I do not believe my failures were due to a want of ability; rather, I think, they were due to disinterest. I did not care much about what the width and makeup of an E6018 electrode is, or how much slope an outlet pipe for a floor drain ought to have. During my training, I tried my very best to convince myself that I was.  
Rather than getting down on myself after my most recent setback—with the help of some acid—I was finally able to recognize what really drives me. That is writing, like yourself, about art and culture. So I gave it a shot.
Attached is a piece I put together about the problems in the communities of African American people of colour (I am a Canadian) told through rap music. It is rather long, so I do not at all expect you to read the entire thing. It would mean a lot to me if you read just some, and let me know whether you think I have any future whatsoever in this endeavour. 
I had a dream about a bit where I fucked you with my heels on. After we had finished, we looked at each other and said, at once, “it’s a joke.”


Dear Censored,

 Wanted to share with you this great resignation letter from my hometowns school district. Critical Race Theory is rearing it’s ugly head and the push back amongst faculty and families is quite satisfying. I thought NH was going to be lost to the woke mob, but surprisingly strong conservative values are holding and being displayed.
To note: 10 years ago I helped design the school districts logo. It’s sad to see that it’s being used for social justice rather than it’s intended purpose to display the districts initiative to get more students active in the classroom environment. I guess they are more concerned about displaying their need to start the next communist revolution


Dear Censored,

eason 4 Episode 4 you guys are investigating lush and Avril like a couple of teenage girls,Ever hear of the ROLLING STONES?
Does you gay filipino ass-sistant need a link or do you think he can manage to find a classic song by a classic band?
“Hey hey you you, get off of my cloud”
It’s fucking embarrassing
By the by, ever watch letterkenny?Great show. Weird original shit, like a character named “Shoresy” that’s face is never seen, and talks crazy shit in a falsetto. 
Here is a link for the useless ching chong:

One love,


Dear Censored,

This absurdity might be good for the show. Check out this video of an “aromantic couple.” Sound like an oxymoron to you? There is no such thing in clown world. Try not to simp out on these two.


Dear Censored,

In case you were wondering about the origin of the name Turtleboy, it comes from the Burnside Fountain in Worcester Massachusetts, the city’s monument to bestiality. Modern art in its finest. Turtleboy sports is a great site that documents all the liberal retarded bullshit going on around here in central Mass.
Like you more than fucking you with my heels on,


Dear Censored,

Recently I went on a road trip from Washington to Oklahoma for my work and on the way there in parts of Colorado there were massive fields of windmills. On either side of the highway you could see windmills as far as the eye could see, but what struck me as odd is that one side was spinning and the other side was not. Is that normal? Why would one entire side not be spinning and the other one would be? I’m trying to come up with a rational reason in my head as to why this would occur. The only thing I can think of is that they are actually being powered to spin rather than spinning to create power. Its not like they were just “broken” either. You could tell which ones were broken and which ones were in functioning condition. I just wanted your thoughts. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but I really can’t wrap my head around this one. Thanks.


Dear Censored,

Madonna looks like Genesis Breyer P-Orridge


Dear Censored,

  Out of coincidence, my mom is in Montauk too (I’m 19). What’s with NYC and Long Island women and shitty “Montauk”? It is literally the shittiest beach town around the tri-state. The town has seen better days. It used to be a quiet family vacation town but now it turned to gypsy cab traffic, gay pride galor, liberal push. 


p.s. Congrats Ryan!

Dear Censored,

Found this on tiktok. Some guys warning folks that antifa was at Jan 6 and they were planning something. Also, congrats on the kid


Dear Censored,

Here is a web page for a giant excavator in Kansas that they still have on display in a Kansas mining museum. We talked about it in my miner training the thing was all electric and moved a whopping .22 mph.


Dear Censored,

Congrats to the japrician on his good news, Ryans quips and takes definitely adds to the show. I guess what I am trying to say is that he is retarded and in some ways a genius. 
Anyway while recently checking out the movie, the dead don’t die, on Netflix I came across this gem (picture attached) 10:44 into the movie. Needless to say the movie blow’s. As Gavin has pointed out there has been a radical shift in the movie industry recently, ifs its not Charlize Theron roundhouse kicking 13 Russians its other liberal bullshit that has no place in reality. Give me Liam Nesson driving a big rig truck any day of the week. With this much of a stranglehold on entertainment and culture, it is going to be inevitable that the youth of today are going to be brainwashed and indoctrinated even more. We need more push back and alternative conservitive media pushing out high quality products. 
Finally spare a thought for those of us trapped in Ireland. We are currently in the most severe and prolonged lockdown in the western world. Yesterday in their infinite wisdom they decided to prolong the closure of indoor pubs and restaurants. We fought the British for 800 years to gain independence, only to relinquish it to “medics” and politicians that should be on trial. As Tony S would say “It would never happen in the states”
Keep fighting the good fight,


Dear Censored,

 am also a soon to be dad and you are not kidding. My step-dad ex wife took her 10 year old to a drag show and I have been sickened and pissed off about it for days. Although it’s not really my place I reached out to the father, who is not my step dad, to let him know if he didn’t already. Then this psycho put another FB post doubling down. The only person in her family that has said anything is my step brother and now her and his 3 sisters thinks he’s the devil. It’s so disgusting.


Dear Censored,

Check this out and think about how the spoiled Leftist losers here would do in Japan. They already think the US is racist. Those dummies wouldn’t last long over there. 

12 Reasons NOT to Move to Japan

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  1. oh man, turtle boy! that’s in worcester, mass. the famous ‘boy turtle love statue’ or ‘turtle boy’ colloquially. junkies tried to scrap it a few yrs ago.

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