A woman in Florida is accused of sending nude pictures and videos to a mentally ill underage teenager from New York before enticing him to her home for sex, according to officials.

On Monday, 32-year-old Kelley Gaudette was taken into custody by deputies nearly 10 months after the 15-year-old boy she first contacted in an online chatroom for depression was tracked down to her Brooksville home, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reported on Wednesday.

The minor, last seen at his New York residence on May 24, texted his mother the next day to inform her that he was in a gated community named either “Brooksville” or “Brooksridge,” according to officials.

A friend of the underage teenager reported to police in New York that the minor paid someone to drive him to Florida to have an encounter with a woman he had met in a chatroom. The 15-year-old was later found on May 26 by Hernando County deputies at Gaudette’s residence. Gaudette denied any knowledge regarding where he was at first, but she eventually went into the house and had the teen come to the door to speak with a deputy.

Officials report the teen was sporting hickeys on his neck at that time.

“Gaudette eventually went into the house and had the juvenile come [sic] to the door to speak to the deputy,” sheriff officials explained in a statement. “Upon speaking to the juvenile, the deputy noted the teen appeared to have hickeys on his neck.”

The teenage boy revealed to deputies that Gaudette had put up the money for a friend to take him to Florida and also paid for a cell phone so they could talk without being tracked.

The alleged victim added that he was trying to get out of a verbally abusive home life in New York, asserting that his mother gave him permission to go to Florida. The mother warned investigators that her son had been suffering from mental illness and was without his medication, sheriff officials reported.

The teenager was then removed from Gaudette’s residence to a facility until he could be returned to his mother’s care. He and Gaudette denied having any sexual contact with each other. Gaudette remarked that she looked at the boy as a son, provided him with a place to stay, and made his travel arrangements to Florida.

Investigators said they determined Gaudette may have been under the impression that the teen was considering self-harm due to his situation, so she wanted him to stay with her.

However, the boy’s mother says that she found text messages from June signifying the two were having a sexual relationship, along with a thumb drive belonging to her son she discovered in July that stored nude photos and videos of Gaudette, according to officials. The mother told authorities that she let her son know this was inappropriate and demanded that it stop.

The minor reportedly confessed to authorities in New York in early March that Gaudette sent him provocative pictures and videos through an online app. He also stated the two had begun a sexual relationship when he showed up in Florida, authorities reported.

Gaudette, who still firmly rejects the accusations of having any sexual contact with the boy, is now facing charges of lewd and lascivious battery, traveling to meet a minor, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and transmission of harmful materials to a minor using an electronic device.

As of Wednesday, Gaudette is being held at the Hernando County Detention Center on $19,000 bond, according to online records. It has not been confirmed if she’s retained an attorney.

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