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Dear Censored,

Jim Caviezel talks about adrenochrome and the Satanic claws of human trafficking at the Clay Clark’s Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa. He is being criticized as a lunatic because of this and just mentioning the issue of child trafficking.

New film about Tim Ballard and “Operation Underground Railroad”. The USA is the worlds largest consumer of Child pornography and and abuse. A girl raped over 20 000 times! We live in terrible times WTF!!!! 360% poeple come over the boarder with kids that are not their kids.


Dear Censored,

Checkout this video from family guy on black on black crime


Dear Censored,

I agree with you about how awesome engineering vids are, I can watch that shit all day. I am also an enormous raging faggot for men.
I mentioned this to you before, but I’m not sure if you saw it. Check out “stuff made here” on youtube. 
He is a mega nerd, but he is so brilliant at engineering that he becomes cool. 
Here is one vid for you, but he has a bunch. 


Dear Censored,

I remember reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in my teens (a long time ago) and being underwhelmed by what was supposedly one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written. 

The book shows the intimidation of witnesses and the jury in the trial of a black man accused of killing a white woman. This was one of the seminal works that cemented the anti-racist narrative in the public’s consciousness in the 20th century.   

Well, fast forward 90 years and the Derek Chauvin trial shows a white man accused of murdering a black man. Again there is intimidation of the witnesses and the jury and mob outrage at the supposed crime.  

But this time the jury has found the accused guilty, and the left celebrates another victory.  

The races have been reversed from 90 years ago. But this time, the blacks and their cowardly white sycophants have no sense of guilt at an injustice.  


Dear Censored,

The discussion around replacement theory brought on by Tucker Carlson’s recent segment provides a great example of a trend the New Right has picked up on and espoused lately. Does the following ring a bell? Once you know about it, you see it frequently..

The phenomenon is called a celebration parallax. A proposed fact/theory is either a hateful conspiracy theory that is definitely not true, or a true and good thing depending only on who states it. 
In this case, when Carlson talks about replacement theory it’s “deluded” according to the CNN segment (and obviously racist), but then Stetler and Acosta drop lines basically saying it’s natural and a good thing. 


Dear Censored,

A FAHRT. How’d you guys not connect these last night?


Dear Censored,

What did she expect 


Dear Censored,

Check out this Vietnam war song. 


Dear Censored,

the comedic gold of the duality, camaraderie and collaboration between the two of you is a DELICATE ARTFORM”

I  hope this finds you both well and that you’re proud to be each other’s boy.

I wanted to chime in regarding Ryan being on his A-game and how it perfectly battles with yet complements and ultimately enhances Gavin’s genius thus resulting in a truly unique comedic social commentary shitshow that is as side-splittingly hilarious as it is informative and thought provoking.

GOML at its best is truly unparalleled in any form of media today. This is why I still subscribe and listen to every episode. This was perfectly demonstrated in magic that occurred on this week’s GOML Live episode #94. I guess it took a few weeks for you to get used to going hard with Cumia for and hour then having to back it up right after..? The first 2 weeks were pretty rocky but this week had me in stitches and I want to thank you both.

I just have a slight bone to pick (coupled with a theory that I think you might find interesting).

Firstly, I am compelled to write this to you today because I’m imagining a potential future where sooner or later (when the commies take over and start dealing out justice anyone who isn’t an extreme leftist) they’re going to scan through people’s banking history and single-out anyone who has been drip feeding monthly financial support to the “neo-nazi founder of the proud boys” for several years. When they start attempting to round us all up in trucks and send us to the gulags, I will nobly perform some courageous version of “(murder+)suicide by cop” and in that moment I want my final thoughts to be “This was worth every damned episode of Get Off My Lawn.. Au Revoir Shoshanna!”

So here is my suggestion:
Ryan shines and the show kills when Ryan feels confident and is paying attention. I think that when you put him down too much he becomes a sad boy and isn’t able to perform at this peak. The last couple months have seen some rougher times where I honestly thought Ryan might be ready to quit. This would be a huge loss. The show is a 10/10 when you’re both riffing off each other and its a hysterical back and forth. For example, the bad African accent shit this week was hilarious and Ryan’s timing was on point. I think Ryan is somewhat of an idiot-savant and is capable of great things when he is his most confident and most himself and most being good at it if you will.

Having said all that, I do need to point out that there should always be some putting Ryan down and putting him in his place. In fact there should be a hefty amount of that because it’s fun and also keeps him on his toes and adds to the great comedic timing that we have all seen him be capable of. Ryan’s genius and more importantly the comedic gold of the duality, camaraderie and collaboration between the two of you is a DELICATE ARTFORM and it shouldn’t be overthunk but it should be coveted and nurtured/abused in just the right way so as to deliver regular joy to all of us $10/month legends who support you both.

