A married couple known as “Big Brother and Mimi” are now being jailed for twelve years after it was discovered that they were trafficking women into the U.K. and forcing them to work in brothels around the country, the Daily Mail reported.

Wai Tsang, 53, and wife Wenwen Pan, 41, reportedly ran sex and drug dens in High Street, Kensington, and Ashmill Street, Marylebone between 2015 and 2020.

It was only when four undercover police officers visited the bordellos and were greeted by a young female each time, asking if any of the officers were looking for sex, that charges were filed. Paul Raudnitz, the man prosecuting, stated that the women there were not offering “sports massages.”

The police eventually raided the place and uncovered 72 mobile phones, condoms, sex toys, underwear, drugs, scales, snap bags, and notebooks, according to the Mail.

The couple was found to have laundered a staggering £171,472 in cash transactions through the bank, according to the court.

It also appeared that there was cocaine, ketamine, and crystal meth already bagged up and ready to be shipped.

Raudnitz noted: “All the packages were ready to go for sale in some sort of supply, small saleable quantities.”

“Those street deals were a sideline business bolted on to the main business, which was the provision of sexual services.”

Raudnitz suggested that details gathered from text messages revealed that there were negotiations being made for varying sexual services at the brothel—also known as “outcalls,” according to Euro Weekly.

One reads: “You working? Yes. outcall? Where are you dear? Ealing? 160 per hour.’

“I have around 120-125 dear. Body to body 100 per one hour. Sex service 150 per hour do you want what time?”

Raudnitz went on: “This is not a sports massage, this is absolutely clear, this is for sexual services.”

“Message after message offering sexual services in the two addresses we are concerned with in this case.”

“If it’s all a legit massage business, why the condoms? Why the text messages and sex toys?”

It was only after Tsang’s arrest on January 17 that he said: “I don’t control anybody.” Raudnitz stated that Tsang had been stopped in 2015 while in a BMW, joined by three Chinese women who did not speak English.

“He said he was a chef but that he did this, referring no doubt to those women, he did this on the side for extra money.”

Judge Fiona Barrie said: “There is a wealth of evidence showing an extensive, lucrative and well-organized conspiracy to traffic young women in the UK and control their services for prostitution.”

“At trial you (Mr Tsang) ran the extraordinary evidence that you were just a taxi driver and knew nothing, Pan’s evidence was that she was running an agency.”

“Trafficking is a growing international industry in which victims are treated as commodities and operators can make vast sums of money.”

“I recognize that absent in this case is international trafficking or the use of force or coercion.”

“It doesn’t mean this can be categorized as booking taxi drivers, not just the transport but the exploitation and management of services at their destination, including multiple messages to send girls to clients, arranging fees and services provided, venues to work from and the facilitation of their travel.”

“This was in my judgment a significant operation in which both defendants were key players and expected with others to receive significant financial rewards.”

“The evidence suggests the control or multiple girls whilst advertising them as sex workers.”

“Police recovered evidence that phones showed hundreds of messages arranging the provision of sexual services.”

Judge Barrie concluded by saying that their home had been filled with condoms “floor to ceiling,” adding that this amount was considered to be at an “industrial scale.”

3 thoughts on “U.k. Couple Sentenced To 12 Years For Sex And Drug Trafficking

  1. I would be interested to know if the women who were giving these services were of age in the States. I do understand the language barrier creates an issue as well… This is one of those iffy things. People are going to seek out these services regardless of the law, at least they are taking precautions to keep stds passing at a minimum with the condoms stacked “floor to ceiling.” Now how they treat their ladies may be another issue… I’m torn on these problems.

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