Trans Reddit mod accused of giving minors illegal hormone shots in their home

Ianna Drew Urquhart, a transgender moderator on Reddit, is under fire for supposedly having underage children drop by Urquhart’s home to take hormones and puberty blockers, allegedly without informing the children’s parents.

On Reddit, Urquhart posted a quip saying, “with the number of trans girls that have come thru my apartment, I need to rename it Drewie’s House of Wayward Trans Girls.”

Addressing a young Reddit user while using the online name “Drewiepoodle” Urquhart is said to have wrote, “if you want me to jab you with a very sharp needle and load you up with two weeks of SUPER GIRL JUICE, then come on over. lord knows i’ve given plenty of trans girls, plenty of shots from my supply.”

The moderator then went on to promise that their “girlfriend or one of my other roomies will be more than happy to slip you a spiro, or 30.”

“Spiro” is shorthand for Spironolactone, the prescription drug used to lower testosterone levels in boys and guard against the body’s response to testosterone.

One Twitter user asked, “In all seriousness, isn’t this a genuine crime and have they been reported?”

Another poster claimed that the Reddit moderator may be regretting some of their posts very soon, writing:

“Some people are claiming to have contacted the police in DP’s locale, and I am keeping an eye on the situation on Reddit right now where many users are directly confronting DP and downvoting them into hell.”

Last week, Reddit was forced to release another divisive new staffer, the former Reddit moderator and UK politician Aimee Knight.

Previously going by the last name Challenor, Knight, another person who identifies as transgender, was suspended in 2018 by the Green Party in the UK for bringing Knight’s father to work on a political campaign. In November 2016, Knight’s father was arrested for taking lewd pictures, false imprisonment, rape, and sexual assault of a minor.

Knight’s father, David Challenor, was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison. Knight’s unfortunate links to pedophiles appear to go even deeper.

A year later, Knight was also suspended by the Liberal Democrats, the next political party Knight attempted to collaborate with, when it came to the organization’s attention that Knight’s husband Nathaniel Knight had been writing and sharing underage rape fantasies on websites.

Regarding those accusations, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said in a post on Wednesday: “The employee in question is no longer employed by Reddit.”

“We built a relationship with her first as a mod and then through her contractor work on RPAN [Reddit Public Access Network]. We did not adequately vet her background before formally hiring her.”

When some users began posting about Knight’s past, the information was removed for doxxing, despite many people complaining that no doxxing took place.

“We’ve put significant effort into improving how we handle doxxing and harassment, and this employee was the subject of both. In this case, we over-indexed on protection, which had serious consequences in terms of enforcement actions.”

Huffman then added: “Mentioning a public figure’s name should not get you banned. We care deeply for Reddit and appreciate that you do too. We understand the anger and confusion about these issues and their bigger implications. The employee is no longer with Reddit, and we’ll be evolving a number of relevant internal policies. We did not operate to our own standards here. We will do our best to do better for you.”

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