Tinder is for ANTIFA

Dear Censored,

The other night, I’m sitting on my couch watching GOML and my 3-year-old comes out of his room talking about some noise he heard. I tell him to come to sit with me for a minute and let him watch, with my finger on the mute button. 
All was good and every time Gavin got mad at Ryan, the kid started cracking up and saying “The rooster is so funny!” I put him to bed after sealing off his compressed force field (thanks Gav), but later I was thinking “What the hell was that rooster shit?” 
I let him look at animals on my computer sometimes, so I googled “Cartoon rooster” and came across this gem. The resemblance is uncanny. I tried to find the source but it was all in Spanish. I think it’s a Mexican cartoon from the 1920s. If I was a methhead I would tie this in to the fact that the club Gav created has a Rooster for a mascot. 
Congrats on the new studio,

– Bill 

Dear Censored,

You gotta watch this shit.


Dear Censored,

My uncle just randomly sent this to me. Maybe he’s trying to tell me something. Enjoy the video.


Dear Censored,

I need you to help me understand what the actual fuck is happening in this video.
If there was ever to be a pro-bullying campaign, they could broadcast this harrowing giga-cuck and his soylent antics only once and the entire global population would instantly become ambassadors of their local bully’s union.
His hand gestures, facial expressions, earth-shattering vocal fry and overall pathetic demeanour all make me want to commit genocide.
This is truly the state of western man and everyone around this individual should be permanently ashamed of what they’ve allowed to take place.
I like you more than a friend,


Dear Censored,

I know you’ve seen the green needle/brain needle one, but this one is even better. Though for me it boiled down to the embarrassing one. 


Dear Censored,

 I like the new studio. That bar looks like a great place to drink some Buds and whiskey and talk some shit. Keep kicking ass. Ryan’s hair is his thing it’s not that bad. I’m a vet and the china virus gave me an excuse to grow my hippy hair back. Can’t bring us down 🇺🇸.


Dear Censored,

Good discussion from lawyers


Dear Censored,

Tasty info


Dear Censored,

For a guy who thinks white people are “savages” and “closer to animals”, Nick Cannon sure has a penchant for impregnating extremely light-skinned, half white women. He’s long shown this proclivity in his dating preferences, and his new pregnant girlfriend, Alyssa Scott, is no exception to that rule. I wonder how her white mother – and half white father, for that matter – feel about Nick’s disdain for white people.


Dear Censored,

Not sure if you’ve talked about this before, but what is your opinion on bidets? I have to say that personally, it has taken my shitting time to less than 5 minutes when previously it felt like I was wiping a chocolate highlighter for easily 20 mins. Dudes who think it may be gay have clearly never tried one, as purchasing and using one has been one of the best decisions I made recently. Sorry in advance to Ryan, emperor of the fag zone, because it merely sprays your hole and cheeks it does not penetrate.


Dear Censored,

I recently came across the “73 questions” interviews by Vogue and I have to say it is the most pretentious horseshit I have ever seen. Scripted as hell to make celebrities look competent and the answers are always the most out of touch thing that could be spoken. I’m sure any of them would be gold. Don’t be mean if it is ancient Chinese secret, my lil heart wont be able to take it.


Dear Censored,

Trump GPS


Dear Censored,

Don’t say my name I am on the ISIS kill list and will be deploying overseas again in the future. Long story short this is a chick that I matched with on Tinder. What a freak. When I lived in Austin, Tx I matched with another Antifa chick and the story exposes how irreconcilable the American divorce really is.     In Austin I matched with a girl and noticed pictures with red flags and face masks(this was 2019 before the plandemic). I asked her if she was Antifa and she said yes. We debated back and forth a bit and when it became clear she was an insane person with a very low IQ I politely said, “Thank you for being cordial. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way a relationship works between us. I wish you the best.” Her reply was, “You don’t want to hook up? I don’thave to agree with you to have great sex with you.”     This is a reasonable position and I replied that I totally agree. As soon as I said this she replied that she “just wanted to see if I would betray my side for some pussy.” Before she blocked me I was able to get a message through that basically just said, “This is the problem with you guys. I see you as a fellow American that doesn’t agree with me. You see me as the literal enemy. You are ridiculous. If I thought there were Nazis everywhere I would be hunting and going bump in the night. That means you are either a coward or role playing.”       There is no middle ground to be had if one side of the isle think we are literally having a civil war. The left does not see us as fellow Americans. They see us as morally bankrupt villains that are beyond redemption. I don’t see how we can ever patch that tear in the fabric of our culture. I forsee us eventually becoming balkanized and going our own seperate ways. Uhuru.