When its weeks on end of just verbally beating the shit out of Ryan and giving him no encouragement whatsoever (and frankly no reason to even keep living) it really shows. For a while there I thought Ryan was depressed and that the abuse had finally taken its toll but lately things have started to shape up and you guys have created some absolute pure gold together. When it feels like Gav could just fire Ryan any day it kinda brings the show down makes it feel unstable and like it could dissolve which would be a tragic tragic loss for us all..

So to reiterate, just keep up the Ry-guy abuse and also make the little homo feel special from time to time. He is Robin to your gay Batman after all.

I like you more than a friend and I just wanna watch.


Dear Censored,

You have to check out this short video of a new VR game where you play a black father just trying to take his kid to school.

Then, LOOKIE HERE BOYS you get to experience what it’s like in the mind of a black person who is pulled over for DWB: 

The game is very poorly made and will go nowhere, but it’s a vivid glimpse into the mind of what these lunatics actually believe. 


Dear Censored,

The other day you mentioned that you have lied on several job applications. In college I wanted to work for the in-house production studio at my university, big screen/sound system at sporting events. I was an English major and had no experience in that field at all. Most of the people that get hired there were either broadcast journalism or film majors. The application had two facets sports, and production. I nailed all the sports stuff because I was a fan. All the production stuff I had no fucking clue what any of the questions were about. So I lied. I googled every question things like “what is an alpha channel”, what is the most efficient rendering software”. It would be obvious that I was a fraud when I aced the application, but couldn’t back it up when I was actually working. So I answered like half the questions and left the other half blank. 
This worked and I was interviewed. I got the job and worked there for 7 years all the way though law school. This experience taught me to lie in interviews and when one firm asked what my grades were, I replied with a repackaged Twain quote “Well I can see why you should be asking that question but you know what FDR said about law school grades ‘there are lies, damn lies, and law school grades'”.
Lie in interviews, it gives you an immediate goal to work towards, namely become as good as what you told your boss you already were.
Like you guys more than friends.


Dear Censored,

I made this the other day. I tried to make the dimensions as close as possible to the original.


Dear Censored,

This type of stuff still happens believe it or not:


Dear Censored,

I found the source for that one clip, a documentary called “The Rainman Twins” 
Here is a link: clip starts at 1:02


Dear Censored,

e all enjoy your war-flick veteran shtick, and it got me thinking about the concept of “stolen valour”, and how it could be an accusation thrown at any black individual who brings up the slavery of the past, (in a discussion about race) as if it were relevant to themselves, personally, today – when, “they weren’t even there, man!”.
Surely that is, “racial stolen valour”.
Ps. Please watch Mike Leigh’s short film, ‘A Sense of History’ – only because you’ll love it (only 26 minutes) and I don’t want to have to remind you every week. 
‘Like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

Ryan model doppelgänger 


Dear Censored,

‘m sure this is an ancient Ryan secret, but I laughed at the thought of facing these bro-nies in a wartime scenario.

P.S. Patton was right, we should have driven on Moscow.

Dear Censored,

I’ve discovered I’m stupid too. I was watching Tucker this evening and he had a segment with a (once) leftist, Tammy Bruce. She brought up a valid point that you often alude too: When you control the language you control the outcome. I find myself scratching my head sifting through, “word salad” while reading through articles. ( I try to read left and right news.) What advice do you have for a “dumb fuckin’ southern red-neck” like myself? The “meat and potatoes” are hard to find now-a-days. Is free speech officially dead? Thanks for your honest work.
I wanna touch Ryan’s heels


Dear Censored,

I was looking up Marshawn Lynch for savage moments, and … well … there’s no easy way to say this, but I found this:

He ate the poopoo


Dear Censored,

I had a girl over yesterday and as we started getting into it, I realized that she had some immaculate gorilla grip pussy. The kind of shit that squeezes your dick so tight that it might cause a blockage, and blow out your bag if you don’t pull out. A few minutes in, I was still remarking at it, and I suddenly thought “This bitch has some Brian Stelter’s wife pussy!” This made me laugh. She immediately asked what was wrong, and seemed embarrassed. There was obviously too much going on to say “Well I watch this show, and the host was saying how Brian Stelter’s wife’s pussy must be awesome because…” Instead I managed “ uhh,  ‘s nothin.” She seemed to forget about it pretty quickly.


Dear Censored,

I just had to share this video with you. It’s some,  what we call it old geysers out on the estate and doing their thing.


Dear Censored,

This is an ancient chinese secret, but a good reminder of who we are up against. 

Go to 2:35 seconds. 

Thank you for your service, 


Dear Censored,

Check out this article about yard sale shopping.  Typical stupid advice articles that sound interesting but are actually just common sense crap that everyone who isn’t on the spectrum already knows. 
Who buys peoples used underwear at a yard sale???  “Oh, what a great tip, don’t buy articles of clothing that were previously rubbing up against a strangers genitalia.”  Genius…
So glad Jennifer Prince shared her wisdom with us.


Dear Censored,

Chauvin Defense Attorney Drop


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