Dear Censored,

wtf is this article I found on my google home page…


Dear Censored,

 Two things, cause we get two in the mailbag right? 

First is the POV vid of Dhar Mann

The second is a drop.  I’ve literally seen every show but my retard brain can’t remember if you’ve played this. Starts at 1:10

Heels, fuck, sunglasses, anal lips


Dear Censored,

You should absolutely hop on testosterone. The best way to go is to get it to take home and inject yourself every week or 3.5 days, instead of every 2 weeks. This way, your levels will be even.
Testosterone is not clomid. Clomid  sucks.

I’m on 150mg a week of test and it has immensely improved my life in every way and has gotten me pretty jacked. If you ever wanted to stop, you just take what’s called HCG and you balls start producing testosterone again.

You should do a little more research about it. I recommend looking on YouTube for videos about it.
If your worried about it making you bald, you can take finasteride and the only other overt risk is an increase in red blood cell production, which can be remedied by giving blood every 6 months or so. The doctor also monitors your blood work every 6 months or so to look at all of your markers. In fact, it can be argued the men on TRT often catch health issues sooner due to having their blood analyzed more often than the average person.

Look into it, you won’t regret it. I certainly don’t.

Good luck and God bless you and your family.


Dear Censored,

On the Lexitmovement Instagram today, there’s a video of AOC without a mask on talking with a bunch of people. She puts on a mask for the photo they take and then takes the mask off after to continue talking with people.

– Heather 

Dear Censored,

                Just a song suggestion. Good pro America/Soldier jam. 


Dear Censored,

When I was in highschool, we had a car garage at the highschool, and we even able to prep ourselves for ASE certification (to become mechanics). This helped numerous  friends of mine who would never fit in at college.
Years after graduating (in the early 2000s), they got rid of the class and replaced it with another bullshit class. 
I think the school system removed trade education because it feeds the machine. Educators get to stay employed because there is a constant stream of idiots going to college, and it helps them proliferate their immoral ideas.


Dear Censored,

I’ve had some drinks and wanted to send a basic & quick email to say a few things:

  • You are a hilarious double act & you’ve been making me laugh out loud since pre-freespeechtv days on apple podcast
  • I love the ambition / effort to always improve censored / keep us entertained (new studio, banking episodes, visual & audio quality efforts)
  • Don’t stress about tech snobs (They’re tedious)
  • Ryan getting a mullet was hilarious but actually looked sick
  • I always listen to you whilst I am doing chores and you’ve helped me to laugh and not stress no matter how ridiculous the world is (blue-pilled -> red-pilled -> black-pilled -> white-pilled / clownpilled)
  • I am from Europe and I am always envious whenever you play anything patriotic or wholesome about America, I have even looked at citizenship (not easy but that’s the way it should be)

Bottom line just keep doing what you’re doing because you have a winning formula and you’re great.


Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

Dear Censored,

I think this Andy guy has the sprinkles.
You should check him out, he seems pretty funny.

The chick is pretty funny too.

Love, Darlings,


Dear Censored,

That guy who said Dalmatians are more dangerous than pit bulls is an idiot. What he said was completely made up. 
63% of all dog caused deaths are committed by one breed of dog and it is the pit bull. The other 37% of dog caused deaths are committed by every other breed of dog combined! They are 8x more likely to kill a human than every other breed of dog. The aggression is completely genetic as well. They were bread to be the most strong and aggressive dogs for the purposes of fighting. Pit bulls often are completely nice and were treated great by their owners and then they just randomly decide to kill a old lady one day. That actually happened. Pit bull defenders are some of the lowest iq people out there. 
Also his argument about how you were being just like a anti gun person is stupid. You can’t control a dog and what it does. You control what a gun does. 


Dear Censored,

so I’m on the same page as the Ry-guy about the blend of classical and metal ie. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and my personal favorite Megadeth. I also enjoy Ska which leads me to my question… what’s the next blend of music? N8noface is kinda punk and edm, could the next phase dive deeper on those waters? Let me know. Also links to the best thrash song and a metal/classical composition. 
Work hard, drive fast, bang bitches


Dear Censored,

Thought Gavin would like to see this totally ridiculous POC female cop who uses her partners as shields to hide behind while also shooting between and around them. I have it timestamped right at the moment that they go to her camera’s perspective. Absolutely nuts! 


Dear Censored,

On the last mailbag episode you guys showed a gender reveal video of two lesbians finding out they’re going to have a fucked off little boy. I thought I’d share this weird local phenomenon with you guys. I feel like an asshole for exploiting other people but I literally can’t help myself, this one is too good and throwed off to NOT share. 
To top it off, the pregnant boy-girl is super conservative and I actually get along with her (him?) really well…

❤️ you more than a friend,
#babygirlmonster 😘


Dear Censored,

Wokeism is a pernicious little weed and it has fully infiltrated the military. Here’s a link to an article from the Marine Corps Times detailing the branches justification for possibly bringing back promotion photos (which were ironically removed a couple years ago in an attempt to eliminate unconscious bias during the promotion selection process).