P.s.all joking aside how big is your pecker for real?


Dear Censored,

My husband and I moved back to Winnipeg from Vancouver after finding out I was pregnant. We were worried about our kid being taught CRT and LGBT bullshit. The Manitoba government recently introduced bill 64, which allows parents to have more say in their child’s education. There has been a huge backlash against this bill, the argument mainly being that it will be inconvenient for parents. People would rather have teachers raise their children for the sake of convenience. I’ve decided to homeschool rather than let my kid’s future be dictated by a bunch of shit-chests. 

I like you more than a friend. Ryan get a hair cut.


Dear Censored,

 I’ve been listening to various shows on Censored.Tv this morning ( what a deal! So much great content for a bargain price!)  and have noticed that griping about Juneteenth is a common theme. I don’t get it. 
To me this is just another example of western culture triumphing again. The whole holiday rests on the premise that a bunch of white soldiers notified a group of unknowing slaves that the white man fought a war where thousands of white men died to free black slaves and put an end to the slave trade perpetuated by the West Africans who supplied slaves to the western world. How can this holiday not be a celebration of how great western civilization and white men are?
Love the show, the channel and I probably only watch half of the content available because I have a job and a family to look after. Thanks for your hard work!Best regards,


PS there is a Scottish show on Netflix called, Still Game about Scottish Pensioners taking a piss constantly that is pure gold! If you don’t watch it turn Jimmy on to it. Here’s a link…  

Dear Censored,

I started watching the Bulgarian strongman competitions this morning. The correspondent was a very large chad who wore a very familiar Fred Perry black and yellow ensemble. Proud Boys international? Probably not, but the eastern europeans are becoming increasingly based in the face of the woke caliphate. Not a single blue haired circus clown to be seen. The potato who won was surrounded by 1980s reminiscent torn jean short and tied t-shirt wearing, skinny blonde women. Maybe being closed off and 50 years behind the rest of the world isn’t so bad in the long game.


Dear Censored,

I don’t know what it is about tall lanky guys who look like they’re made of rubber, but I always crack up from them. Case in point – this Norwegian guy, who I think has the sprinkles in the same way that John Belushi has them. He could be giving a funeral eulogy and I would be cracking up looking at his stupid face.


Mann uten knaer (you can probably guess what the translation is here): 

Dear Censored,

Black people wanted a holiday and we gave them a holiday. How’s that working out for them: 

Peace and love, 


Dear Censored,

I grew up in Glasgow and had plenty of opportunity to act like that around cops and it just never ever happened. If you’re caught, you’re caught. Act sensibly and it’ll turn out the best for you. 
Have a look at this classic situation. I feel like it has all the boxes ticked;useless tiny female cop doing absolutely fuck all,totally compliant and not aggressive black suspectand ultra woke rich kid from Vancouver with nothing to be angry about. 

My question to you is when do you think this bubble will burst? This young black guy in Vancouver has clearly been radicalised by all the excitement in America and will hopefully get a rude awakening. As for the the pink shirt loser – cocking back his tiny little noodle arm threatening to punch a cop? Hilarious when his phone gets launched 30’ away. 
Love the show man – it truly is an escape to normal life like you said on a previous show. Listening to you and Cumia bullshitting is a breath of fresh air. Truly. 
All the best. 


Dear Censored,

You’re gonna die with dead guts and end up like Joe.
The guy who shits himself.
Any chance he used to piss himself?

Don’t gotta be McAfee to stretch far from lyin’ Joe.
Dude, I’m quitting.
Quit it!


Dear Censored,

I drink and it’s not benefiting me or my family. You advocate family and patriarchy, and for some reason, Catholicity .

Which is, drunk yet awesome millionaire dad.  It’s great.

We’re not all gifted. Yes trades.
Be a “Simple kind of man”.

Enough boozing🏳️‍🌈, you massive fuck-all.

I’m quiting boozing and quitting Censored, just speak with Jacob Wohl.  Try being a real man.

Im going this way now.


Also Happy Father’s Day 

Dear Censored,

On behalf of all viewers, I’m happy to congratulate your retirement(s).  Good things never last too long.

Going woke made you broke, as is vernacular these days.

Well, at least you two fags still have each other.  Here is a song that should get you woke boys in makeout mood.

Nashville is your destiny?
Also, Diamond and Silk should do a Censored.TV interview.Perhaps a Friday Night Variety show? 
I saw these beautiful women on NewsMax Sunday. Their show is called, “Crystal Clear”.
These bitches know what to say and how to say it!“Mmhm Hmmmhm”“That’s Right”
-See ya 

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