The socialist dictator of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, vowed on Wednesday to build 200 Marxist-style “communes” throughout 2021.

Maduro suggested the construction would commemorate the 200-year anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo between independence combatants and Spanish colonialists.

Reports printed in Venezuela’s state-run media say Maduro claims the Plan 200 Carabobo is attributable to a long contention and idea about how the government will assist in reestablishing “balance” to the lives of distraught Venezuelans, the vast majority of who are now forced to live in unimaginable poverty.

“We are determined to build the 200 communities in 2021,” he stated. “The goal is to recover and rebuild the balance of social, political, community, family, and economic life in the country.” 

Maduro noted that the communes are a “concept inherent to the Bolivarian Revolution, to [Hugo] Chávez, [Simón] Bolívar, the permanent revolution, and the revolution within the revolution. I have been saying for a while that Venezuela needs big changes.” 

The dictator further contended that the project will be launched under the Law of Communes that defines them as a “system of a defined territorial axis that has a shared historical memory, customs, and cultural features that identify them … with political, administrative and economic purposes that pursue a model of a socialist society of equity and justice.” 

During his speech, one of numerous addresses the dictator regularly makes on state-controlled television broadcasts, Maduro reported he had signed agreements with the Russian government to buy 10 million doses of the country’s Sputnik V experimental vaccine, in spite of pervasive misgivings with health officials about both its effectiveness and safety. 

“We are currently completing Phase Three clinical trials for the Sputnik V vaccine and it is going very well,” he announced. “In the next 90 days, Venezuela will begin to safely vaccinate our comrades, prioritized by age, profession, [and] level of vulnerability.” 

Maduro also professed that his country is in the midst of a skyrocketing devaluation of the Venezuelan economy but called it a safety net for people to hold onto their savings because of what he described as unrelenting imperialist attacks from the United States against the nation’s economy. He went on to verify that, despite being considered all but worthless, the bolívar will stay on as Venezuela’s official currency. 

“The experiments against the Venezuelan economy have not been successful and Venezuela has found its way to alleviate this situation,” he proclaimed. According to reports from last month, authorities were speaking with local banks to go over the conception of a “clearing and settlement system in U.S. dollars starting next year.” 

In September 2020, Maduro gave a long-winded prerecorded speech where the socialist leader criticized what he said was a “criminal, inhuman aggression” by the United States, whose goal was to expel him from power, and he confirmed that Venezuela would fight back.

“The world must know that we are prepared to fight with the force of our history, our spirit, reason, and international law,” he stated, standing in front of a large portrait of South American independence hero Simón Bolivar.

“The dictatorial regime of Nicolás Maduro with its ties to drug trafficking and human rights violations is also usurping Venezuela’s right to speak,” U.S.-backed opposition leader Juan Guaidó said in response.

Despite being found wildly unpopular by his own people in recent years, Maduro still controls every facet of life in Venezuela. Guaidó, despite being backed by many powerful world leaders, has progressively become toothless within the ailing nation. His public support has been waning as he fights to get more than a small crowd of supporters to speak out at calls for protests in the past few months.

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