Surprise surprise. Now that the selection boards can no longer choose Marines based on how they look physically, but rather on their performance alone, we all of the sudden have a diversity problem within those promotes…
As an infantryman and Afghan combat vet, I can’t detail enough how appalled I am by this absolute clown-world move. Marines exist for the sole purpose of killing our nation’s enemies, and yet we want to waste our time and bandwidth trying to force square pegs into round holes for the sake of diversity. Give me a fucking break. We are taught from day one that the Marine Corps is a meritocracy and if you want to be promoted above or before your peers, you had better perform better than them. If this decision goes through, I guess we’ll just have to chalk it up as another typical dog-and-pony-show move the military as a whole is famous for. 
China is not letting diversity get in the way of ensuring their military is as lethal as possible. They aren’t demonizing masculinity, “toxic’ or otherwise either… As our most decorated and famous Marine once said,
“Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any AMERICA because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race!”
– Lt. Gen. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

Can you imagine an America with a bunch of Ryan-looking slant-eyed slopes running around treating the rest of us like a bunch of damn South Africans? Fuck that…
Anywho, that’s my rant.I like you more than a heel and I wanna friend you with my fuck on.


Dear Censored,

There is nothing I would love more than for someone like you to produce a documentary called Cucking America about how the overton window has shifted since 2016. 

We need an in depth documentary showing true events versus the media portrayal from Trump’s initial campaign, on. How the entire country/world went insane backwards day clown world delusional instantly because hillary clinton’s run was threatened and the media went full force against 50% of america. How easily americans had been duped into following the narrative blindly. the extent to which they abandoned family and friends over these warped political ideologies. I know dinesh has done some boring ones in the middle of these things, but we need a comprehensive guide for the history books. 

Imagine what it would look like if the History Channel did a retrospective on 2016-2024. What if they made it accurately. Showed side by side true occurrences versus the skewed version, showing social media comments and video clips of how far off the story was from reality. then how that effected protests and other consequences like people being arrested and ostracized for wrongthink. It would be difficult, but we need someone to do it. 

Produce it with a team, under a pseudonym and release it for $5-$10 per download on gumroad or Patreon or something like Radiohead did or Louis CK. 

I really feel like we need this. Even a documentary on something as specific as pizzagate would be so interesting. The real contentions vs the official narrative of hilary clinton eating babies in a restaurant basement. If you’re a young person in 2032 trying to gather what happened during this time, you’re only going to get what facebook and buzzfeed and cnn want you to know. Schools will not teach it, Youtube ill not have the clips anymore, every fox clip will be “debunked” by other media, you and your peers will be jailed and/or banned from all social media (still). Imagine an alien coming to earth after the 2040 civil war apocalypse and trying to gather what happened from the digital remnants that survived. Will they have to collect and try to piece together breitbart clips and louder with crowder blog posts?

 If you weren’t alive and paying very close attention during all of this, you will not get a clear picture of the zeitgeist. 

Someone must create this 

Love you,

Dear Censored,

Does this video go overboard? It is meant to be anti child prostitution, but it feels like there might be other ways.


Dear Censored,

Just wanted to allude to one of the corny tiktokers you showcased on Monday about how local Hawaiians don’t want tourism. Im torn on the premise. I was stationed here 8 years ago and never left. I love the hiking, beaches, and surfing but the tourism has been out of control lately. The infrastructure here is simply not built for the huge influx. Homelessness has skyrocketed and some areas of Waikiki look like skid row. Seriously considering jumping ship at this point. It’s a liberal shithole and it’s mainly the white libs who move here that is the problem. 
In any case, the “colonizer” label that is so liberally thrown towards white tourists and transplants like myself is so ignorant to the facts of history that it gets my blood boiling like Mt. Kilau’ea. Colonization is interwoven within all of human history and no one race monopolizes the title. The west just did it better than everyone else… As we normally do. In fact even the revered Hawaiian king, King Kamehameha (kah-meh-hah-meh-hah), is celebrated as a great unifier of all the Hawaiian islands. How did he “unify” the islands under one banner? Of course through warfare, bloodshed, and colonization. During the battle of Nu’uanu his army literally pushed hundreds, perhaps thousands, of enemy tribesmen off the cliffs by Pali lookout. What a total badass.
Here’s a short video of me and my dog Laika stumbling upon a MAGA caravan in the heart of Waikiki before the fraudu-lection. Locals love their lifted trucks and you can clearly tell the caravan participants waving MAGA flags are all local Hawaiians. The people flipping off the caravan and protesting are all… you guessed it, liberal white transplants. 

