A Portland far-left protester and facial tattoo enthusiast did not waste any after being released from jail, quickly getting arrested again two hours later the same day.

22-year-old Darby Marshall Howard told police he was homeless and had showed up in Portland two weeks earlier as the City of Roses continued to get bombarded by protesters and rioters for most of the past year.

On Thursday, Howard accompanied roughly 50 protesters at the city’s tallest building, the Wells Fargo Center, after they breached the doors of the skyscraper and proceeded to occupy it, according to The Oregonian.

Once inside, Howard is said to have punched a television in the lobby and kicked an automatic sliding door, which resulted in over $1,000 in damage, state prosecutors reported to the paper. 

When authorities caught up with him outside, Howard is said to have struck a police officer in the head before he tried to break through a line of officers to escape. He was taken into custody just after 3 p.m., and faces charges of criminal mischief, resisting arrest and attempted assault on an officer.

Once he was processed, Howard was then released on his own recognizance at about 8:30 p.m.

Only two hours later he was arrested once again.

Howard connected with another out-of-control protest, this time outside the federal courthouse that was a centerpiece of leftist destruction for the better part of last year. Federal officials had just removed the protective fencing and concrete barriers that enveloped the courthouse since summer.

At around 9:30 p.m., violent rioters went to the courthouse as many removed plywood from the courthouse’s western entrance, set fires with people trapped inside, smashed windows, and spray-painted graffiti on the outside, Federal Protective Service agent Micah Coring reports.

Howard was said to have continued his busy day by crashing a Lime electric scooter against a front window of the building, smashing the glass in the process. The act of vandalism was captured on security cameras, the Oregonian reports.

He was then charged with destruction of government property, and a federal judge ordered him to be detained.

During his second arrest, Howard was still sporting the bright, neon-orange sneakers he was issued by his guards in the city jail earlier the same day.

According to court records, Howard does not have prior criminal convictions but they characterized Howard as having “unstable housing, unemployed, drug use history.”

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jolie A. Russo ordered Howard detained due to Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Nyhus referring to his “lack of ties to the community” and indifference to the conditions of his jail release only hours before being detained again by federal agents. 

Howard was the only person on the scene apprehended by Portland authorities during Thursday’s chaotic gatherings.

However, officers from the Federal Protective Service reported three additional people for disorderly conduct-related complaints and released them with summons to appear in front of a judge at a future date.

The price of fixing all of the damage, vandalism, as well as restoring the courthouse has hit the taxpayers in the wallet to the tune of $1.6 million as of early last month.

On Friday, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt emphasized that he will not put up with further acts of violence against citizens or damage to property.

“Recent riotous activity and wanton destruction of private property that targets businesses struggling to reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic does not appear connected to the calls for social justice and system reform, which I strongly support,” Schmidt reported in a statement. “Instead, these destructive acts only serve to harm our community. My office will continue to prosecute acts of violence and property destruction.”

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