Yours in whatever shoes you want me in,


Dear Censored,

I usually like your show but your take on the Capitol riots is insane and hypocritical.
I was DC police for more than 20 years. I also served and saw combat. It’s fucking hard work. And you have no right to shit on it. We don’t just protect our nation’s capital, but also patrol some of the worst areas for crime and murder in the country. Lower DC is a war zone.
You’re being selective in the worst way when you talk about the attack on Congress as a “meandering”. It undermines any good points you make. I agree that many/most of the people there were just frustrated, and that many shouldn’t have been prosecuted in the way they were. The politics is bullshit.
But it wasn’t a god damned “meandering”, it was a fucking riot. Many good cops were put in impossible positions, you can view footage of my brothers being assaulted and severely attacked by thugs if you take the time to search it. I wasn’t there but everyone I spoke to thought it was horrible. The demeaning assaults they faced then were real, and the ones they face today (by you and others) is also real. They were told to defend the nation’s capitol against rioters. And, guess what? They were rioters. You should condemn them, and piss on them.
Stop being an asshole and recognise that being pro-cop doesn’t mean just supporting cops when antifa or some blue-haired assholes attack us.
Imagine being a cop when every fucking Democrat in the country is constantly shitting on your work, in impossible circumstances. Easy right? Now imagine Republicans doing the same. It’s a betrayal.
Like most cops, DC police have long thought of the Republican Party as defending our work. Then, Republicans turn around and tell us we’re pussies when they see something they don’t like. It’s bullshit. They were cowering under their desks like everyone else, and it’s not hard to imagine why when thousands of angry assholes are breaking into the building… telling everyone in the place that they’re traitors, and chanting that the VP and others should be hanged.
Then you question the suicides of my brothers? Fuck you. It’s easy to understand why cops are killing themselves across the country if you try, or otherwise medicating or drinking themselves to death because they were abandoned by a major political party (it used to just be the Dems). Imagine what it feels like to have the party that we thought had our back throw us under the bus.
Stop being an asshole. Recognise that there were many people who wore red hats on that day that acted like fucking antifa. If you want to sound fair, recognise when your own side does the wrong thing. Stop calling the suicides of my brothers “DNC murders”, it’s bullshit. I knew one fairly well, he was depressed as hell because of this betrayal. Stop adding to that betrayal.
We investigate murders and suicides of our brothers. If you think we’d let some politician get away with this shit you’re retarded. Then, you talk about your “sources”, well… people say shit in bars, it doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. You clearly don’t. And if any so called DC police call in and say otherwise, they’re full of shit. We all feel betrayed.

I hope you’ll return to supporting the blue properly. And tell your children fan boys to do the same.
Until then.
Respectfully, fuck off.

-A brother in blue

Dear Censored,

You fucking crack me up guys. Your show is quality entertainment. Something not in surplus these days.  I pity men who don’t sub to censored.tv, life’s too short to miss out on this. Your poignant perspective and keen navigation of today’s societal landscape, with emphasis on family and rightside-up-world reality, is much needed nourishment. You are appreciated! Congrats and welcome to fatherhood Ryan. Our 2nd boy is due early Sept,  any name suggestions are appreciated. 
Now! To the “Big fUUckin tits”.First one has got to be close to a 9 right? I mean she’s no thin super model but she’s hot as fuck. That face,  that ass, big fuckin tits, looks short too which is totally my bag. Gotta check out her insta:boricuababy143 
Next one has a ridiculous body on her and a gorgeous face as well stumbled upon her and figured I’d throw her in too. Rating???albaquintero1105 on Instagram. 
Colombians and Venezuelans man.. I like your new sunglasses and I like you more than a friend.
I like Matty on the show too btw.


Dear Censored,

The vast majority of Japanese who were interred in WWII were second or more generation citizens, fluent English speakers, land owners, and people with far more solid roots to this country than huge portions of Americans today.  The idea of interring them was particularly indefensible because there was no parallel interment of Germans and Italians, even though they were no more rooted in America than the Japanese. 

Whether it was a motive in interring them or not, the fact is that Japanese were large owners of west coast orchards and farmland, and were quite prosperous.  When they were interred their homes and lands went back to the banks and were bought up by their former friends who lived around them.  When they got out they had to begin all over at zero.

Despite this, Japanese in the camps formed patriotic clubs and Japanese men fought for the right to join the military.  They were put into all-Japanese groups, and the most-decorated unit in Europe was one of these Japanese units.  The late Senator Inowe wone the Medal of Honor in such a unit.  Japanese also served as intelligence officers in the Pacific theater, significantly aiding us as we scrambled to regain dominance in the Pacific after Pearl Harbor.

Interment of citizens whose ancestors were Japanese was not in response to any incidents of sabotage.  It was the result of hysteria.  It was the same sort of hysteria that today says “the Proud Boys are racists,” and that drives prosecutors to mercilessly go after these “white nationalists” who defend themselves against the favored people of antifa.  Biden has declared that “white supremacists are the greatest threat to our country.”  He would be no more out of line interring everyone who ever said anything positive about the Proud Boys, or who said that he was a western chauvinist, or who highlighted the accomplishments of western civilization, or who had a podcast pointing out the harm being done to our culture by mass third world immigration.

Interment is cancellation plus deprivation of all civil rights.  Please consider whether you really want to dismiss the evil of interment by simply saying “it was war.” 



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